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As part of work to make Parsoid the default wikitext engine, we added a whole lot of backward compatibility behavior that adds unnecessary complexity to Parsoid and is also questionable behavior for end-users. Once Parsoid becomes the default, we should start deprecating and removing these. Where necessary, provide linting / bot support.

  • Deprecate Whitespace stripping after comments: T264921.
  • Deprecate concept of rendering transparent nodes: T264919.
  • Get rid of section wrapping special handling for b/c behavior with core parser ( see commit b652e479a48e8702984822018226077e017315b4 to fix T213468) and revert back to standard DOM semantics wrt section id assignments.
  • Fix all the doBlockLevel madness: T134469.
  • Deprecate use of 'parser' terminology since it is misleading.