Notifications/Testing/Test charters

Test Charters edit

Charters are guides to testing software. They point to areas of important function without dictating how a tester is to go about testing the features of the software. They might point to specific risks, or particularly important functions, or any other important aspect of the software to be tested.

Persona Tests edit

According to, Echo will affect

  • new members (after registration)
  • new editors (our first target)
  • active editors
  • very active editors

It is possible that features designed for one set of users will adversely affect other sets of users.

When testing Echo, consider the experience for each of these groups of users. As a new member, would this feature of Echo be more attractive or less attractive than as an active editor? Would this feature be an incentive to use Echo or a disincentive? Since the feature aims to be used by everyone, any disincentive for any should group should be noted and discussed.

User Experience Tests edit

The UX guide for Echo is

Check the function of Echo using the UX guide as an oracle for proper behavior. Note any discrepancies. For example, as of January 2012, email notifications in Echo appear to violate a stated UX principle that "Email notification should carry actual content not just pointers to content"

Functional Tests edit

Because Echo notifications are tied to operations on wiki pages, check the nature of notifications for various page operations and types, such as:

  • linking/unlinking
  • rename
  • delete/restore
  • move
  • user pages
  • special pages
  • normal wiki pages

Note any unexpected or confusing notifications if they occur.