Notifications/Bug triage

Message and Design related bugs in Echo. (Notes to self... c. April 2014)


  • bugzilla:56845: Remove preference "Show talk page message indicator in my toolbar" (echo-show-alert)
  • bugzilla:48087: Notifications should provide an option to disable the popup list of notifs and just head straight to Special:Notifications
  • bugzilla:47895: Restore default settings in preferences will set a new user to the exiting user settings



New types

  • bugzilla:56361: Sitewide notifications through Echo
  • bugzilla:56362: Allow users to create custom notifications onwiki
  • bugzilla:56857: Support site level notification type and manual notification creation (with operation logging)
  • bugzilla:54532: Echo should provide notifications when a page created by the user is deleted
  • bugzilla:52690: Notification when user becomes auto-confirmed
  • bugzilla:53771: No "View notifications" link in an empty Echo notification
  • bugzilla:54533: Echo should provide notifications when a redirect is converted into a non-redirect
  • bugzilla:52510: Echo should provide notifications about your revision being approved or rejected on wikis with FlaggedRevs enabled
  • bugzilla:54130: Provide web notifications when user is sent an email via Special:Emailuser
  • bugzilla:52914: Provide HTML confirmation email
  • bugzilla:56074: Remind users who have entered an email address, but haven't confirmed it
  • bugzilla:56325: add Notifications for course page events
  • bugzilla:64090: Allow "article-linked" notifications for pages in a user defined list
Beta Features

Fixes to old types

  • bugzilla:57517: Echo: Notifications for "page patrolled" are marked and linked identically to "page reviewed"
  • bugzilla:48089: talk page links in notifications should not follow redirects
  • bugzilla:50629: "Show changes" link for page link notifications
  • bugzilla:47662: Override Echo system notification icons for all Wikimedia projects
  • bugzilla:60396: Echo doesn't link to the correct section if there are duplicate section headings
  • bugzilla:55827: User-talk email notification doesn't send one mail per edit

Fixes to messages

User rights
  • bugzilla:55339: "Learn more" link for right change notifications should point to a page about the group
  • bugzilla:53860: Echo: Status change : incomplete "learn more" link
  • bugzilla:47062: Give a reason for user rights notification change
  • bugzilla:65659: Echo:User rights rights change notifications aren't particularly clear
  • bugzilla:65673: Echo notifications for user permissions should point to the log
  • bugzilla:55671: Echo: incomplete page name
  • bugzilla:54433: Messages about talk pages are not completely adapted to non-talk namespaces
  • bugzilla:57273: Improve echo message for mention on talk page of person making the mention
  • bugzilla:64504: Notification involving suppressed revision produces erroneous link
  • bugzilla:53647: Page linked by an other user : link to the original article
  • bugzilla:51996: Consider updating 'notification-page-linked-email-subject' again
  • bugzilla:55637: Missing link in the flyout notification when a page is linked (redirected) to another
  • bugzilla:65662: multiple new links notification should provide names of newly linked pages
  • bugzilla:63639: Notification for mentions on a user talk page should explain that they're on a user talk page, and have a special case for people writing to their own
  • bugzilla:58261: From: address defaults to domain on all non-Wikipedia wikis
  • bugzilla:57441: Mail notifications should mention the wiki URL
  • bugzilla:55838: Mention my user name on the user-talk page change email
  • bugzilla:53479: Notification emails should embed icons as data URIs
  • bugzilla:62661: Echo: Emailed Notifications for new usertalkpage messages should include more or all of the message
  • bugzilla:60119: "MediaWiki message delivery left you a message on Wikipedia" and similar e-mail subject lines need further though
  • bugzilla:66630: Notification emails are sanitized strangely
  • bugzilla:53174: All Echo notifications mentioning the acting user ("agent") should have his nick linked to his user page
  • bugzilla:58234: Echo: User should not see a notification with raw wikitext " [[User:[Nobody]|[Nobody]]]" in it


Watchlist email
  • bugzilla:53878: Username mention email notification should suppress enotifwatchlist (or vice versa)
  • bugzilla:52337: Move email notification for watched pages into Echo
  • bugzilla:49269: Notifications page HTML markup (Mobile)


  • bugzilla:61156: Flow: Additional Moderation-changes should trigger a Notification
  • bugzilla:62612: Flow: Send Notifications for moderation actions


  • bugzilla:55359: Reduce usage of red icon in Echo (use other colors)
  • bugzilla:56476: Echo: Granular icons in the Notifications Badge
  • bugzilla:55367: Use blue on notification links (for consistency with other links)
  • bugzilla:53875: Notification icons are not ready for high-density displays
  • bugzilla:55523: Add hard drop shadow to echo badge label to increase readability
  • bugzilla:62969: HTML emails triggered from echo should use a visual design that mimics mediawiki.ui style layout and controls
  • bugzilla:53057: Echo HTML emails are not mobile-friendly due to fixed width (600px) table
  • bugzilla:57327: Avoidable line break in the "All notifications" link in the footer
  • bugzilla:64608: Echo: Overlay inaccessible on
  • bugzilla:66385: inconsistent link/bold formatting in Echo flyout