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Here is the Catalan survey dashboard, with live results of user feedback on Media Viewer.

And here is the Catalan metrics dashboard, showing the daily number of image views and related actions in Media Viewer on the Catalan They are estbiliaeb as the mao .

For more info about this survey, check this survey overview page.

Frequent Requests


Here are some of the most frequently requested changes from Catalan users, based on their comments below.

  • Zoom
  • Mobile version
  • Unaware of loading process when seeing blurry images (should be solved by the prominent progress bar)
  • Metadata discovery (bug doesn't show data panel animation, should be fixed)

Possible solutions:

  • Provide basic zoom feature (to see images in larger size)
  • Provide mobile version of Media Viewer
  • Deploy new progress bar (fixed)
  • Show metadata panel animation (bug being addressed)

Comments - English


Here are the translated comments in English, from our designer Pau Giner, who is a native Catalan speaker.

  • Listen. It's very effective.
  • I find it quite good. What needs improvement is that it is a bit dizzy, but it is very good in general. (Not sure what may be referring to: initial animation, blurry load??)
  • It's cool
  • Nothing
  • Everything
  • For some images, make them bigger
  • Activate for mobile devices, otherwise keep it as it was.
  • I like it, it is quite good.
  • A lot more practical than the previous one
  • Huhuhu?280@fjgy?@hjgjghgg.... (Gibberish)
  • It is a new experience, and quite useful, from the world of news. (not sure what the world of news refer: the user is a journalist? images are as expected in news sites?)
  • "having more sex" (???)
  • It makes me excited (not sure if this is a serious comment since the term used in both a sex-related an non-sex-related-but-informal context)
  • Nothing, everything is very good. I think nothing should be improved.
  • It can be improved by adding zoom and allowing to change and design yourself. (not sure if the last part refers to editing the image online as in cropping, applying filters...?)
  • It is awful
  • Images load in two stages: first blurry, after that it is superb. (this may be caused by not understanding the load process, the more prominent progress bar may have solved such issues)
  • yes (???)
  • Images could be better (I guess it is about image quality, we cannot do much, but it is interesting that low-fi images may be easier to detect, and encourage users to provide better ones)
  • Very gooood
  • It is a very useful and efficient service. It can be improved for maps indicating which countries are in each one.
  • It's very good.
  • Where is the information about the image?

To read all comments, click 'Show replies' in the second section of the live dashboard.