Moodle and MediaWiki are both programs that are great in their context. This project discusses the possibilities for linking MediaWiki and Moodle platforms.

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WMUK Virtual Learning Environment edit

In early 2012 WMUK funded Charles Matthews to create a Virtual Learning Environment which reached its initial stages in Autumn 2012 . At present there is a Moodle installation with about 80 modules and a Wiki that complements it. The intention has always been to link the two so that open source content can be developed on the Wiki and then made available on the Moodle. We are in the process of transferring the Moodle installation from its original hosting to our own servers and that will make it much easier for us to customise Moodle.

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WMIL outreach (with Ministry of Education) edit

During 2011-12 I have expanded the materials used in the adoption program. In 2012 a proposal to improve/automate this expanded system was proposed on meta. However since funding was declined - this has been developing very slowly. In 2013 the WMIL has shown interest in a Hebrew/Arabic/Adyghe MOOC to support outreach to large (500+) groups of students and teachers.

Technical challenges include:

  • Authentication/Registration against Wikipedia SUL.
  • Development of a MW compatible Bootstrap Desktop/Tablet/Celluar Theme for Moodle integration.
  • Transclusion of content from existing wiki
  • Multilingual support for a single course. (50% done)
  • Wiki editing assignment type + automated feedback for editing homework assignment.
  • Wikimarkup Sandbox Page (like jsfiddle)
  • Gamification capabilities for WikiMOOCs (10% done).
  • Development of Barnstars as Badges using Open Badges platform and integration with MW.
  • TranslateWiki push/pull

Current MOOCs being developed:

  • AfC reviewer accreditation.
  • Adoption Ashram - a port of materials used by the adoption program

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