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CalendulaAsteraceae (talkcontribs)

In Module:Message box, please replace Imbox notice.png with Information icon4.svg. In Module:Message box/configuration, please replace 'Imbox license.png' -- @todo We need an SVG version of this with 'Imbox-license.svg'.

Pppery (talkcontribs)


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Fix for plainlinks parameter

Tgr (talkcontribs)

Some templates call mbox with plainlinks=no but it doesn't do anything. I fixed that in the sandbox, please apply it.

Pppery (talkcontribs)

Yes Done

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Mbox does not show a box around the message.

1 (talkcontribs)

Pretty much what the title states. I configured Mbox exactly as the documentation states. Still I can see any box around the message

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