This is a data table of all the extension.json files from MediaWiki extensions in Wikimedia's Gerrit repositories as well as repositories listed in MWStake/nonwmf-extensions.

It does not contain all nor only information from extension.json:

  • Removed: AutoloadClasses, AutoloadNamespaces, MessagesDirs, ResourceFileModulePaths, ResourceModules.
  • Added: an additional repository key containing the Git repository URL for an extension. It is set either from the support.source key of composer.json, or from the Git remote used to clone the extension's repo.

It is updated every 2 hours (if there are any changes) by User:Bawolff_bot.

The idea is that you can load this by using mw.loadData( 'ExtensionJson' ) and then do fancy things like make {{Extension }} auto-fill out.

See also phab:T155029 and Tool:Extjsonuploader.

Extensions that are not included here are listed at Category:Extensions not in ExtensionJson.

The same data is also available on the web as