Mobile web/Etherpad/Q1 Planning 2014-2015

Goal for this mtg: Define MVP for Q1 Annual goal: Doubling rate of active editors (stretch: tripling)

account created on mobile, 5+ edits/mo (regardless of device paradigm)

Q1 goal: Increase active editors by 25%


  • Bare-bones discussions
    • so that we can realistically consider article creation workflow
    • will this really get us closer to our annual goal?
    • need some means to interact with mobile editors, to help new editors become better editors
    • expose deeper structure of WM projects to new users
    • but does that actually help us?
  • SpecialPages infrastructure so that we can better enable all teams - especially ours - an entry point to build mobile-friendly tools++
    • For example, mobilifying IndexPager (pagination engine)
    • To prevent mobile from reinventing the wheel on SpecialPages, code duplication, etc
    • eg for task recomendations, maintenance-oriented stuff, page patrolling
    • a foundational thing; this should be driven by something that delivers clear user value
  • New mobile workflows
    • dabsolver
    • wikidata stuff
      • article classification
      • identifying images in an article
      • etc etc - see magnus' wikidata game
      • binary choice questions about pages - eg is this an article about a person?
      • think of this as a framework for many wikidata-oriented tasks
    • design simple input tools in such a way to prevent users getting blocked - lessening the need for mobile discussion system
  • Task suggestions (Growth is working on this)
    • potentially pair with the Growth team on this
    • task suggestions is more oriented towrads getting folks in the 5-100 edit range
    • this could integrate very nicely with new mobile workflows in the future (maybe q2?)
  • Disambig solver

Discussion coalescing around new mobile workflows, focussed on inputting data to WikidataEdit

  • This should be fun
  • The end result of the user interaction should be surfaced back to the user
    • expose wikidata data on article pages
    • expose aggregate wikidata stats
    • article tagline (WikiData description field) input on articles that don't have them
      • surface articles missing tagling
        • CTA to input tagline
  • wikidata tinder
    • what's the 'ahha' moment?
  • suggested image via wikidata
  • somehow tap into 'random' (most popular feature on mobile web)
  • somehow tie in location awareness?

concrete potential product directionsEdit

   * article tagline (wikitwitter)
   * wikidata tinder (is this a person?, is this a city?, etc.)
   * suggested image 
   * page creation with pre-populated data from wikidata

Mobile web's focus for Q1Edit

Microcontributions to wikidata via Mobile

  • design and product to prototype some potential directions
  • design and product to sit down with wikidata folks to discuss