Mobile design/Wikipedia navigation/Release plan


This is the release plan for the Nav UI.

  • Please note: the Beta mobile site is a staging site, not strictly a beta.

Mobile siteEdit

The Beta mobile site has been updated regularly with new functionality and design ideas, with the intention of implementing a complete first version of the new nav UI.

Here are the steps, and where we are in the process:

  • Main Menu and initial Article Action bar
    • Main Menu includes:
      • Featured
      • Random
      • Nearby (inactive)
      • Contact
      • Settings:
        • Images On/Off
        • Beta opt-in
      • Site Language
    • Article Action Bar includes:
      • Contents
      • Language

All of the above will be deployed on the Beta site on 7/3/12.

Final sprintEdit

The next major sprint will occur after Wikimania in the second half of July. During that time, the following needs to be achieved:

  • Finalize hide/reveal for full range of browsers, including fall-back method for browsers where it won't work
  • Implement the final Article Actions design
    • Possible step of testing design options on
  • Article Actions to include Contributors (see below for more info)
  • Move Desktop/Mobile view to Settings
  • Create About in Main Menu, which includes:
    • Terms of Use and Privacy
    • Link to Wikipedia About page
  • Disclaimers can be dropped
  • Remove the Footer, leaving CC BY-SA at the bottom of the article
  • Push to Beta
  • Solicit feedback
  • Run user tests
  • Do production-level testing
  • Release to Production
  • Collect feedback and run user tests
  • Possibly implement modifications - this step could follow release of the WLM App, meaning it would be the beginning of the Apps phase


A way to see the contributors to an article is a basic requirement of the CC BY-SA license. On the desktop site, this is accomplished through the View history tab, which includes several functions in addition to showing the contributors. For mobile viewing, several aspects of View history need to be re-designed.

A Contributors feature could show the contributors without the added functions of View history. There are two ways to show contributors:

  • Number of edits
    • Order the list by the number of edits made by each user, showing the username/IP address and number of edits
  • Most recent
    • Order the list by the most recent edits, showing username/IP address and date (time can be excluded)

The list can be limited to the first 50 users, and a "See more" link will show the next 50.


Once the Beta site is relatively complete, the design and implementation focus will shift to the apps. This is likely to be delayed due to resource constraints relating to the Wiki Loves Monuments App.

The UI design for the apps has the following differences from the mobile site:

  • Article Actions include Share and Save
  • About is the same as for the mobile site but also includes app developer attribution and GPL notice
  • Main Menu includes Saved Pages
  • iPhone app could possibly have Article Actions on the bottom of the screen
  • Ideally, hide/reveal will work across iOS and Android apps

The likely timeframe for this development effort is September if no new front-end development resource appears before then.

Contributory featuresEdit