Mobile design/Wikipedia navigation/Language

This page shows the current proposal for how to deal with Language selection in the mobile navigation UI.

Initial ThoughtsEdit

  • Some problems:
    • Users don't understand that not all articles are written in all languages
      • Let's educate the user
    • Changing the language on the current article and not carrying that language change through to the rest of the interface is confusing for the user.
      • Let's mimic the site and have any language change carried across the board. This also creates consistency between the mobile site and the desktop site.
    • Where to put the main language selection
      • Putting lang selection on full screen search - if the user wants to change the lang initially the first logical step isn't to make a search - we either need it on the main nav bar (may be too cluttered) or in the main menu
      • Language under the main menu settings screen is too buried
  • Additional Comments:
    • I think the first step is to present the languages as a simple list, but we should eventually add in features such as making the list searchable and keeping the recently used languages at the top. As we dive further into providing editing capability on mobile, I think we will need to explore more customizable language options for the keyboard/input/interface languages such as what Pau is doing with the main site. But for now, it makes sense to optimize the experience for our readers.