Mobile design/Sign in

This document describes the design of a sign-in system on the mobile version of Wikipedia. It is primarily intended for the mobile web version, though should be able to be adapted to mobile app versions with little to no modification.

A screen shot showing the location of the "Sign In" link
A hello screen shot showing the default Sign In screen
A screen shot showing an error screen
A screen shot showing the success screen

Rationale edit

A mechanism must be created to allow users of mobile Wikipedia to sign into their accounts. This is a gating feature for many other features.

Design Considerations edit

Account creation is not currently planned or possible through mobile. All references to this have been removed.

Likewise, secure login is not available, nor is the forgotten password workflow.

Users will be automatically marked as "remember me".

For security purposes, an "ajax" login is not supported. The login form cannot be included in the overall page "chrome" and html that is sent. It must be retrieved seperately.

User experience edit

Log in action selector edit

A new entry will be added to the side-drawer navigation list, "Sign In". When the user selects this item, they will be brought to the Sign In screen.

Sign in screen edit

The Sign In screen will have a small bit of branding and text, explaining what it is. Field labels are to be included using HTML 5 placeholder attributes.

Note that generous whitespace is given on either side of the login form.

Error screen edit

If the user does not correctly authenticate, an error message will be shown below the branding but above the login form. This message should be friendly in tone. The user's inputted User Name will be prepopulated in the field but the password field will be empty.

Success edit

A success message will be returned to the user (again, friendly in tone). This screen has a great deal of real estate below it that will be used for calls-to-action and introductions to contributory workflows (e.g., "what do I do now?).

TBD edit

Log out page
how do we style the page a user lands on when he/she logs out?
Indication of logged in/out status
how do we visually surface the fact that a user is logged in?

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