Mobile design/Contributors

This document is a work in progress. Comments are appreciated but this is not a final draft.

A screenshot showing a page turn icon at the bottom right corner of the article.
page turn icon.
A screenshot showing desktop View history page.
A screenshot showing the Contributors link at the end of the section headers.

This document describes the design of a way to get to the attributions page (View History) for the developing Wikipedia Mobile Interface.

Rationale edit

The current mobile versions of Wikipedia have no access to the View History tab which means no access to contributor information. This violates the WP information license.

Goals edit

  • Ongoing effort to implement a UI step between the current interface and Glaucus/Athena
  • To reveal contributor information for Wikipedia pages

Interface Behavior edit

A link at the end of the section headers (same font size, aligned with them, no arrow and no underline) leads to the View History page of the article in desktop view. By going back, the user will be returned to the mobile view.