Wikimedia mobile engineering/Mobile QA/DeviceType Changes

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Help testing our last UI performance improvements. All mobile devices are welcome!

Improving desktop and mobile performance

We made some changes to how we handle different types of mobile devices. These changes should help improve site performance for all viewers, desktop and especially mobile.

Testers don't need to know the gory details, but if you are tech curious this is about caching improvements and removing X-Device variance for mobile page HTML.

Testing focusEdit

We would like to make sure that these changes have not had a negative impact. We need people with all devices, but especially devices on the list below to help us test this week on

The other mobile browsersEdit

We welcome testing on any desktop or mobile platform, but we really welcome feedback from users of mobile OS other than Android, iOS and Windows Phone, for instance:

  • Opera Mini versions prior to 7
  • Opera Mobile (the older the better)
  • Nokia Symbian based phones (Series60) e.g. N95
  • Any device that isn't touch enabled
  • Palm devices
  • Blackberry v6 and less

Useful test casesEdit

The basic use case is to browse naturally through but here you have also a selection of complex pages to test with:

  • Test Cases
    1. Scroll to the heading through headings and see if they are collapsed? YES/NO
    2. Read this section. Can you read it? YES/NO
    3. Click a link. Can you navigate to the page? YES/NO
    4. Click on the button in the top left corner - can you access the menu? YES/NO

Report problemsEdit

Please check and see if the issue(s) exists on and if it does, point your device to This will capture your device information for us. Write down the ID that page displays and let us know that ID and what issue(s) you're seeing via one of the ways: