MobileFrontend/Photo upload/Analysis


This page provides an overview of the data analysis for Photo Upload.

In the initial stage, this will consist primarily of data collection and a single test as a rough measure of the value of contributions via Photo Upload on mobile devices.


Deletion rates are not likely to be a useful measure of photo validity, because a small percentage of photos uploaded to Commons are reviewed or curated, which could heavily skew these results in favor of normal uploads, especially because mobile uploads will be relatively small in number. A better measure is use of photos in articles. Ironically, photos that are used in articles are more likely to be deleted because they receive more attention!

The initial metric is a comparison between usage rates of normal uploads and mobile uploads. This will be affected by Wiki Loves Monuments, since there will be overlap of the timeframe with release of Photo Upload. Therefore, it is better to exclude Wiki Loves Monuments and also filter for it exclusively.

This will result in 3 data results - percent of photos used in articles - being compared on the same graph:

  • Normal uploads minus Wiki Loves Monuments
  • Wiki Loves Monuments
  • All mobile uploads

The Y axis is time. The time period will start from release of Photo Upload and continue for as long as the comparison makes sense to observe, for example six months.

Note that Wiki Loves Monuments will occur during the month of September, 2012 and it will be very important to capture all the data that is desired during that time.

In addition, it will be helpful to break down usage rates by platform/client (Android browser, Android app, iOS app, iOS browser, other browser).

Other possible reports/graphs:

  • Number of users uploading per <time period>
  • Number of photos uploaded per <time period>
  • Number of photos uploaded per day, by OS/App?
  • Quality measurement of photos uploaded (TBD)
    • Used in Articles
    • Contest Results
  • Engineering
    • Number of photo attempts that succeeded and failed


  • Photo-specific
    • Size in bytes
    • Dimensions in mm or what is provided
    • Type (jpg, bmp, etc.)
    • License
    • Language
    • Title
    • Description
    • Categories
    • Templates
    • Other info
    • Timestamp of creation
    • Timestamp of upload
    • Geo coordinates (could be suppressed)
    • Source device
    • Source platform
    • Source browser/app+version

and any other fields stored in EXIF data.

  • Contest
    • Evergreen or Contest
    • Evergreen details:
      • Article ID
      • Article title
      • Rating level
    • Contest details:
      • Name
      • Date range
      • Location (could be city, state, country. region, global)
      • Subject matter
      • Item ID
      • Item title
      • Article ID
      • Article title
      • Rating level
  • User profile
    • Email address
    • Preferences specific to Photo Upload
      • For example: license, geo coordinates saved

and any other fields that will be stored for application purposes.