Mobile/Testing process

Mobile testing is challenging at best, and almost by definition incomplete. Devices vary by region and network connections vary everywhere.

In general, our approach is to divide testing into two stages: beta and production. In both cases the list of devices and browsers is minimal and not intended to be exhaustive. In order to be nimble, we are covering the main points and hoping our users and community of developers help us with identifying, and even fixing, bugs.

Mobile site (Phones)Edit


The beta changes frequently so testing here should be minimal as too much testing will be wasteful. Any changes to the beta should be sandboxed from the non-beta - e.g. add a new javascript or css file that is only added to beta.

OS Browser Version
Android Native 4.x (Latest)
N/A Opera Mini emulator Latest
N/A Chrome with javascript disabled N/A
iOS Safari 5.x or greater
Nokia E63 Opera Mobile N/A (Emulator)

Production (Beta inclusive)Edit

When testing production a much broader set of phones must be tested covering all major browsers.

It is important that this testing covers at least the 3 modes of mobile:

  1. No javascript - Blackberry V5
  2. No jQuery - Nokia S60
  3. Latest and greatest - Latest Android/iOS

A list of other phones is listed below.


OS Browser Version
iOS Safari 4.2+
iOS- optional Dolphin for iPhone v 4.1
Windows7 IE Mobile 9 (7, 6 are optional)
S60 Native Latest
Android Native 2.2 (excluding 3.0)
Android Dolphin HD, Mini
Android Firefox Latest
Android Chrome Beta Latest
BlackBerry Native 5.0

Feature phoneEdit

OS Browser Version
multiple Openwave, now Myriad (Purple Labs) v6 (low-end), v7 (mid-range), v9 (webkit-based)
multiple NetFront 4.2, 3.5


This list will focus on OS versions.