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Aplicación de Android de Wikipedia

Versión Descarga En tienda Notas de lanzamiento
2.7.50307-r-2019-12-16 [1] 2019-12-16

Fix: minor crashes on Gallery

2.7.50287-r-2019-08-01 [1] 2019-08-01 -Fix:
  • - Minor UI bugs
  • - Reported crashes


  • - new Suggested edits tasks: Add/Translate image captions


  • - Suggested edits design updates
2.7.278-r-2019-04-05 [1] 2019-04-05 -Fix:
  • -Translation cards to show the source language article
  • -Empty sourceDescription on cards in some cases
  • -Minor UI bugs


  • -Confirmation dialog before logout
  • -Analytics for suggested edits
  • -Support for Notifications related to suggested edits
  • -Lock/Unlock logic for suggested edit


  • -Switched to backend API for Suggested Edits
  • -RTL support to feed card
  • -Minor licensing updated – by volunteer Jonatan Svensson Glad
  • -Updated strings for suggested edits
  • -Design improvements to both adding and translating descriptions
2.7.273-r-2019-03-22 [2] 2019-03-22
  • Fix:

    - Crash on Android 4.4.

    - Table of contents bugs.

    - Widget bugs.

    - Dialog bugs.

  • Add:

    - Sepia theme.

    - "Find text" function when editing.

    - Wikitext keyboard.

  • Enhancements:

   -  Reading list search function.

   -  Enable zoom in/out in the editing screen.

   -  Enable undo/redo in the editing screen.

   -  Tabs screen.

2.7.268-r-2018-12-07 [3] 2018-12-07
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.
2.7.263-r-2018-10-29 [4] 2018-10-29
  • Echo notifications (abridged).
  • Redesigned/updated navigation flows.
  • Improved tab interface.
2.7.238-r-2018-07-30 [5] 2018-07-30
  • Fixed audio playback.
  • Minor bug fixes.
2.7.237-r-2018-06-27 [6] 2018-06-27
  • Comprehensive multilingual support throughout the app, most notably in Search and Explore Feed.
  • Introducing native APK splits (i.e. separate APKs for different platforms, individually uploaded to Play Store). Reduces app download size from 24MB to 10MB.
2.7.232-r-2018-04-17 + cherrypicks [7] 2018-05-30
  • Priority maintenance update (cherry-picked onto previous cherry-picked release)
  • Fix no-such-project errors when adding reading list pages from external deep links.
2.7.232-r-2018-04-17 + cherrypicks [8] 2018-05-24
  • Priority maintenance update (cherry-picked from last production release)
  • Fix latency issues (related to incorrect cookie handling)
  • Fix blockage of reading list syncing due to no-such-project errors.
  • Respect the shortdescription template (no longer allow editing Wikidata description if local description is present)
2.7.232-r-2018-04-17 [9] 2018-04-17
  • Synchronized reading lists!
2.7.225-r-2018-02-06 [10] 2018-02-06
  • Substantial performance improvements to reading lists, especially with large quantities of lists or list contents.
2.7.221-r-2017-12-08 [11] 2017-12-08
  • The Explore feed is now fully customizable! Enable or disable the types of cards you want to see, or rearrange the order in which they are shown.
  • New and improved Randomizer: tap the Randomizer card in the Explore feed, and swipe through random article previews from Wikipedia.
  • On This Day: the Explore feed now contains cards with historical events from the current day of the year.
  • Black theme: perfect for AMOLED displays, this provides a fully black background throughout most of the app.
2.6.201-r-2017-08-10 [12] 2017-08-10
  • Improvements to dark mode
  • Improvements and fixes to saving/managing offline reading lists
  • Syncing of reading lists built in, but feature-flagged out, pending completion of backend.
  • Support for offline packs built in, but feature-flagged out, pending user testing.
2.6.198-r-2017-06-09 [13] 2017-06-09
  • Significant improvements to offline storage and availability of reading lists and pages
  • Design enhancements for management of reading lists
  • Reading lists now show total storage space used by saved pages
  • Improved management of browsing history (swipe to delete items, with undo)
  • Enhanced design and behavior of multiple features when offline
  • Numerous bug fixes
2.6.197-r-2017-06-08 [14] 2017-06-08

rejected beta

2.6.196-r-2017-06-07 [15] 2017-06-07

rejected beta

2.5.195-r-2017-04-21 [16] 2017-04-21
  • Substantial improvements to the reading lists UI
  • Multiple reading list articles can now be selected at once
  • Individual reading list articles can now be toggled on/offline.
  • Images are now cached for offline availability
  • Random feed card now pulls a random article from the user's reading lists when offline
  • Many other bug fixes and UI updates
2.5.194-r-2017-04-19 [17] 2017-04-19

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.5.192-r-2017-04-04 [18] 2017-04-04

Alfa de candidato de liberación rehusada

2.5.191-r-2017-03-31 [19] 2017-03-31
2.5.190-r-2017-02-24 [20] 2017-02-24
  • Support for two-factor authentication when logging in.
  • Improved multi-window support for Samsung devices and for Android Nougat.
  • Improved network performance and offline support for cached page previews.
  • Minor UI refinements to image gallery, link previews, and reading lists.
  • Changing the wiki language now also changes the app UI language.
  • Numerous bug and crash fixes.
2.5.189-r-2017-02-15 [21] 2017-02-15

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.5.188-r-2017-02-10 [22] 2017-02-10

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.5.187-r-2017-02-08 [23] 2017-02-08

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.4.184-r-2016-12-14 [24] 2016-12-14
  • Maintenance release with a number of crash/bug fixes.
2.4.183-r-2016-12-08 [25] 2016-12-08
  • Full support for Android 7 (Nougat).
  • Support for announcements in the Explore feed.
  • Improved system notifications for Wikipedia Zero.
  • Home screen widgets are now resizeable.
  • Internal overhaul of network functions for improved performance.
  • Numerous fixes for bugs and crashes.
2.4.182-r-2016-12-06 [26] 2016-12-06

rejected release candidate

2.4.181-r-2016-12-05 [27] 2016-12-05

rejected release candidate

2.4.160-r-2016-10-14 [28] 2016-10-14
  • Article protection and user editing rights are now handled correctly on fresh login
  • Add button to dismiss all open article tabs
  • Numerous design improvements to share-a-fact, and the Explore and article toolbars
  • Fixes for searching history and tap to toggle gallery image descriptions
  • Several crash fixes
2.4.158-r-2016-10-13 [29] 2016-10-13

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.4.157-r-2016-09-28 [30] 2016-09-28
  • Access your favorite features more easily with bottom navigation: quickly jump between the Explore feed, your reading lists, your recently-viewed articles, and pages nearby you.
  • When reading an article, the bottom toolbar now provides access to the most popular actions (save to reading list, share, change language, find in page, and table of contents).
  • Reading lists and their contents are now searchable.
  • Fixed dark theme in the main screen.
2.4.156-r-2016-09-19 [31] 2016-09-19

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.3.152-r-2016-08-18 [32] 2016-08-18
  • Added button at the top of Feed to show current tab list.
  • Tabs button now shows the number of active tabs.
  • State of dismissed feed cards now correctly preserved.
2.3.151-r-2016-08-17 [33] 2016-08-17

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.3.150-r-2016-07-25 [34] 2016-07-25


2.3.149-r-2016-07-19 [35] 2016-07-19

Rejected release candidate alpha (wordmark design)

2.3.148-r-2016-07-18 [36] 2016-07-18

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.2.147-r-2016-06-06 [37] 2016-06-06
  • Reading Lists can now be sorted by name or last-read.
  • Added tip for how to remove articles from reading lists.
  • Minor UI tweak to search results.
  • Added talk link to bottom of articles (will open in external browser).
  • Several miscellaneous crash fixes.
2.2.146-r-2016-05-23 [38] 2016-05-23
  • Reading Lists: In place of the old "Saved Pages", you can now organize the articles you browse into reading lists, which you can access even when you're offline. Create as many lists as you like, give them custom names, and populate them with articles from any language wiki!
  • "Edit here": Press and hold to highlight a word while reading an article, and select the "edit here" button to start editing at the highlighted location.
  • Show redirect source in search results, if applicable.
  • Update login authentication to work with the latest server changes.
  • Improved Wikipedia Zero banner design and persistence.
  • No longer download and widen high-quality images when on a metered connection.
  • Numerous crash and bug fixes.
2.1.144-r-2016-05-09 [39] 2016-05-09

Hotfix for HTTP2 login and edit issues.

2.1.143-r-2016-03-16 [40] 2016-03-16

Release candidate alpha

2.1.142-r-2016-03-07 [41] 2016-03-07

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.1.141-r-2016-02-10 [42] 2016-02-10
  • Support for animated images throughout the app (image gallery, lead images, search results, etc).
  • When saving media from the gallery, the files are now downloaded in their original form and resolution to your device's external memory, and made available in the device's Gallery app.
  • Improved memory consumption in the app when browsing lots of pages and images.
  • Improvements to the networking layer and stability.
  • Fixed account creation without an email address.
  • Fixed ability to copy large amounts of text to the clipboard.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug and crash fixes.
2.1.140-r-2016-02-04 [43] 2016-02-04

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.1.139-r-2016-01-22 [44] 2016-01-22

Not a release candidate

2.1.138-r-2016-01-22 [45] 2016-01-22

Hotfix for login issue, T124384

2.1.137-r-2016-01-11 [46] 2016-01-11

Release candidate alpha

2.1.136-r-2015-12-09 [47] 2015-12-09
  • Nearby with Maps! Tap the Nearby option in the navigation menu to see an interactive map with Wikipedia articles about locations near you, or anywhere else in the world.
  • In Android 6.0, highlighting a word in any other app gives the option to search for it in Wikipedia.
  • Deleting your browsing history will now also clear your open tabs.
  • Updated link preview design
  • Fixed a metric ton of bugs and crashes.


2.1.135-r-2015-12-03 [48] 2015-12-03

Not a release candidate

2.1.134-r-2015-11-12 [49] 2015-11-12

Release candidate alpha

2.1.133-r-2015-10-26 [50] 2015-10-26
2.1.132-r-2015-10-23 [51] 2015-10-23

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.1.131-r-2015-09-28 [52] 2015-09-28

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.0.111-r-2015-09-16 [53] 2015-09-16
  • Improved image backgrounds in dark mode
  • Fixed link sharing on Gingerbread devices
  • Miscellaneous minor UI tweaks and fixes
  • Several crash fixes
2.0.110-r-2015-08-31 [54] 2015-08-31
  • Link previews: tap on links to see a preview of the article, including a swipeable image thumbnail gallery, without losing your place while reading.
  • More options when pressing-and-holding links: Save for offline reading, Share, and Copy.
  • Improved performance when rotating screen.
  • Improved ordering of search results.
  • Improved behavior of offline saved pages.
  • Share a link to the current article directly from the overflow menu.
  • Updates to Material Design compliance.
2.0.109-r-2015-08-21 [55] 2015-08-21

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.0.108-r-2015-08-04 [56] 2015-08-04 https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T107344
2.0.107-r-2015-08-03 [57] 2015-08-03 https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T107344
2.0.105-r-2015-06-30 [58] 2015-06-30

Tracking task with release notes: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T103788

2.0.104-r-2015-06-25 [59] 2015-06-25

Rejected release candidate alpha

2.0.102-r-2015-05-14 [60] 2015-05-14

Release candidate alpha

2.0-r-2015-04-23 (101) [61] 2015-04-29
  • Staged rollout: 4/29: 5%, 4/30: 20%, 5/1: 100%
2.0-r-2015-03-23 (98) [62] 2015-03-30
  • Enhanced sharing! Highlight an interesting fact from an article and tap "Share" in the overflow menu to create an image which can be shared to social networks and other platforms.
  • Added featured article and search widgets.
Long press on your home screen to bring up the widgets menu.
  • Enabled caching of pages on internal/external storage, reducing memory usage and reducing frequency of "out of memory" crashes.
  • Miscellaneous design tweaks, bug fixes, crash fixes, and translation updates.
2.0-r-2015-01-15 (92) [63] 2015-01-15
  • Lead images: experience Wikipedia like never before with a prominent, contextually-relevant image and description at the top of articles
  • Image gallery: tap on images to view them full-screen.
Swipe left or right to browse other images within the article
  • Descriptions from Wikidata: descriptions appear in search results, in Nearby results, under page titles, and in Read More and disambiguation suggestions.
  • Read more: suggestions for further reading at the bottom of articles
  • Search improvements: search results now have quick descriptions below them.
There is also a history of your searches when the search box is empty
2.0-r-2014-12-01 (89) [64] 2014-12-01
  • Laid the groundwork for upcoming improvements to the search function.
2.0-r-2014-11-03 (88) [65] 2014-11-03
  • No new features, just bug fixes
2.0-r-2014-10-30 (87) [66] 2014-10-30
  • The left Navigation menu is now accessible from all screens (Browsing, History, Saved Pages, etc.)
  • Replaced the Search field at the top with a Search button that expands into a text field.
  • Improved the appearance of the progress bar when loading pages and searching.
  • Improved order of search results when searching.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes.
2.0-r-2014-10-14 (84) [67] 2014-10-14
  • Nearby: Learn more about what's around you by getting links to articles about things that are near your current location (location services are used only by this feature).
  • Added a one-time Table of Contents tutorial screen.
  • Rolled up "page issues" boxes into a link that shows them as a popup dialog.
  • Rolled up disambiguation links into a single link that shows them as a popup list.
  • Frequently-used languages are now kept at the top of the list, for easier selection.
  • Improved page loading speed and data usage by using compression in network requests.
  • Updated language translations.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes.
2.0-r-2014-08-13 (76) [68] 2014-08-13

search indexing improvements; add Traditional Chinese for UI

2.0-r-2014-08-07 (75) [69] 2014-08-07 Add Today menu, dark theme fixes, reference popup fixes, Chinese language variants
2.0-r-2014-07-23 (73) [70] 2014-07-23 Added Dark theme, increase/decrease font size, better reference popups, onboarding screen
2.0 (71) [71] 2014-06-25 Complete rewrite as native app, Editing, Log in, Table of Contents (swipe from right edge), Save pages, Find in page

Wikipedia iOS app

Version Git Tag Git SHA Phabricator Ticket App Store Release Date Release Notes
6.8.1 releases/6.8.1 7a37d4c264874c1d7cdaf617397a14654644d64 T283532 2021-05-24 bug fix release
6.8.0 releases/6.8.0 a96e1d3b5378f74fbeb09f6ef8e5ca783b8f0bd5 T279387 2021-04-23 language variants
6.7.1 releases/6.7.1 bc7d4f4257ec05039bc20038d245c1a142b35afc T263589 2020-09-25 bug fix release
6.7 releases/6.7.0 be1c2831c210008e198079418f40ee0945350ab4 T262964 2020-09-16 ios14 widgets
6.6.2 releases/6.6.2 e03c17854a592a738ca07be4f3acc4fab5a577f6 T257616 2020-07-13 Bug fix release
6.6.1 releases/6.6.1 554dee22bc474f94867ae7face62788d619f5b60 T254926 2020-06-26 Bug fix release
6.6 releases/6.6.0 04f469ae4414bacb9125d601da1d94ed31f5c491 T246704 2020-05-26 Mobile-html support
6.5.1 releases/6.5.1 9cc8a91c818ee0a3233f1b831a9fa7edc6c37495 T240388 2019-12-21 Bug fix release
6.5 releases/6.5.0 e96166dfd9304cd67c8992a98f6297026c501c66 T238862 2019-12-02 Editing improvements
6.4 releases/6.4.0 ef04aa99e514796f77955b4476f7c2bbcee24553 T232377 2019-09-17 iOS 13 support, links open in Safari
6.3.1 releases/6.3.1 78cd59ee127a2a6a83e6e17d314fc861b13a1504 T229135 2019-08-06 Bug fix release
6.3 releases/6.3 76b013dc2e8cc8365158395548fe93005b39c88a phab: T226767 2019-07-10 Fixes and new features, including media support, link insertion, user talk.
6.2.3 releases/6.2.3 ca4959301b66297dd7d2ab1c28d653597d3cff31 phab:T221979 2019-05-09 Bug fix release
6.2.2 releases/6/2/2 8282ddcb0bdf89f3046558032c451956874fe7ec phab: T221120 2019-04-19 Bug fix release
6.2.1 releases/6/2/1 eaed16cfd0a841eddadd5a981d0337b0cbaa7431 phab:T219209 2019-04-08 Bug fix release
6.2 releases/6.2 7a23950032490ccc9707d0243036687acf17d513 phab:T215946 2019-02-21 Majo improvements to the wikitext editing tools: new toolbars, syntax highlighting and line numbering are just a few of the changes you'll see in the new editor.
6.1.3 (2706) releases/6/1/3 04445085ab8071fa898c033716caaf5b508200fb phab:210774 2018-11-30 Theme fix for fundraising campaign
6.1.2 betas/1530 2c5dc58a3b78533cbf039107e5841a1a1e87cd91 phab:T209875 2018-11-20 Bug fix release
6.1.1 (1530) releases/6.1.1 be7ef0412d6d9687c7496dc754a567275863db6b phab:T208974 2018-11-16 Editing features, performance and bug fixes
6.1 (1508) releases/6.1.0 7274a5ab521cb2699f0ec8ca5cbf5993944e838d phab:T206693 2018-10-31 Edit Wikidata descriptions, bug fixes
6.0.2 releases.6.0.2 e03c8860fd658276c3eef7771fd7725944f76a46 phab:T205476 2018-09-28 Bug fix release
6.0.1 (1487) releases/6.0.1 0340dc553459c8cf1a64cb69c98f434a889970c9 phab:T202941 2018-09-10 Fully customizable and easier to read Explore feed. Localization, performance improvements and bug fixes.
6.0.0 (1473) releases/6.0.0 988a7731407000b48b67cf2b7f9f6fc2c1f0873e phab:T200463 2018-08-22 Customized Explore Feed, iOS 11 look and feel
5.8.2 (1421) releases/5.8.2 4440503b2ae003a1d1f0875f7a7b35d84230b696 phab:T195399 2018-06-19 Bug fix release
5.8.1 (1403) releases/5.8.1 48eadfaaad31dfd9b6fcaf4149c34221511f02a8 phab:T193800 2018-05-10 Bug fix release following Reading Lists
5.8.0 (1393) releases/5.8.0 7ba83184925098037bae08cad1c3179b4e870803 phab:T190974 2018-4-20 Synced Reading Lists
5.7.5 (1320) releases/5.7.5 349f5fd3c621b8b60fd8618df8177b63dfaefdf8 phab:T186139 2018-02-08 Bug fix for crash on iPad and issue with search history not fully deleting in some cases.
5.7.4 releases/5.7.4 N/A 2018-01-10 Fix for lazy loading issue when app was backgrounded during reading. Quick bug fix, so this release did not get the usual process (no phab ticket or Git Tag)
5.7.3 releases/5.7.3 phab:T182709 2017-12-20 Black theme for OLED. Hide/show navigation bar while reading. Control for infoboxes to be open.
5.7.2 (1267) releases/5.7.2 eac1ad00c190612f91143e9989970e437e37897d phab:T181754 2017-12-7 Fix In the News issue, peek and pop and improve announcement country targeting logic.
5.7.1 (1259) releases/5.7.1 755560996f9d664f7e490391af1fed817b5736ff phab:T179521 2017-11-07 New peek/link preview design. Fix for pull-to-refresh. Other small fixes.
5.7.0 (1247) releases/5.7.0 phab:T178208 2017-10-27 Updated share-a-fact, new user on-boarding refinements, support for iOS 11 and iPhone X.
5.6.1 (1216) releases/5.6.1 phab:T174494 2017-09-25 Featured Article widget, swipe actions on search, refinements to dark theme for templates and tables.
5.6.0 (1195) releases/5.6.0 237cddbab1e5e6f6ee1641a9f5e475f367950d52 phab:T171532 2017-08-07 Appearance themes (dark and sepia modes), On this Day, iMessage stickers
5.5.1 (1164) releases/5.5.1 [72] 2017-07-05 Small improvements to Places accessibility, other crash and bug fixes.
5.5.0 (1153) releases/5.5.0 [1] 2017-06-20 Places, exposed search on Explore, new web-based article footer, revise In the News look and behavior, Explore design updates.
5.4.1 (1124) releases/5.4.1 2073dce74af1e2dd3f8b61e75e136847abb3453f [73] 2016-05-03 No features, but major changes to caching system, image requesting and background processing. Other small bug fixes.
5.4.0 (1095) releases/5.4.0 7d2ef55300e4a5f2e2af7f7975a51244f811f47b [74] 2016-03-22 New login system. Fixes for images issues (cacheing, cropping, ipad layout, POTD and share-a-fact bugs). Analytics bug fixes to reinstate sampling and fix pageviews counts.
5.3.4 (1046) releases/5.3.4 aec1537a8458444fa5914b962306333a7a92fe51 [75] 2016-01-09 Fix for share-a-fact. Fixes for high frequency crashes.
5.3.3 (1038) releases/5.3.3 6e2795ade5c88fe29461fa9113899455750a7057 [76] 2016-12-21 Small bugfix for layout stability on Explore and better performance loading multiple articles.
5.3.2 (1030) releases/5.3.2 69bde41a5fb7011d062d337636654c3a27821566 [77] 2016-12-18 Switch database to CoreData, small fixes to layouts
5.3.1 (1011) releases/5.3.1 214e3f1423fb0c62dac0850125274e59e3a34fb7 [78] 2016-12-2 Announcement cards. Bug fixes for Explore loading and notifications.
5.3.0 (998) releases/5.3.0 ac41a1eb2f0af0ba855f24bf5af84729441c6abb [79] 2016-11-21 Trending In the News notification, Chinese transliteration, use MCS Feed endpoint to drive Explore, all local caching now uses DB
5.2.1 (942.1) releases/ dd5d45cc41d4705d802dbc678b1bcebf0d33bf54 [80] 2016-09-22 Widget bug fixes, localization and stability improvements.
5.2.0 (939) releases/ 764fd3ea1c0b611c8608e0eb3f0759a0488dffa3 [81] 2016-09-13 iOS 10 compatibility, Today screen widgets for continue reading and top read articles
5.1.1 (920.1) releases/ 4136550f52e1f0be084b545b32e750c7a8839a87 n/a/ 2016-09-06 Small bug fixes.exe
5.1.0 (918.1) releases/ 47e127b30deeda40c147815db6cec8572031c1f6 [82] 2016-8-30 Find in page, iPad designs on Explore and article view, database backing for saved and recents.
5.0.6 (909.1) releases/ 8f9ad5bb445c4b19b19cdde8113ebdce800f2cf3 [83] 2016-08-15 Additional crash fixes. Move processes off UI thread and improve memory issues for users with large saved libraries.
5.0.5 (904.1.1) releases/ e0e3a645796c5e3eb0e9197f6d0445820589a891 [84] 2016-07-28 Replace UIWebView with WKWebView, new image cacheing, lots of bug fixes.
5.0.4 (851.1) releases/ 26093dcabfb070ecda456d7a4c79588d9408d471 134509 2016-05-09 Bug fix for Explore feed and Most Read stability.
5.0.3 (850.1) releases/ 29bc78863b52a612fef94db25dd649fa03881b32 T133962 2016-05-03 Bug fixes for page updating and image crashes. Added text size control, language controls and multitasking support on iPad. Removed landscape support on iPhone for Explore.
5.0.2 (802.1) releases/ 007d91ba053bdd4c944f01633410f728f72cb661 T131103 2016-03-29 Expedited update at Apple's request to fix issues with links into the app in iOS 9.3.
5.0.1 (794) releases/ N/A N/A 2016-03-22 Minor update to address crashes, improve load time, and add localizations.
5.0.0 (775) releases/ 94470e7e39912cc242773e1122b7b08e8e6f73fe T127857 2016-03-10 Major update with all new code base, Explore feed, navigation and visual design.
4.1.7 (171) 3c1896566876ac6de282a05e71b4bf0eb775bfc1 T106106 2015-08-03 Bug fixes, localization updates
4.1.6 (150) 3d4757d411f7751395cad0f5ff03ac20aa37897f T103688 2015-07-8 Crash fixes, drop iOS 7
4.1.5 (144) 89dfdcaaebc698e0bf3f74801bb062a3c29e928e T101109 2015-06-24 UI Improvements, Performance Improvements, Bug fixes.
4.1.4 (130) 81b3e560ab56ad06cbc0e00414dbe618bcc4b622 T100685 2015-06-2 UI Improvements, Performance Improvements, Bug fixes.
4.1.3 (96) 08f301e T95969 2015-05-13 Page issues & disambiguation. Minor bug fixes and improvements. release/ cd0076cf30ea67cb185dc3d0062d112c403f69ba T96389 2015-04-19 11:53 Bugfix for data migration crashes release/ f7749012cc2215e715e0d54fef0970217aaab25f T86692 2015-04-15