Meza/Upgrade from Meza 27.x

Checkout the latest versionEdit

cd /opt/meza
sudo git fetch origin
sudo git checkout master
sudo git reset --hard origin/master

Run deployEdit

sudo meza deploy <environment>

If you get Elasticsearch errorsEdit

Meza is able to update Elasticsearch from Meza 27.x (with MediaWiki 1.27.x) to Meza 30.x (with MediaWiki 1.30.x) through a two-step process of firs upgrading from Elasticsearch 1.6 to 2.x, then upgrading from 2.x to 5.x. This works consistently in testing of smaller wikis, but unfortunately has failed on some larger wikis. If you get Elasticsearch errors you will need to destroy your Elasticsearch indexes and start over.

sudo meza delete elasticsearch <environment>
sudo meza deploy <environment>
sudo meza maint rebuild <environment> --skip-tags smw-data