Meza/Setup a RedHat VM

The standard steps for setting up Meza on VirtualBox use the CentOS operating system. If you want to test on Red Hat the following steps can be followed.

  1. Download the DVD.iso RedHat 7 image on the Red Hat downloads page. When you attempt to download for the first time you'll have to generate a Red Hat account. You're going to have to create a username and password anyway, so there doesn't appear to be a strong need to use a linked account (e.g. Google, Github).
  2. Place the ISO in your home folder and use as described in Meza/Install on Virtual Box
  3. Install the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system in the same way you install CentOS
  4. After the OS is installed, when you've booted into your OS command line, start with the same command as on CentOS: sudo ifup enp0s3 (starts networking)
  5. Next, setup your RedHat subscription with sudo subscription-manager register --username <username> --password <password> --auto-attach using your username and password for your RedHat developer account
  6. Continue with standard Meza/Install on Virtual Box steps after sudo ifup enp0s3 command.