The Scripts edit edit

compareExtensions.php edit

This script helps you identify different extensions used in a 3rd-party wiki compared to Meza.

It also compares those 3rd-party "custom" extensions to whatever you've setup in /opt/conf-meza/public/MezaLocalExtensions.yml.

Note that if MezaLocalExtensions.yml is not found, this script will use the QualityBox setup to supplement Meza Core [1]

You can easily customize this script to use your own public config repo.

Usage edit

Supply the full URL to the external wiki API as the script argument. e.g.

php compareExtensions.php

to get a list of extensions which would need to be added locally.

What if the Wiki is private? edit

If the 3rd-party wiki API is access restricted, then execute a '?action=query&meta=siteinfo&siprop=extensions&format=json' API query in that environment and save the text output to a file with a .json extension.

Then supply the path to that file as the argument to the script.

php compareExtensions.php /tmp/myWiki.Api.Info.json edit edit edit

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unifyUserTables.php edit

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The Source edit

The repository for Meza contains the scripts within the 'src' directory.