Meza/Install on Wikimedia Cloud VPS instance


These instructions cover installing Meza on a Wikimedia Cloud VPS instance.

Preparing the Cloud VPS instance edit

First, you will need a Cloud VPS project. You can request one by creating a Phabricator ticket. Or, you can request administrative access to an existing project from a project owner.

Then, follow these instructions:

Get Meza edit

ssh into your Cloud VPS instance and do the following:

sudo git clone /opt/meza
cd /opt/meza
sudo git checkout 32.x # This will no be necessary once this branch is merged into master
sudo bash /opt/meza/src/scripts/

Set up Meza edit

sudo meza setup env monolith

When prompted to enter the domain or IP address you'll use to get to your wiki, enter <hostname>, where <hostname> is the hostname of your Cloud VPS instance.

Edit hosts file:

sudo vim /opt/conf-meza/secret/monolith/hosts

And change the load balancer section to be:




Deploy Meza monolith edit

sudo meza deploy monolith

This will setup a demo wiki with the user Admin with password adminpass. For production environments, update this password (go to "preferences" when logged into your wiki as this user) or remove this user.

Open Issues edit

  • Firewall too restrictive

sudo ufw allow proto tcp from to port 8080