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Meza/Emulate the Travis CI test setup

Initial setupEdit

Do initial setup of a Meza Vagrant box:

  1. Get VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Git
  2. Git-clone Meza and cd into the Meza directory
  3. vagrant up
  4. So it's easy to revert, take a snapshot called "vagrantup": vagrant snapshot save vagrantup
  5. vagrant ssh
  6. sudo meza setup docker

Running testsEdit

To run the same tests as are run on Travis CI for each Meza commit, do the following:

TEST_TYPE="insert test type from below"
sudo /opt/meza/tests/docker/ "$TEST_TYPE"

Replace insert test type from below with one of the test types below:

  1. monolith-from-scratch: Installs meza on a single server
  2. monolith-from-import: Installs meza on a single server from backup files
  3. import-from-remote: Installs meza on a single server, pulling data from a remote meza server
  4. backup-to-remote: Runs backup to a remote server
  5. import-from-alt-remote: Installs meza on a single server, pulling data from a non-standard setup

SSH into the Docker containerEdit

To SSH into the Docker container (which may be frowned upon by the Docker community):

  1. Figure out the container ID using sudo docker ps
  2. For convenience, set container_id=<whatever your container id is>
  3. Set the root password for the container to 1234 (this is just for dev purposes): sudo docker exec "$container_id" bash -c "echo root:1234 | chpasswd"
  4. Figure out your containers IP address: sudo docker inspect -f 'Template:Range .NetworkSettings.NetworksTemplate:.IPAddressTemplate:End' $container_id

After figuring out what your container ID is (via sudo docker ps), do the rest in one copy-paste:

sudo docker exec "$container_id" bash -c "echo root:1234 | chpasswd"
ip_addr=$(sudo docker inspect -f '{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' $container_id)
echo $ip_addr
ssh root@$ip_addr

Running a new testEdit

Unfortunately at this point the best way to start a new test is to exit your Vagrant machine (just type exit) then restore the snapshot you created with vagrant snapshot restore vagrantup and rerun the steps.