This page outlines tips/best practices for how to use Meza for development.

Connect to Vagrant Meza with text editor edit

Configure Vagrant Machine edit
  • Run sudo meza setup dev
  • This will prompt for a few things:
    1. Which linux users you want to apply Git configuration to. So, if you login with your user james but you also run several commands as root via sudo, for this prompt you'd type james root or root james.
    2. Git user full name, e.g. James Montalvo
    3. Git user email, e.g.

This will make it so whether you do git push origin mybranch or sudo git push origin mybranch the same Git config is used.

After completing these steps you can use one of the methods below to connect your text editor.

Sublime edit

You can use Sublime Text to interact with your VM from your host machine by following these directions for Sublime Text. When setting up a server to connect to in Sublime, this is a good config to start with:

"type": "sftp",
"sync_down_on_open": true,
"sync_same_age": true,
"host": "192.168.56",
"user": "root",
"password": "REDACTED",
"remote_path": "/opt",
"connect_timeout": 30,
ATOM edit

ATOM text editor can connect to Meza Vagrant using the ftp-remote-edit package using the following config:

port 22
username: root (or any other sudo capable account)
password: whatever password you have the user
Check box for "Use sftp (ssh) connection."
Initial Directory: /opt