Outreach programs/LevelUp/Q2 2013

Sumana Harihareswara maintains this page to record who's participating in LevelUp April-June 2013 and what their goals are. Not complete yet. More discussion in upcoming office hours on Wednesday March 27th and Friday March 29th.

Mentor(s) Mentee(s) Topic Goal for March 2013 Notes
Gabriel Wicke & Subramanya Sastry new coworkers on Parsoid team Parsoid Attaining Parsoid maintainership
Andrew Bogott
Chris Steipp
Mark Holmquist
James Forrester
Amir Aharoni
Brandon Harris
Andre Klapper
Katie Horn, Adam Wight, and Matthew Walker
Michelle Grover
Trevor Parscal
Matthew Flaschen
Chad Horohoe
Željko Filipin Runa Bhattacharjee browser test automation Capability in writing browser tests to improve coverage for language engineering projects
Max Semenik
Guillaume Paumier
Brad Jorsch
.. Benny Situ Parsoid Ability to fix substantive bugs in Parsoid
Dan Andreescu
Ed Sanders
Aaron Schulz Thaiphan, Tyler Romeo S3 AWS & Azure file backends
Santhosh Thottingal
Juliusz Gonera ... ...
Luke Welling