Outreach programs/LevelUp/Q1 2013

Sumana Harihareswara maintains this page to record who's participating in LevelUp January-March 2013 and what their goals are.

Mentor(s) Mentee(s) Topic Goal for March 2013 Notes
Andrew Bogott S Page Labs/Ops puppet/config Config logbot for E3, puppetize phpunit, document mediawiki-install management.
Chris Steipp Matthias Mullie AbuseFilter Getting maintainership of AbuseFilter
Mark Holmquist Sucheta Ghoshal Productization of EtherEditor Deploy Etherpad Lite Part of OPW
Sumana Harihareswara and James Forrester Mariya Miteva Product management & marketing Learn MediaWiki enterprise ecology & get data dumps work prioritized Part of OPW
Amir Aharoni Priyanka Nag Documentation and language engineering Document templates on WMF wikis Part of OPW
Brandon Harris and Heather Walls Isarra User experience Flow UX designs Part of OPW
Andre Klapper Valerie Juarez Bug triage Become a bug wrangler Part of OPW
Katie Horn, Adam Wight, and Matthew Walker selves Open-sourcing/productizing DonationInterface ..
Mark Holmquist Michelle Grover PHP or JavaScript
User:Dereckson & Mark Holmquist Teresa Cho Extensions development Extension:Git2Pages Part of OPW
Matthew Flaschen Physikerwelt Extensions development Merging improvements into Extension:Math
Chad Horohoe Andrew Otto Gerrit and Git internals Understand rebasing, fast forward merging, and git internals. Help from Christian?
the world in general Željko Filipin JavaScript Learning how it's used in MediaWiki Self-learning
Max Semenik Arthur Richards C Arthur should be able to pass interview tasks from Max's previous work
Guillaume Paumier Peter Bena writing and communication .. ..
Brad Jorsch Luke Welling MediaWiki web API Learn about API by doing some combination of Documentation, Unit test writing and work on the Echo API ..
.. Benny Situ MediaWiki core ..
Dan Andreescu Liangent Limn ? ?
Ed Sanders general LiquidThreads code review ...
Aaron Schulz Thaiphan MediaWiki core & Azure extension ... ...
Santhosh Thottingal Matma Rex JavaScript usage in language engineering ? ?
Juliusz Gonera general fixing bugs that affect everyone, increasing test coverage, doing general refactoring, and JavaScript patchset code review ... ...
Gabriel Wicke Plancalculus (Jan Christiansen) Parsoid Learn Parsoid internals and implement language and interwiki links