Mediawiki 1.20wmf1 Feature Test Charters

Apropos of 1.20

New diff stylesEdit

Diffs should look appropriate in all supported browsers

Clicking "Show changes" should show appropriate diff view

Redirect optionsEdit

Test the option on Special:Prefixindex and Special:Allpages to hide redirects (addressing bug 30963).


Redlinks everywhere. The preference to display missing links as “link?” (instead of just redlinks) has been removed (bug 27619)

Editing changesEdit

Test that watched-pages email have links to edits. Edit emails for watched pages will now always provide a link to the edit which triggered the mail (fixing bug 32210)

Test that when selecting large areas of the page, section edit links and TOC hide/show links are excluded from the copied text on supporting browsers (bug 34445).

Test that browser page titles now distinguish between "Creating" for new page and "Editing" for existing page.

Special:Contributions, RecentChanges and ShortPages have localized parens and pipes. Test zh and ja wikis. (bug 34702)

When editing a Javascript or CSS page on a Right-to-Left wiki the edit box is now Left-to-Right. (bug 34723) Test in e.g. he wiki.

Rendering of numbered lists in devanagari numbers is now supported where browser support is available. (bug 13896)

Namespace gender aliases have been added for Albanian languages (sq & aln) and Croatian (hr) and Serbian. (bug 34192 and bug 35541)

Mizo (lus) language support added.

Logs and LinksEdit

Test that Special:Listusers now includes a link to the user's talk page and contributions (bug 12021).

Test that the deletion is shown on redlinked file pages, if applicable (bug 34863).