Media Projects

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This page hopes to outline media related projects. This should help keep developers on the same page in regards to improved media handling and key infrastructure support tools. There is also a mailing list: Wikivideo-l.

Embedding and PlayersEdit


  • TimedMediaHandler is the primary extension to support Audio and Video content on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. It provides playback, upload, transcoding, thumb nailing and subtitle (TimedText) support for HTML5 video.

Video hosted by other websitesEdit

A full list of video playback players are collected in Video_player_extensions, though many are beta or no longer supported at all.

Video editorsEdit

Collaborative video editorEdit

Popcorn.js offers a number of tools for editing and mixing video, while preserving attribution of the individual elements drawn together into the result.

Demo site: PopcornMaker showcases some of these tools. Initially set up a few years ago; some components may need refreshing.

Experimental code repo: Popcorn editor, being developed as of 2015.