MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Blog/2017-03-21

MediaWiki Stakeholders' March News Roundup

Author: Chris Koerner

People: Cindy Cicalese, Markus Glaser, Yaron Koren, Chris Koerner, Mark Hershberger, Bernadette Clemente, Peter Mayer
Tags: Event, News, Updates, Jobs

Here's another quick round of updates from across the MediaWiki world.

First up, the 2nd Enterprise MediaWiki Conference was a resounding success. 34 some odd folks showed up in McLean, VA for three days of presentations, panels, lightning talks, and participation in the create camp. A great thanks to the chairs, Cindy Cicalese, Bernadette Clemente, Yaron Karen, and Mark Hershberger. Videos and sides of the presentations are available on the conference page.

A few things that came out of the conference:

  • Yaron Koren announced the release of the second edition of his seminal book "Working With MediaWiki". For the first time the book is available to read online in its entirety. eBook and physical versions are also available.
  • EMWCon was live-streamed again this year with a peak of about 20 additional folks joining us throughout the event. The unedited videos are available on the conference YouTube channel. Edited versions will be coming soon.
  • As a collaborative effort attendees were able to develop a document covering best practices for using MediaWiki. A resource for current and future MediaWiki users on how to best introduce and utilize a wiki inside organizations.
  • The Wikimedia DC chapter hosted a Wikipedia edit-a-thon on the first night of the event. The results were a collaboration between EMWCon attendees and local Wikipedians in helping to restore citation links to that became invalid during the presidential transition. 60+ articles on the English Wikipedia were updated with correct links!

Other news: