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MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Blog/2015-12-03

2015 Community Wishlist Survey Voting BeginsEdit

Author: Chris Koerner

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Tags: Wishlist, Voting, Wikimedia Foundation, Community Tech,

Voting is now open for the Community Wishlist Survey, conducted by the Wikimedia Foundation Community Tech team. The team is asking contributors to Wikimedia projects to provide feedback onto accepted proposals to inprove the technology around the various WMF-supproted projects. While not directly a MediaWiki-specific endeavor some of the proposed improvements will see changes to core MediaWiki and perhaps even enhancements to existing extension - or new extensions all together.

There are over 100 proposals to vote on in the following categories.

  • Bots and gadgets (4 proposals)
  • Categories (7 proposals)
  • Commons (6 proposals)
  • Editing (15 proposals)
  • Miscellaneous (17 proposals)
  • Moderation and admin tools (13 proposals)
  • Multimedia (5 proposals)
  • Notifications (4 proposals)
  • Reading (4 proposals)
  • Search (5 proposals)
  • Special pages (2 proposals)
  • Talk pages (4 proposals)
  • Templates (3 proposals)
  • Watchlists (7 proposals)
  • Wikidata (7 proposals)
  • Wikisource (6 proposals)
  • Wikiversity (1 proposal)

Community members with more than 100 edit are able to vote and you can vote for any proposal you're interested in. So vote early and vote often!