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MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Blog/2015-07-07

Help Wanted - Semantic MediaWiki - Wiki of the MonthEdit

Author: Chris Koerner

People: Yaron Koren,
Tags: Community,

For the past five years SMW developer and wiki consultant Yaron Koren has published the SMW Wiki of the Month feature on Yaron's hanging up his hat in August and is looking for someone to help take over the administration of this feature.

The feature is not only a long running part of the SMW community, but it succeeds in highlighting the amazing and diverse work of MediaWiki admins from around the world. To see it disappear would be a great disservice to the community. I've always found it inspiring as a third-party admin myself to see people using it is such interesting and unsuspecting ways. To see that others can be successful with the same bit of software reaffirms my own aspirations with the technology.

You should apply and help out Yaron and the larger MediaWiki community. Why should you do it? As Yaron posits,

  • It's a way to contribute back to a software project that has (presumably)

helped you a lot

  • You get to talk to people from a lot of interesting sites
  • Editing the pages is a creative task whose output gets seen by a lot of


  • It's even something you could put on your CV/resume.

You can read Yaron's announcement and contact him if interested at wikiofthemonth‐at‐

If you run a semantic wiki or know of one that would be a good representation of SMW's usage, nominate a wiki!