MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Blog/2015-05-14

Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.0 Released

Author: Chris Koerner

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On May 9th the latest version of Semantic MediaWiki was made available. This new version brings multiple bug fixes, performance enhancements, and even a few new features.

From the release notes,

"This new version provides new features most notably improving the "category" result format, including the possibility to use a "named args" parameter to change formatting. It also adds support for the "sep" parameter to the "table" result format allowing to define a separator for cell values as well as introduces a "template" option allowing for customized links or queries to the "#set" parser function."

For administrators of SMW installations that would like to register their wiki (so that the community can better understand the usage of SMW across the web) the developers have replace the defunct SMWRegsitry wiki registration on Special:SMWAdmin with a link to WikiApiary.

You can read the announcement here.

The full description of the update can be found on