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MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Blog/2015-05-06

MediaWiki Benchmarker Version 2Edit

Author: Chris Koerner

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Tags: Benchmarking, Performance, Debugging, Tools,

Simon Heimler recently updated his handy MediaWiki Benchmarker to version 2 with some new features. This tool allows you to test the response to a MediaWiki installation via a series of automated tests. You can compare pages across a wiki and see response times for each side-by-side. So for instance, if you want to know the load differences between your longer, larger pages vs. your stubs you can quickly see how long it takes to load each.

From Simon, "It's a simple tool that allows to benchmark MediaWiki Installations through the API. It is now possible to add / append new benchmarks, so it's easy to compare different settings or envirionments - not only pages."

That's right. You could run a battery of tests on separate wikis and compare the results. Who has the fastest wiki!?

You can download the test results as JSON, CSV, or exported PNG images. This is a great tool for both public and private wikis. Simon has made his source code available on his GitHub.