MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Annual Report 2016

Focus AreasEdit

In 2016, we focused mainly on these areas:

  • Continuation and improvement of MediaWiki user experience. We are striving to keep user experience of MediaWiki as consistent and integrated as possible for self-installed MediaWiki instances (see output).
  • Exchange of experience among stakeholders, i.e. primarily people running MediaWiki as their platform. This was done in regular online and offline meetings as well as through our online platform at
  • WikiApiary. We took over maintenance of one major existing platform to gather usage statistics for MediaWiki instances and continued to support its editing community.
  • Incorporation. Though we are not incorporated yet, becoming a legal entity is vital to achieving our goals. We have made great steps by clarifying the place and form of incorporation.
  • Building a MediaWiki organisation. We explored the idea of creating a MediaWiki organisation and the path towards this goal.


Exchange of ExperienceEdit

Real Life MeetingsEdit

These meetings are used to discuss current issues of MediaWiki and of the Stakeholders' group with a wider audience. They are generally open to the public, thus reaching out to potential new members for the group.

Online MeetingsEdit


Real LifeEdit

In 2016, we actively participated in various MediaWiki and Open Source conferences, among others with these topics:

  • Developers' Summit 2016 - MediaWiki governance
  • Wikimedia Conference - Experiences with our survey[1], ideas on a MediaWiki organisation[2].
  • Jerusalem Hackathon - Translating technical documentation, Improve navigation for extension developers
  • EMWCon Spring 2016 - discussion about a MediaWiki organisation[3], actual use case[4]
  • Wikimania Esino Lario - Thoughts on MediaWiki governance[5], Extension Manager, MW git, and others
  • SMWCon Fall 2016 Frankfurt - Application prototyping as a use case for MediaWiki[6], MediaWiki git[7], actual use case[8]


Participation in discussions on 3rd party relevant topics


  • In 2016 we raised no money and we spent no money.