MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Annual Report 2015

Focus AreasEdit

In 2015, we focused mainly on these areas:

  • Exchange of experience among stakeholders, i.e. primarily people running MediaWiki as their platform. This was done in regular online and offline meetings as well as through our newly built online platform at
  • Insights into the use of MediaWiki outside of the Wikimedia Foundation. We conducted a survey and published the results in a MediaWiki Usage Report. Also, we skimmed mailing lists and other sources to compile a list of most commonly requested features.
  • Models of MediaWiki governance. In our discussions with all stakeholders it turned out that MediaWiki as a software product lacks governance. We are actively seeking models and ways to bring together the needs of development for Wikipedia with the needs of 3rd party users.


Exchange of ExperienceEdit

Real Life MeetingsEdit

Online MeetingsEdit


Real LifeEdit

  • Developers' Summit in January 2015
    • 2 sessions, and discussions about a governance model for MediaWiki
  • SMWCon Spring in May 2015
    • 6 sessions, tutorials and workshops on how to effectively use MediaWiki
  • Lyon Hackathon in May 2015
    • 3 sessions, among them showcases of MW usage by stakeholders
  • NASA-hosted event in June 2015
  • Wikimania in July 2015'_Meetup
  • SMWCon Fall in October 2015
    • 6 sessions, tutorials and workshops, among them how to contribute back to MediaWiki and future development of the software


Participation in discussions on 3rd party relevant topics


  • In 2015 we raised no money and we spent no money.