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2024.04 edit
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  • We're planning to make changes to how and when we release MLEB. You can read more about it on phab:T356847 and leave your comments.
2024.01 edit
Highlights edit
  • MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2024.01 no longer supports MediaWiki 1.39 and requires MediaWiki 1.40 or above.
  • The hook Translate:GettextFFS:headerFields has been deprecated, use Translate:GettextFormat:headerFields instead.

Previous releases edit

2023.12 edit
Highlights edit
  • Translate extension: Fix broken Special:SpecialPages for MediaWiki 1.40, and 1.39 (task T351959).
2023.10 edit
Highlights edit
  • Translate extension: Removed mirrors option when providing configuration for translation memory.
2023.07 edit
Highlights edit
  • This release of MLEB now requires MediaWiki >= 1.39
2023.04 edit
Highlights edit
  • This is the last release of MLEB supporting MediaWiki >= 1.38
2023.01 edit
Highlights edit
  • MLEB now requires PHP >= 7.4 and MediaWiki >= 1.38
2022.10 edit
Highlights edit
  • [SECURITY] Translate: Adds missing block checks to various pages and API (task T302479, Gerrit change 838940)
  • This will be the last MLEB release supporting PHP 7.3 and MediaWiki 1.37
2022.07 edit
LocalisationUpdate edit
  • LocalisationUpdate extension is removed from MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle. Please read the announcement.
Translate edit
2022.04 edit
LocalisationUpdate edit
  • We're planning to sunset the LocalisationUpdate extension from version 2022.07. Please read the announcement.
Translate edit
  • If you are using translation memory with ElasticSearch backend, we recommend rebuilding the translation memory index. This can be done by running php <path_to_mediawiki_core>/extensions/Translate/scripts/ttmserver-export.php

2022.01 edit
Translate edit
UniversalLanguageSelector edit
  • Remove backward compatibility for MW <= 1.35
2021.12 edit
Translate edit

2021.11 edit
Translate edit
  • Fix compatibility with MediaWiki <= 1.37 when VisualEditor is installed. (Phab:T294605)

2021.10 edit
Translate edit
  • SECURITY: Allow revdel-related actions in translatable pages (Gerrit)
    • Export script: remove --hours (Gerrit)
    • Remove translation aids customization (Hook: TranslateTranslationAids) (Gerrit)
    • Remove $wgTranslateDelayedMessageIndexRebuild (Gerrit)
    • Remove getConfiguration and getFFS from MessageGroup (Gerrit)
    • Group configuration: Rename validator keymatch option to include (Gerrit)
UniversalLanguageSelector edit
  • SECURITY: Language name search: Avoid searching for very long search keys (Gerrit, Phabricator)
  • Improve support for the new Vector Skin.
  • Remove configuration ULSEnableAnon (Gerrit)
  • Add support for multiple ULS buttons (Gerrit)

2021.07 edit
Translate edit
  • SECURITY: Enhance validation and logging for AggregateGroups API deletions (task T282932)

Configuration variable changes

To address voice and tone issues in the Translate extension (task T277965) the following configuration variable names have been renamed:

  • TranslateBlacklistTranslateDisabledTargetLanguages
  • TranslateAuthorBlacklistTranslateAuthorExclusionList
  • TranslateCheckBlacklistTranslateValidationExclusionFile

The old variables will be supported for MLEB 2021.07 release but removed in the MLEB 2021.10 release.

If you have defined message groups defined with LANGUAGE attributes, whitelist/blacklist have been changed to include/exclude

UniversalLanguageSelector edit
  • BREAKING CHANGE: UniversalLanguageSelector extension now requires MediaWiki 1.35 or above.
    • Position language menu below language button. (task T276248)
    • Fix "ULS settings window can’t be opened with the preferences link on new Vector". (task T282956)

2021.06 edit
Translate edit
  • Fix metadata handling for translatable page moves and deletions. (task T282905)
  • Restore suggested languages to compact languages button. (task T282037)

2021.04 edit
Translate edit
  • Consider translated optional messages towards meeting the export threshold (task T159122)
  • Do not lock pages indefinitely during translatable page moves (Gerrit change 661125)
  • Limit pages that can be moved from the UI to 500 by default. (task T277431)
    • This can be modified by updating the configuration: $wgTranslatePageMoveLimit
  • Namespace for classes under the src/ folder has been changed to: MediaWiki\Extension\Translate instead of: MediaWiki\Extensions\Translate. class_alias has been used to ensure existing functionality and cached data does not break. The alias will be removed in the next MLEB release.
UniversalLanguageSelector edit

2021.01 edit
Translate edit
UniversalLanguageSelector edit

2020.10 edit

2020.07 edit

2020.04 edit

2020.01 edit

2019.10 edit
wfLoadExtension( 'Translate' );
  • Removed deprecated and unmaintained SolrTTMServer. Recommendation is to migrate to ElasticSearch. (Phab:T87985)
  • Dropped support for HHVM.

2019.07 edit

2019.04 edit

2019.01 edit

2018.10 edit

2018.07 edit

2018.04 edit

2018.01 edit

2017.10 edit

2017.07 edit
  • Download:
  • sha256sum: c050c326bfa56d326fece072bed5e4be3e3ad3289b0a449313a2e7dbc4514c55
  • Announcement and Release Notes
  • Compatible with MediaWiki: 1.27, 1.28 or above and requires PHP 5.5.9 or above.
  • Translate extension no longer bundles spyc library. If you need support for parsing and generating YAML files, and you don't have phpyaml extensions installed (HHVM provides it in PHP compatibility mode), then you can install spyc using composer update.
  • Information about the languages that the user knows in Babel is now cached to improve performance.
  • It is now possible to load Babel information from a Babel box on a global user page.
  • Compact Language Links the ability to show languages that logged-in users specified in the Babel box.
  • Several new IMEs are added and improved in UniveralLanguageSelector.

2017.04 edit

2017.01 edit

2016.10 edit

2016.08 edit
  • Download:
  • sha256sum: aba09ead5f2c646e5960ce2aecc36866ee092079f51598d0aab461c7655410da
  • Announcement and Release Notes
  • Compatible with MediaWiki: 1.26, 1.27 or above and requires PHP 5.5.9 or above.
  • Translate extension now requires Elastica extension for ElasticSearch support. Wikimedia search plugin needs to be installed for ElasticSearch 2.x series.
  • Special:Translate now has a summary field.
  • Special:Translate is much more robust thanks to improved error handling and to many small bugs having been fixed.
  • Page translation is much more robust.
  • The sandbox feature of Translate extension requires MediaWiki 1.27 or newer.
  • Translate's export functionality is now on separate special page called Special:ExportTranslations
  • The style of ULS's dialogs have been updated and polished to be more streamlined.
  • The default geoip service for Universal Language Selector is changed because the old service is discontinued.
  • Major update on webfont formats: woff2 format added, eot and svg formats dropped.

2016.04 edit

2016.01 edit

2015.10 edit
  • Download:
  • sha256sum: 482595d35ab02fdc40c6ae54d2cf21aa22360f7021d498c054624ccdbf721237
  • Announcement and Release Notes
  • Compatible with MediaWiki: 1.24.x and 1.25.x.
  • CLDR:
    • Updated to CLDR 28.
  • Translate:
    • MediaWiki 1.23 is no longer supported. Extension is no longer automatically loaded when installed via composer.
    • If local TTMServer translation memory is marked as public, it will not now automatically take advantage of TranslationWebServices query parallelization.
  • UniversalLanguageSelector:
    • MediaWiki 1.23 is no longer supported. Extension is no longer automatically loaded when installed via composer.
    • Language change is now done in two phase: first changed with API, then page is reloaded. The 'setlang' URL parameter is no longer used, although it still works. Due to the change, language switching might take a slightly longer than previously.

2015.08 edit

2015.04 edit

2015.03 edit

2015.02 edit

2015.01 edit

2014.12 edit

2014.11 edit
  • Download:
  • sha256sum: 39b397a05561f743962cfb499f59a58219338607ea13ebfcc7a8806105e7dedc
  • Announcement and Release Notes
  • Compatible with MediaWiki: 1.23.x and 1.24.x.
  • CLDR:
    • Fixed some time displays if CLDR had only partial localisation of time units.
  • Translate:
    • Translate WebAPI documentation is now localized. Only works in MediaWiki 1.24 and newer.
    • If you are using the Solr backend for the translation memory or the translation search, please let us know. If there are no users for the Solr backend, we will deprecate and later remove it in favor of the better maintained ElasticSearch backend.
  • UniversalLanguageSelector:
    • ULS WebAPI documentation is now localized. Only works in MediaWiki 1.24 and newer.
    • T67516: Removed font-size for ULS language selection panel buttons, which caused tiny font sizes on the Monobook skin.
    • Small compatibility fix when both ULS and VisualEditor are in use.
    • About 20 new languages are now supported in the language selector and a couple language names were changes.
    • Added support for WOFF2 webfont format. Note that there are no WOFF2 webfonts in the font repository yet due to pending issues in WOFF2 font generation.

2014.10 edit
$wgGroupPermissions['translate-proofr']['translate-messagereview'] = true;
$wgAddGroups['translate-proofr'] = array( 'translate-proofr' );
  • Removed $wgTranslatePageMigration (enabled by default), $wgTranslateUseTux (no longer in use) and translate-proofr group (needs sysadmin action if in use).

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