MediaWiki Developer Summit 2015/Attendees

I will update this page as we approve more registrations. Please feel free to add anything you like to the "comments" section next to your name or update the ways in which you are planning to help/contribute. Rfarrand (WMF) (talk) 21:59, 14 November 2014 (UTC)[reply]

First Name Last Name Affiliation How are you planning to help/contribute?
Siebrand Mazeland WMF i18n, code review 
Zach Hobbs Wikia
Inez Korczynski Wikia
Charles Miller Wikia
Owen Davis Wikia
Dan  Foy WMF
Elena  Tonkovidova WMF
Megan Neisler WMF
Stas Malyshev WMF
Marko Obrovac WMF As part of the WMF Services team, I plan to focus on SOA-related topics spread throughout the DS.
Frances Hocutt WMF There are several workshops I'd like to participate in: introduction to web accessibility, Lua, Graphs, Vagrant, and Flow for bots. I'd also like to be part of the conversation around documentation.
Ebubechim Okpo Outreach Program for Women I am interested in participating in the "Content API service" and "VisualEditor" discussion sessions as well as attending the "Using EventLogging and Dashboards" workshops.
Florian Schmidt mobile volunteer Mobile, Frontend standardisation, Installation and deployment, Extension management, OOJs (UI) and "extensions and the config features"
Denny Vrandečić Google Anything about structured data
Aaron Halfaker WMF Discussions around "data products" and Artificial Intelligence as a service via WMF Labs
Abigail Ripstra WMF I am a design resaercher, not an engineer, so I do not recognize any of the topics listed on the media wiki site. I am not sure what I will be able to contribute, or what I will gain.
Adam Baso WMF I could be of some assistance with apps-oriented stuff, as well speaking to aspects of the architecture of the Lua approach to business process language programming. It might be worthwhile to give people some insight into the architecture of the zero-rating platform to give people an idea of how such things are done here.
Adam Wight WMF I have open RFCs I would be excited to work on, otherwise I'm happy to help out with whatever is available.

Smaller tasks I need to coordinate with other devs:

  • Help add analytics instrumentation to the edit lifecycle.
  • Replace the edit timestamp with the oldid parameter.
  • Improvements to the multiwiki mediawiki-vagrant module, to support Fundraising's paymentswiki.
Adam Shorland WMUK / Wikidata Participate in BounceHandler extension to handle email bounces sprint

Workshop - Convert extensions to use new Config features

I Might finally install vagrant at MediaWiki-Vagrant Install Party

Using Elasticsearch, potentially looking at the wikidata query functionality

I'm sure more will happen than this!

Alexander Monk WMF VisualEditor-related things mainly, though I am keen to do much more that. Honestly it's difficult to decide on any specific topics because I don't know which will come up, the page does not give that information.

I would like to talk to some people about the status of configuration DBs, and I believe Kunal Mehta plans to make some progress in this area at the summit.

I'd like for us to consider making rcstream 'official', especially given that it's already implemented as a production service, as the successor of the IRC RC stream.

Alexandros Kosiaris WMF Being a member of the operations team I am interested in discussions about the future of Service Oriented Architecture efforts
Amir Aharoni WMF Present and discuss my proposal to reorganize the internationalization code as reusable libraries and services.

Review new features for good internationalization support.

Andre Klapper WMF Anything related to bug report management and discussing it / faciliating effective use, especially with regard to the new 'Phabricator' tool that we are migrating several pieces of infrastructure to (Bugzilla, RT, Trello, Mingle, Gerrit); general interest in following up what's cooking in development teams
Andrew Bogott WMF I'll be available for help with Labs sign-up and use throughout the conference.
Andrew Otto WMF Hadoop stuff, not sure?
Andrew Garrett WMF My main contributions will be in Flow, Global Profile, and other "new features".

I will also have something to say about things I've worked on in the past, such as moving AbuseFilter forward with the times, and I'd love to participate in admin tools discussions.

As well as this, I have a stake in the future of MediaWiki and ample experience, and I want to stay up to date and contribute to discussions of its architectural future.

Andrew Green WMF I'm interested in discussing CentralNotice, the RfCs I've worked on (Typesafe Enums, Dependency Injection and Data Mapper), general strategies for improving Mediawiki architecture, domain-driven development, the Editor Campaigns project, other endeavors related to working in groups on Wikipedia, the Graph extension, natural language processing, structured data, and research on consensus in the digital era and on the social movement(s) that the WMF, Wikipedia and sister projects are a part of.
Antoine Musso WMF Testing, continuous integration. Should probably give a talk about how we test stuff.

Discussion regarding the migration from Gerrit to Phabricator and maybe replace our current continuous integration software stack.

Ariel Glenn WMF If there are any discussions about the storage architecture or touching on dbs I'd like to be in on those.

If there are is any docker + vagrant + mw discussion I could be helpful there.

Arlo Breault WMF Probably something to do with Parsoid.
Arthur Richards WMF Team practices related stuff and happy to help facilitate/wrangle
Bahodir Mansurov WMF I'm interested in participating in talks and discussions about the MobileFrontend extension and Analytics/Research team talks.
Bartosz Dziewoński WMF Areas of interest:

  • VisualEditor and related software
  • Frontend standardization
  • Core MediaWiki in general
  • Putting on-wiki hacked-up solutions for real problems into core
Benjamin Lees New England Wikimedians
  • Third-party stuff
  • QuestyCaptcha and anti-spam generally
  • Configuration database
Bernd Sitzmann WMF not sure yet
Brad Jorsch WMF I'll talk to people about architecture, MediaWiki in general, the Action API in particular, Scribunto, and anything else I know about.

I don't know yet whether I'll try to plan a session on any of these topics.

Brandon Black WMF Ops!
Brandon Harris WMF I plan on picking pockets.
Brion Vibber WMF Architecture architecture architecture. Future planning and Makings Things Awesome.
Bryan Davis WMF Architecture discussions, MediaWiki-Vagrant development and planning, Librarization
C. Scott Ananian WMF Real-time collaborative editing

Offline uses of Wikipedia
Parser stuff
LanguageConverter and i18n issues

Chad Horohoe WMF I imagine I'll be involved in a number of RfC and architectural discussions.

If we've got time, an "Elasticsearch for developers" session might be neat. We've got a really powerful tool here and I'd like to see more people excited to work with it.

Chase Pettet WMF Any.
Chris Johnson WMF Anything Hardware or Data Center related
Chris McMahon WMF Quality Assurance in general

Automated browser testing

Exploratory testing

Test environments e.g. beta labs

Chris Steipp WMF Secure code, identity and authn/z for other systems and services.
Cindy Cicalese MITRE Corporation I am especially interested in participating in discussions about third-party extension development, unit testing of third-party extensions, wikifarm installation and management, and enterprise use of MediaWiki.
Daisy Chen WMF UX research-related
Damon Sicore WMF
Dan Duvall WMF The RelEng/QA team will be running a workshop on browser test design. I'd like to piggy-back on this and additionally do something geared toward running browser tests in MediaWiki-Vagrant or Sauce+MWV, the breadth of which will be contingent on the success of improvements to MWV over the next quarter.
Dan Andreescu WMF Front end redesign efforts, front end analytics, service oriented design.
Daniel Kinzler Wikimedia Deutschland As a Wikibase developer and soon-to-be official core architect, I plan to start/host/attend/crash discussions about modularization, dependency injection, and testability. In particular, I would like to discuss how to continue the refactoring process we started with the introduction of TitleValue.
Daniel Garry WMF As the product manager assigned to the Mobile Apps Team, I would like to attend to represent the interests of my team, and to meet volunteer developers who may be interested in working on the apps.
Daniel Zahn WMF show volunteers how they can suggest changes to operations code
Danny Horn WMF Working with the Collaboration team
Derk-Jan Hartman Volunteer developer I will be working on CommonsData and I'm considering doing a workshop on Accessibility development for MediaWiki developers.
Dmitry Brant WMF Mobile app development; mobile user experience.
Ed Sanders WMF VisualEditor and other editing team related disucssions.
Elliott Eggleston WMF (US) Fundraising Never been to one of these, but I'd be thrilled to help with anything interesting I can find there, and to get more face to face interaction with other WMF staff.
Erica Litrenta WMF Mostly interested in VE, OCG, Collections, Education Extension/Editor Campaigns. I'd be glad to provide my POV in conversations around collaborations and communications with the communities.
Erik Möller WMF
Erik Bernhardson WMF .
Fabrice Florin WMF Multimedia topics, such as:
  • Movement Communications
  • Wikimedia Blog
  • Multimedia (Media Viewer, Video)
Faidon Liambotis WMF Mainly topics that have to do with cross-overs with Wikimedia's production infrastructure.
Filippo Giunchedi WMF * mediawiki deployments
  • WMF cluster platform
  • WMF cluster/mediawiki operations
Gabriel Wicke WMF Architecture discussions, likely a RESTBase talk / workshop
Gergo Tisza WMF Interest areas: multimedia, structured data, DX (especially error logging tools), frontend standardization, SOLID architecture
Gilles Dubuc WMF I'm interested in discussing the following topics. A Media Viewer post-mortem presentation is something I might do, particularly if my fellow team members are also interested in doing that.

Media Viewer

Upload Wizard

Structured Data

Technical debt



Upload pipeline

Giuseppe Lavagetto WMF Work on scalability of mediawiki, integration with orchestration directives in the wmf cluster
Grace Gellerman WMF Anything around Team Practices or general support to help conference organizing.
Greg Grossmeier WMF Anything release/deploy/testing/QA related.
Guillaume Paumier WMF How to kill a monthly report (discussions about how to reuse existing meetings, etherpads, emails etc. to provide regular updates, make the monthly report irrelevant and retire it); maybe also work on a prototype taxonomy tool, originally for template analysis.
Jared Zimmerman WMF Design…
James Forrester WMF Help developers, designers, sysadmins, liaisons and researchers understand and improve Editing tools.
Jean-Frédéric Berthelot Wikimédia France I would be primarily interested in sessions/sprints related to Multimedia and Analytics.
Jeff Gerard WMF Not sure, all of Tech Ops have been asked to register
Jeff Green WMF not sure yet
Jeff Hobson WMF Wikipedia Zero, Mobile Frontend/Apps
Joaquin Oltra Hernandez WMF I want to participate mainly in (by order of interest):

Developing mobile apps
Lua for fun and profit
Real-time collaborative editing

Joel Sahleen WMF Anything internationalization. Content Translation. The PHP intl extension. Localization as a service.
Jon Robson WMF Mobile
Jon Katz WMF Not sure yet--just started at WMF and think this will be a good opportunity to meet members of the community.
Kartik Mistry WMF Mediawiki i18n, ContentTranslation (deployment, production, cxserver, Machine Translation), Collaboration with Tech Ops team.
Katie Filbert Wikimedia DE mediawiki architecture, testing, wikidata, structured data, etc.
Kaity Hammerstein WMF No
Katie Horn WMF What have you got?

Really, though, I don't think anybody wants to talk to me about fundraising the whole time. I could do that... But people would sleep.

As usual, I'll probably be most interested in finding out about possible architectural changes and other things coming in that would otherwise blindside my team.

Keegan Peterzell WMF I work for the WMF as a community liaison for product development; I will be able to participate in discussions about what our developers need from communities when working on extensions, features, designs and products.
Kevin Leduc WMF participage in discussions around privacy and visualization (Extension:Graph)
Kim Schoonover Uncyclomedia/ShoutWiki As a developer for and sysadmin of third-party MediaWiki farms, I am particularly concerned about anything that would be likely to affect those. Topics of interest include:
  • Extensions registration
  • Configurations database
  • Skinning system changes/overhaul
  • Farming support (and issues with composer)
  • Backwards and forwards compatibility of backend changes in general
  • Improving the user experience with installing and upgrading MediaWiki

This is only tangentially related to the above, but is also important to me:

  • Phabricator

I want to do what I can to help make as many of these things happen as possible, and intend do whatever winds up being useful/needed.

Kristen Lans WMF Not sure what the agenda is yet! :-)

I'm happy to do anything around Team Practices

Kunal Mehta WMF Mainly topics related to configuration, but also bringing the perspective of a MediaWiki sysadmin for a large non-WMF wiki farm and other smaller wikis.

Also interested in contributing to things related to admin tools and global wiki-farm things.

Maarten Dammers Wikimedia Nederland Depends on what people are attending and what fresh ideas come in to work together with people. Probably something that involves Pywikibot, Wikidata, Commons, GLAM data, maybe a hint of analytics.

I hope to be meeting up with the Structured Metadata for Commons group.

Marc Ordinas i Llopis WMF We haven't planned anything yet in the Parsoid team, but I'd like to talk about using Parsoid's output in bots, gadgets, etc.
Marc-André Pelletier WMF I'll mostly be at hand to give support (labs, etc) to the other participants.
Marcel Ruiz Forns WMF MediaWiki-Vagrant Install Party

Lua for fun and profit

Using Elasticsearch

Any other activity that I can help or learn from.

Marius Hoch Chapter (WMDE) From the current list of sessions I'm mostly interested in the Lua related one and the one about extension registration.

Beyond that I'm interested in a wide spectrum of topics and would like to take part in discussions.

Mark Hershberger MediaWiki Release Team Participating in session, hopefully demonstrating some interesting tools
Mark Holmquist WMF I'll be working on various media-related topics, as well as generally helping with discussions about our JavaScript architecture.
Mark Bergsma WMF The architecture summit bit
Markus Glaser MediaWiki Cooperation Everything related to the MediaWiki release process, MediaWiki for non-WMF users, release automation, new formats of distributing MediaWiki (vagrant, docker, packages). SOA and consequences for non-WMF users. I'm interested in extension management, configuration, skinning, installer. How to bring latest developments like VisualEditor and Flow to non-WMF users.
Matthew Flaschen WMF I'll probably participate in the Lua workshop and Config hack session.

In addition, I expect to do some Flow-related work and coordination, and other stuff as time permits.

Matthias Mullie WMF I guess we could do something related to Flow - haven't discussed that with others in the team yet, though.
Max Semenik WMF Maps!
Mun May Tee WMF
Moiz Syed WMF Representing UX team, will help with anything related design.

Also, I'm working on Data and Developer Hub and talking to more developers helps with that project.

Monte Hurd WMF Apps!
Moriel Schottlender WMF Anything related to Editing team and VisualEditor
Mukunda Modell WMF Phabricator, OAuth, DevOps, Puppet
MZMcBride Wikimedia I'd like to see the following projects move forward in the next year: self-CheckUsering (Extension:AccountInfo); self-renaming; login via e-mail address (and perhaps case-insensitive login); improving category filtering and exporting capability; and providing a means for unprivileged and unskilled users to be able to generate lists from MediaWiki and potentially iterate through such lists. Bonus: database reports overhaul.
Nick Wilson WMF I'm interested in attending any meetings that are to do with: Product planning, Global communication, Site design, User preferences, and Accessibility. Primarily to learn what the next year's focus will be, and also to help plan for any communication issues.
Nik Everett WMF Could talk about Elasticsearch and how it might be useful for things other than Cirrus.
Niklas Laxström WMF, Potential areas of topics I would work on:
  • translation memory
  • HTML templating
  • installing extensions via composer

And as usual, anything related to i18n/translation/ - for example the repository handler rewrite is still potential topic, but bit hard to say this early.

Nuria Ruiz WMF Given that , while I work at WMF, I have limited experience with mediawiki I would like to attend architecture discussions and participate in mobile discussions.
Papaul Tshibamba WMF I am open to any session that will help me learn more as I grown with the organization. I can contributing by helping the organization on testing any new developed software.
Pau Giner WMF Provide UX perspective on front-end related development, and work on the CSS grid system.
Prateek Saxena WMF Mediawiki UI & Front-end Standardization
Praveena Maharaj WMF
Quim Gil WMF Phabricator, especially code review

Data & Developer Hub

Collaboration with established communities i.e. upstream projects

Outreach programs: GSoC, OPW, GCi...

Rachel Farrand WMF organizer — Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Francisco!
rachel diCerbo WMF I work for the Foundation and will be participating in any Product related discussions to help facilitate community collaboration.
Roan Kattouw WMF Anything related to VisualEditor, ResourceLoader, front-end standardization, using Phabricator for code review.
Rob Lanphier WMF organizer
Rob Halsell WMF As operations staff.
Rob Moen WMF MediaWiki-Vagrant Install Party,

Using Elasticsearch,
Lua for fun and profit

Rummana Yasmeen WMF I would like to participate in any session on QA/Product Design
Ryan Kaldari WMF Would like to participate in discussions/workshops about how to utilize Wikidata within other WMF projects. Would also like to participate in discussions on Mobile web development and features.
S Page WMF I'll take notes at a bunch of sessions, participate in Handling Flow pages in your API or bot, and run a session on developer documentation (wiki vs. generated from source)
Sam Smith WMF I'd like to talk about:

  • (micro-) service architecture
  • making implementing and deploying A/B tests trivially easy

Sam Reed WMF MediaWiki!
Santhosh Thottingal WMF Language Engineering related - localization, internationalization, translation tools, content translation tools, mediawiki i18n
Sarah Rodlund WMF
Sean Pringle WMF Contribute to any discussions involving data storage.
Shahyar Ghobadpour WMF I will be attending sessions related to Flow and front-end standardization.
Sherah Smith WMF Front end/design culture for internal projects or generally, node development, working with fundraising tech
Subbu Sastry WMF Sessions related to Parsoid use cases, participating in discussions about technical matters pertaining to Parsoid. In the coming weeks, some of these details in terms of sessions / meetings will be clearer.
Tim Starling WMF I can talk about HHVM, performance in general, and I can participate in discussions related to Lua and most MediaWiki core and extensions topics.
Timo Tijhof WMF Hackathon.

Assisting in or leading a workshop/hands-on session.

Participating in architecture discussions related to MediaWiki core, performance, security or front-end infrastructure.

Toby Negrin WMF Analytics


Tomasz Finc WMF Representing Mobile
Tony Thomas WMF Volunteer I would like to take a session ( if possible ) introducing the VERP technology my mentors ( Legoktm and Jeff Green ) and I could produce in the last few months as part of my GSoC project[1] to handle email bounce for Wikimedia. There are various aspects of the project which needs to be introduced to other developers, and parts of code which would help us get more insights and feedback on our different approach.

Also - as part of my project - we had lot of discussions[2] and patch sets to core on shifting to SwiftMailer from the conventional mailer - which eventually led to a new extension - Swiftmailer[3]. Discussions which involve the current mailer is also another thing I am looking forward at.

I would like to take part in sessions that relates to the mail servers and email system of Wikimedia or any other PHP stuff.




Trevor Parscal WMF 1. Workshop on porting extensions and core features to use new standard libraries.

2. OOjs and OOjs UI training

Tyler Romeo MediaWiki I'd like to help continue improving the MediaWiki authentication and authorization system, including help in designing and implementing the new SOA-authentication RFC, among other things.

I'd also like to help incorporate third-party components where applicable in order to make development easier.

Vibha Bamba WMF Design Sessions

Structured Data Sessions

Wikidata Sessions

Yuri Astrakhan WMF Configs, Graphs, Lua, API/content API discussions
Yuvaraj Pandian WMF Work / Discuss supporting ToolLabs users better (Stability, features, monitoring, etc). Also discuss better knowledge sharing so more people feel encouraged to do 'Opsy' work.
Željko Filipin WMF Selenium, browser testing, continuos integration, exploratory testing...
James Hare WikiProject X I am interested in how Flow, Echo, and other MediaWiki enhancements could be used to promote the development of subject-area/task-oriented subgroups on wikis, specifically WikiProjects on the English Wikipedia but in theory usable anywhere.