MediaWiki 1.41/wmf.10

MediaWiki 1.41.0-wmf.9 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.41.0-wmf.10 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.41.0-wmf.11

The latest version (labeled "1.41.0-wmf.10") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Tuesday, 23 May 2023 (see the roadmap).

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  • git #2d9633ab - Add generic MW editorconfig by Mark A. Hershberger

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  • git #9b0cc40b - build: Updating eslint-config-wikimedia to 0.25.0 by Umherirrender

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  • git #9da65861 - tests: Make PHPUnit data providers static (task T332865) by Umherirrender
  • git #323d770d - Use native JavaScript to build thumbnail clip path by Jon Robson
  • git #1ee66bbf - Don't use parseHTML in parseHTMLResponse by Jon Robson
  • git #7a6cac8a - build: Updating eslint-config-wikimedia to 0.25.0 by Umherirrender

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  • git #d01b9a93 - tests: Make PHPUnit data providers static (task T332865) by Umherirrender
  • git #7ece0edd - tests: Use static provider in TitleBlacklistAuthenticationRequestTest by Umherirrender

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  • git #330f6a24 - build: Upgrade grunt-tyops to 0.1.1 by James D. Forrester

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  • git #50c64605 - Update VE core submodule to master (fd2f048e4) by David Lynch
  • git #60e3706f - tests: Make PHPUnit data providers static (task T332865) by Umherirrender
  • git #02d26894 - build: Upgrade grunt-tyops to 0.1.1 by James D. Forrester
  • git #d88cd64e - Revert "onDifferenceEngineBeforeDiffTable: Return early on Special pages" by HMonroy
  • git #ba687994 - Revert "onDifferenceEngineBeforeDiffTable: Update comment" by HMonroy
  • git #09bb8f91 - Revert "Move the diff-mode selector to the new DifferenceEngineBeforeDiffTable hook" by Samtar
  • git #d7262d84 - onDifferenceEngineBeforeDiffTable: Update comment (task T336582) by TheresNoTime
  • git #f693822f - onDifferenceEngineBeforeDiffTable: Return early on Special pages (task T336582) by TheresNoTime
  • git #a8808450 - Use edit intro messages and preloaded content from MediaWiki core (task T201613) by Bartosz Dziewoński

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  • git #a65c325d - build: Updating eslint-config-wikimedia to 0.25.0 by Umherirrender

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  • ActiveAbstract
  • ApiFeatureUsage
  • BounceHandler
  • Calendar
  • Campaigns
  • Capiunto
  • CentralNotice
  • CharInsert
  • CiteThisPage
  • CodeEditor
  • CologneBlue
  • CreditsSource
  • Dashiki
  • DoubleWiki
  • Elastica
  • ElectronPdfService
  • ExtensionDistributor
  • FeaturedFeeds
  • FundraiserLandingPage
  • FundraisingTranslateWorkflow
  • GWToolset
  • GeoCrumbs
  • GlobalUsage
  • GlobalUserPage
  • Graph
  • ImageSuggestions
  • InputBox
  • Insider
  • Interwiki
  • Josa
  • LabeledSectionTransclusion
  • LandingCheck
  • LdapAuthentication
  • Listings
  • MapSources
  • MobileApp
  • Modern
  • MonoBook
  • NavigationTiming
  • NearbyPages
  • NewUserMessage
  • Nostalgia
  • Nuke
  • OpenStackManager
  • PageAssessments
  • PageNotice
  • PagedTiffHandler
  • ParserFunctions
  • PdfHandler
  • Poem
  • RSS
  • RelatedArticles
  • RevisionSlider
  • SandboxLink
  • Score
  • SearchExtraNS
  • ShortUrl
  • SiteMatrix
  • StopForumSpam
  • SubPageList3
  • SubpageSortkey
  • SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi
  • TemplateSandbox
  • TemplateWizard
  • TheWikipediaLibrary
  • Timeless
  • TocTree
  • TorBlock
  • UploadsLink
  • VueTest
  • WikimediaApiPortalOAuth
  • WikimediaIncubator
  • WikimediaMessages
  • XAnalytics
  • cldr
  • intersection
  • timeline

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463 Changes in 123 repos by 87 authors