MediaWiki 1.34/wmf.22/Changelog

Core changes edit

  • git #176e0848 - externalstore: deprecate getLBInfo() dependency in ExternalStoreDB (task T231162) by Aaron Schulz
  • git #46531d62 - Improve MultiHttpClient connection concurrency and reuse (task T232128) by Aaron Schulz
  • git #fa604c68 - maintenance: Fix broken userOptions maintenance script by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #f3262ed3 - Add a dedicated Exception for SessionOverflow by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #e021adab - filebackend: remove unneeded is_dir() call in FSFileBackend::doCleanInternal() by Aaron Schulz
  • git #dd71a775 - Make most special pages class names match filename by Reedy
  • git #6a68b89a - Cleanup and document some LCStoreDB fields by Aaron Schulz
  • git #a5c7fd0d - Move callers away from Title::GAID_FOR_UPDATE by Aaron Schulz
  • git #7b2fb557 - Mark passing non ObjectFactory spec to ApiModuleManager as deprecated by mainframe98
  • git #91fd689a - Fix use of GenderCache in ApiPageSet::processTitlesArray (task T200238) by Umherirrender
  • git #af24fc1a - Deprecate the UserIsHidden hook (task T228948) by Thalia
  • git #d7049bc9 - Add a preference to require email for password resets (task T231495) by Max Semenik
  • git #eb882374 - Use ObjectFactory to create API modules (task T222388) by mainframe98
  • git #bf206185 - Remove spurious `@class` tags in two files (task T232104) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #1ffb174c - Use @phan-template instead of @template by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #5a5abfd1 - mediawiki.util: Move mw.RegExp over as well to simplify migration (task T218339) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #955490fe - Follow-up 8697ba8: No need for two dependencies on the same module by James D. Forrester
  • git #d2725a8e - maintenance/Maintenance.php: Fix MW_ENTRY_POINT definition (followup I24099f4c) by Brad Jorsch
  • git #c29909e5 - Mostly drop old pre-actor user schemas (task T188327) by Brad Jorsch
  • git #6aae213a - Fix typo in ChangesListSpecialPageTest by Brad Jorsch
  • git #cbf0404c - DifferenceEngine: Use quickUserCan for display of rollback link (task T232258) by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #3a39f364 - maintenance/getReplicaServer.php: Remove reference to long-deleted config var (task T232268) by Brad Jorsch
  • git #fd72f6c4 - Provide command to adjust phpunit.xml for code coverage (task T100294) by Kosta Harlan
  • git #eb06fb85 - filebackend: clean up some comments and remove unused FileBackendStoreOpHandle field by Aaron Schulz
  • git #5d40cff2 - maintenance: Explicitly declare all used properties by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #d38dc5df - filebackend: replace wfTimestamp() calls with ConvertibleTimestamp::convert() by Aaron Schulz
  • git #15e4968e - parser: Declare some dynamic properties by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #b3e4a6f6 - Add docblocks to a bunch of methods by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #b65af759 - RequestContext: Declare the dynamic property for language recursion by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #5485a3dd - auth: Use phan templates for getRequestByClass by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #e390198c - filebackend: use self:: instead of FileBackend:: for some constant uses by Aaron Schulz
  • git #b7b490e4 - Support the creation of special pages with services injected (task T222388) by mainframe98
  • git #cd6707ca - Remove support for wgUseESI by Timo Tijhof
  • git #697900e4 - recompressTracked.php: Fix typehint of RecompressTracked::dispatch() by Umherirrender
  • git #94683c3d - parser: Document PPFrame_DOM::expand() as taking DOMNodeList by Umherirrender
  • git #3e57a7ea - Document $file in FileDeleteForm as LocalFile (not File) by Umherirrender
  • git #c2cbe376 - watcheditem: Fix bad $options param in NoWriteWatchedItemStore::countWatchersMultiple by Umherirrender
  • git #ed6bb98f - preprocessDump.php: Fix invalid Preprocessor instantiation by Umherirrender
  • git #04773180 - API: Remove unused asignment to $titleProvided in ApiExpandTemplates by Fomafix
  • git #2d20924e - Make DBAccessBase use DBConnRef, rename $wiki, and hide getLoadBalancer() by Aaron Schulz
  • git #6adaaa0f - mediawiki.Title: Minor optimizations for mw.Title JavaScript code by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #0915fa7a - mediawiki.Title: Change internal 'title' field to include file extension by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #417dea8e - filebackend: optimize 'move' in FSFileBackend to avoid is_file() calls by Aaron Schulz
  • git #00e44200 - filebackend: optimize 'delete' for FSFileBackend to avoid is_file() calls by Aaron Schulz
  • git #28a23740 - filebackend: optimize the chmod() calls in FSFileBackend by Aaron Schulz
  • git #1549d0ec - Simplify some code by changing single-scope properties to local variables by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #6f5535d3 - mediawiki.util: Remove redundant file closures (task T50886) by Fomafix
  • git #e7ee0bc0 - Better docs to make phan happy by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #d9944078 - Simplify maintenance/dumpUploads by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #23daef5c - Remove dead properties by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #8697ba83 - Deprecate mediawiki.RegExp; move only function to mw.util (task T218339) by James D. Forrester
  • git #495f9fa2 - resourceloader: Add $conf parameter to the 'ResourceLoaderGetConfigVars' hook by Jack Phoenix
  • git #5494337d - Special:Contributions - use `label` instead of `radioLabel` for username (task T232173) by DannyS712
  • git #bbeeddea - Make wgDisableAnonTalk disable anon links in automatic edit summaries (task T31539) by DannyS712
  • git #4d2965cf - api: Update QueryFilearchive to provide information to everyone by Vincent Privat
  • git #f168493b - mediawiki.util: Merge 'jquery.accessKeyLabel' into this module (task T218339) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #853838a3 - docs: Remove GENERATE_MAN support from Doxyfile (task T232104) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #8041b1ff - DifferenceEngine: show undo links for non-text content (task T232214) by daniel
  • git #9878abd0 - Unit tests: Whitelist global so LoggerFactory doesn't explode (task T87781) by Kosta Harlan
  • git #f3659b8d - mediawiki.util: Move to its own resources/src/ directory by Timo Tijhof
  • git #29c8d84c - Prevent all users from having a password in the blacklist (task T151425) by Reedy
  • git #264b8187 - Enable $wgCookieSetOnAutoblock and $wgCookieSetOnIpBlock by default (task T191922) by Dayllan Maza
  • git #4b7e22a0 - mediawiki.htmlform.checker: Remove use of deprecated jquery.throttle-debounce (task T213426) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #41689582 - Update phpCharToUpper.json based on current differences by Ed Sanders
  • git #46499027 - rcfilters: Use default styling for the overlay by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #1fbb16c7 - rdbms: expand on LoadBalancer ownership concept (task T231443) (task T217819) by Aaron Schulz
  • git #7862475b - Improve various PHP method doc blocks by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #5cf7a6fc - Let Title accept READ_LATEST in $flags fields of methods by Aaron Schulz
  • git #b31b3519 - docs: Fix Doxygen parsing of @var descriptions with $var names by Timo Tijhof
  • git #d9702e90 - rdbms: suppress warnings during DatabaseMysqli::doQuery() (task T228092) by Aaron Schulz
  • git #424dfd89 - Make some whitespace fixes to importImages maintenance script by Thalia
  • git #56fdc471 - docs: Factor out MWDoxygenFilter from mwdoc-filter.php with tests (task T232104) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #0aec1401 - Revert and fix "Revert "Modify -—with-extensions to throw extension dependency errors"" (task T225512) by Brad Jorsch
  • git #483f55bd - Simplify some curl_setopt() calls in MultiHttpClient by Aaron Schulz
  • git #21ecb777 - docs: Fix Doxygen warning for invalid `@bar` in WANObjectCache by Timo Tijhof
  • git #e25ce2a1 - docs: Avoid Doxygen warnings for non-doc related tags (task T232104) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #83a820e0 - docs: Add support for @inheritDoc (alias for @inheritdoc) (task T219001) (task T232104) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #0b1d48db - docs: Ignore .md from resources/lib in Doxyfile (task T232104) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #4d02bdf8 - Rollback change_tag table for tests (task T227849) by Adam Wight
  • git #a540ad5c - Remove redundant CURLOPT_SAFE_UPLOAD line from MultiHttpClient by Aaron Schulz
  • git #0ccd20ec - Tests: Provide clearer error when config is accessed via unit test (task T231288) by Kosta Harlan
  • git #0c0676c3 - Stop mangling $_GET and provide WebRequest::getQueryValuesOnly() by Tim Starling
  • git #3b7524e6 - docs: Remove unused Doxygen custom commands by Timo Tijhof
  • git #b7c5acd4 - docs: Convert doxygen_first_page.php to proper Markdown by Timo Tijhof
  • git #cefb64f9 - resources: Upgrade OOjs from v2.2.2 to v3.0.0 by James D. Forrester
  • git #b100ebcc - docs: Remove unused PERL_PATH and unused file patterns from Doxyfile by Timo Tijhof
  • git #3ac385a0 - resourceloader: Drop support for low Suhosin 'max_value_length' values by Timo Tijhof
  • git #55db848b - localisation: Release data from memory in LCStoreStaticArray::finishWrite (task T218207) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #64281b6c - Setup: Move wgActionPath logic to PathRouter (task T189966) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #3e1b2982 - rdbms: assorted LBFactoryMulti/LBFactorySimple cleanups by Aaron Schulz
  • git #8e7b469a - resourceloader: Document encodeJsonForScript() type as mixed by Umherirrender
  • git #f46dd825 - Update OOUI to v0.34.0 (task T35242) (task T225669) (task T226872) (task T226872) (task T230160) by Volker E
  • git #70c63d12 - Pass Title to IndexPager::buildPrevNextNavigation by Umherirrender
  • git #4f14ae08 - build: Exclude MemcachedClient from phan by Umherirrender
  • git #2c87b59f - filerepo: Use @method LocalRepo::newFile() to document the return type by Aaron Schulz
  • git #d18e76db - Setup: Move MWDebug logic to MWDebug.php (task T189966) by Timo Tijhof

Vendor edit

Extensions edit

3D edit

No changes for 3D

AbuseFilter edit

ActiveAbstract edit

No changes for ActiveAbstract

AdvancedSearch edit

No changes for AdvancedSearch

AntiSpoof edit

No changes for AntiSpoof

ApiFeatureUsage edit

No changes for ApiFeatureUsage

ArticleCreationWorkflow edit

No changes for ArticleCreationWorkflow

ArticlePlaceholder edit

No changes for ArticlePlaceholder

Babel edit

No changes for Babel

BetaFeatures edit

No changes for BetaFeatures

BounceHandler edit

No changes for BounceHandler

Calendar edit

  • git #e4e9fdcb - Avoid usage of deprecated $wgContLang global (dep in 1.32) by Derick Alangi

Campaigns edit

No changes for Campaigns

Capiunto edit

No changes for Capiunto

CategoryTree edit

CentralAuth edit

  • git #645941d8 - Improve experience on Special:GlobalUsers by Matěj Suchánek
  • git #160fd1c1 - Fix phan warning by Matěj Suchánek

CharInsert edit

No changes for CharInsert

CheckUser edit

No changes for CheckUser

CirrusSearch edit

Cite edit

No changes for Cite

CiteThisPage edit

  • git #57b687b6 - CiteThisPage.alias.php: Add Serbo-Croatian alias and fix syntax related by Zoranzoki21
  • git #d4f5d764 - Correct special page alias for Estonian by Pikne

Citoid edit

No changes for Citoid

cldr edit

  • git #558525a7 - Add 3 languages added with I767f392c99c73e1204caf18efa097a86df2904a4 by Raymond

Cognate edit

No changes for Cognate

CodeEditor edit

No changes for CodeEditor

CodeMirror edit

No changes for CodeMirror

CodeReview edit

No changes for CodeReview

CollaborationKit edit

No changes for CollaborationKit

Collection edit

No changes for Collection

CommonsMetadata edit

No changes for CommonsMetadata

ConfirmEdit edit

CongressLookup edit

No changes for CongressLookup

ContactPage edit

  • git #b04dee51 - Use getter to get user block in SpecialContact by Thalia

ContentTranslation edit

  • git #a317c9f9 - mediawiki.RegExp (deprecated) -> mediawiki.util (task T218339) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #9316e8f1 - Remove unused variable in ApiQueryContentTranslationSuggestions.php by petarpetkovic
  • git #b0fe3b77 - Add /tests/selenium/log to .gitignore by petarpetkovic

ContributionTracking edit

No changes for ContributionTracking

CreditsSource edit

No changes for CreditsSource

Dashiki edit

No changes for Dashiki

Disambiguator edit

No changes for Disambiguator

DismissableSiteNotice edit

No changes for DismissableSiteNotice

DonationInterface edit

  • git #5d54c749 - Make PayTM available by default for India (task T230170) by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #ed595b6a - Form labels via new variant mechanism (task T169795) by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #1cb30b7a - Fix Amazon widget position by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #a86baf64 - Enable Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and JCB for Adyen in Ireland by XenoRyet
  • git #0b77eb28 - Kill table layout by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #f191a1e4 - Add 'useraction=commit' to PayPal EC redirect (task T230928) by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #65792f5f - Delete nonstandard fn comment annotations by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #9d03b1a6 - Add missing method visibility on tests by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #536f9a4e - Add missing method visibility by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #76254882 - Gatway base class: add missing fn visibility by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #1bd1a437 - Clean up GatewayType interface by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #a59f474e - Replace slow in_array( ... array_keys() ) by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #84ce8164 - Expunge last trace of superglobal access by Elliott Eggleston
  • git #999c6b51 - Delete crufty test trait methods & phpcs exception by Elliott Eggleston

DoubleWiki edit

  • git #82f8e17c - Avoid usage of deprecated $wgContLang global (dep in 1.32) by Derick Alangi

DynamicSidebar edit

No changes for DynamicSidebar

EUCopyrightCampaign edit

No changes for EUCopyrightCampaign

Echo edit

No changes for Echo

Elastica edit

No changes for Elastica

ElectronPdfService edit

No changes for ElectronPdfService

EntitySchema edit

EventBus edit

No changes for EventBus

EventLogging edit

  • git #3b003799 - Move SchemaRevisions and BaseUri config vars to packageFiles by Roan Kattouw

ExtensionDistributor edit

No changes for ExtensionDistributor

ExternalGuidance edit

No changes for ExternalGuidance

FeaturedFeeds edit

No changes for FeaturedFeeds

FileExporter edit

No changes for FileExporter

FileImporter edit

No changes for FileImporter

FlaggedRevs edit

Flow edit

FundraiserLandingPage edit

No changes for FundraiserLandingPage

FundraisingTranslateWorkflow edit

No changes for FundraisingTranslateWorkflow

Gadgets edit

No changes for Gadgets

GeoCrumbs edit

No changes for GeoCrumbs

GeoData edit

No changes for GeoData

GettingStarted edit

No changes for GettingStarted

GlobalBlocking edit

No changes for GlobalBlocking

GlobalCssJs edit

  • git #73d7ce63 - Hooks: Only register/load for UseGlobalSiteCssJs (task T231929) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #35e28e04 - Hooks: Restructure onBeforePageDisplay() to avoid early return (task T231929) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #874f6094 - Switch plain PHPUnit TestCase to MediaWikiIntegrationTestCase by Timo Tijhof

GlobalPreferences edit

GlobalUsage edit

No changes for GlobalUsage

GlobalUserPage edit

No changes for GlobalUserPage

GoogleNewsSitemap edit

  • git #622406c2 - Avoid usage of deprecated $wgContLang global (dep in 1.32) by Derick Alangi

Graph edit

GrowthExperiments edit

GuidedTour edit

  • git #d5818206 - set guider padding to 32px for vector skin by Nikita Rana

GWToolset edit

No changes for GWToolset

ImageMap edit

No changes for ImageMap

InputBox edit

No changes for InputBox

Insider edit

No changes for Insider

intersection edit

  • git #10442bfc - Avoid usage of deprecated $wgContLang global (dep in 1.32) by Derick Alangi

Interwiki edit

No changes for Interwiki

InterwikiSorting edit

No changes for InterwikiSorting

Jade edit

No changes for Jade

Josa edit

No changes for Josa

JsonConfig edit

No changes for JsonConfig

Kartographer edit

No changes for Kartographer

LabeledSectionTransclusion edit

No changes for LabeledSectionTransclusion

LandingCheck edit

No changes for LandingCheck

LdapAuthentication edit

No changes for LdapAuthentication

Linter edit

LiquidThreads edit

Listings edit

No changes for Listings

LocalisationUpdate edit

No changes for LocalisationUpdate

LoginNotify edit

No changes for LoginNotify

MachineVision edit

MapSources edit

No changes for MapSources

MassMessage edit

No changes for MassMessage

Math edit

No changes for Math

MobileApp edit

No changes for MobileApp

MobileFrontend edit

MultimediaViewer edit

No changes for MultimediaViewer

NavigationTiming edit

No changes for NavigationTiming

Newsletter edit

No changes for Newsletter

NewUserMessage edit

No changes for NewUserMessage

Nuke edit

No changes for Nuke

OATHAuth edit

OAuth edit

  • git #b64cecda - Make OAuth work with the REST API by Tim Starling
  • git #0198f80f - Apply coding conventions for JavaScript by Fomafix

OpenStackManager edit

No changes for OpenStackManager

ORES edit

PageAssessments edit

No changes for PageAssessments

PagedTiffHandler edit

No changes for PagedTiffHandler

PageImages edit

No changes for PageImages

PageTriage edit

  • git #57520dca - Use plural variable name everywhere for page ID arrays by Sam Wilson

PageViewInfo edit

No changes for PageViewInfo

ParserFunctions edit

ParsoidBatchAPI edit

No changes for ParsoidBatchAPI

PdfHandler edit

No changes for PdfHandler

PerformanceInspector edit

No changes for PerformanceInspector

Petition edit

No changes for Petition

Poem edit

No changes for Poem

PoolCounter edit

No changes for PoolCounter

Popups edit

No changes for Popups

ProofreadPage edit

No changes for ProofreadPage

PropertySuggester edit

No changes for PropertySuggester

QuickSurveys edit

No changes for QuickSurveys

Quiz edit

No changes for Quiz

ReadingLists edit

No changes for ReadingLists

RelatedArticles edit

No changes for RelatedArticles

Renameuser edit

No changes for Renameuser

RevisionSlider edit

No changes for RevisionSlider

RSS edit

No changes for RSS

SandboxLink edit

No changes for SandboxLink

Score edit

No changes for Score

Scribunto edit

No changes for Scribunto

SearchExtraNS edit

No changes for SearchExtraNS

SecureLinkFixer edit

  • git #72749699 - Updating domains.php from Mozilla by SecureLinkFixer updater bot

SecurePoll edit

Sentry edit

No changes for Sentry

ShortUrl edit

No changes for ShortUrl

SiteMatrix edit

No changes for SiteMatrix

SkinPerPage edit

No changes for SkinPerPage

SpamBlacklist edit

No changes for SpamBlacklist

SubPageList3 edit

  • git #3f1045ef - Avoid usage of deprecated $wgContLang global (dep in 1.32) by Derick Alangi

SubpageSortkey edit

No changes for SubpageSortkey

SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi edit

No changes for SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi

TemplateData edit

No changes for TemplateData

TemplateSandbox edit

No changes for TemplateSandbox

TemplateStyles edit

No changes for TemplateStyles

TemplateWizard edit

No changes for TemplateWizard

TextExtracts edit

No changes for TextExtracts

Thanks edit

TheWikipediaLibrary edit

No changes for TheWikipediaLibrary

TimedMediaHandler edit

No changes for TimedMediaHandler

timeline edit

No changes for timeline

TitleBlacklist edit

No changes for TitleBlacklist

TocTree edit

No changes for TocTree

TorBlock edit

No changes for TorBlock

Translate edit

TranslationNotifications edit

No changes for TranslationNotifications

TrustedXFF edit

No changes for TrustedXFF

TwoColConflict edit

No changes for TwoColConflict

UniversalLanguageSelector edit

  • git #3ef282de - Set a relative size for the pt-uls icon and padding so it scales properly by Isarra
  • git #d4786e57 - Update language name search index by Niklas Laxström
  • git #a1ad81ad - Update jquery.uls by Amir Aharoni

UploadsLink edit

No changes for UploadsLink

UploadWizard edit

UrlShortener edit

No changes for UrlShortener

UserMerge edit

No changes for UserMerge

VipsScaler edit

No changes for VipsScaler

VisualEditor edit

Wikibase edit

WikibaseCirrusSearch edit

WikibaseLexeme edit

No changes for WikibaseLexeme

WikibaseLexemeCirrusSearch edit

WikibaseMediaInfo edit

WikibaseQualityConstraints edit edit

No changes for

WikidataPageBanner edit

  • git #9c849aee - Avoid usage of deprecated $wgContLang global (dep in 1.32) by Derick Alangi

WikiEditor edit

wikihiero edit

No changes for wikihiero

WikiLove edit

  • git #0606274c - build: Updating eslint-utils to 1.4.2 by libraryupgrader

WikimediaBadges edit

No changes for WikimediaBadges

WikimediaEditorTasks edit

WikimediaEvents edit

WikimediaIncubator edit

No changes for WikimediaIncubator

WikimediaMaintenance edit

  • git #1a857f09 - blameStartupRegistry: Reduce cost of custom group from string to fixed integer by Timo Tijhof

WikimediaMessages edit

No changes for WikimediaMessages

XAnalytics edit

No changes for XAnalytics

Skins edit

CologneBlue edit

No changes for CologneBlue

EUCopyrightCampaignSkin edit

No changes for EUCopyrightCampaignSkin

MinervaNeue edit

MonoBook edit

No changes for MonoBook

Modern edit

No changes for Modern

Nostalgia edit

No changes for Nostalgia

Timeless edit

No changes for Timeless

Vector edit

No changes for Vector

Total Changes edit

288 Changes in 54 repos by 66 authors