MediaWiki 1.33/wmf.24

MediaWiki 1.33.0-wmf.23 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.33.0-wmf.24 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.33.0-wmf.25

The latest version (labeled "1.33.0-wmf.24") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Tuesday, 2 April 2019 (see the roadmap).

Core changes Edit

  • git #b0b623b1 - Update git submodules by Gerrit Code Review
  • git #a3c101ee - Fix typo in MigrateActors.php by Brad Jorsch
  • git #846d84fa - Set default for Block::appliesToPasswordReset to true (task T218905) by Thalia
  • git #e783e152 - monolog: add MwlogHandler (task T126989) by BryanDavis
  • git #01d6c532 - maintenance: Rewrite parts of the purgeChangedPages script by BryanDavis
  • git #64a81692 - maintenance/dev: Clean up router.php by Krinkle
  • git #701b018b - PreferencesFormOOUI: Restore ID attributes for each fieldset by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #4122e538 - jobqueue: fix DBO_TRX logic in JobQueueDB for avoiding transactions by Krinkle
  • git #1a6aad99 - rdbms: make $wgSQLMode work as documented when it is NULL by Aaron Schulz
  • git #71635617 - DateInputWidget: Fix focus reflow by Jdlrobson
  • git #7d129953 - Sunsetting viewPrevNext by daniel
  • git #02f6652f - Update help icon from OOUI (task T219719) by Volker E
  • git #c3c22e9a - Change job table params from blob to mediumblob (task T124196) by Erik Bernhardson
  • git #af0720e5 - Fix flaky test BlockListPagerTest::testFormatValue (task T219695) by David Barratt
  • git #44a4101b - MediaResultWidget: Remove unused code depending on VisualEditor (task T219675) by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #2379bd01 - linkeddata: Simplity PageDataRequestHandler test setup by Daniel Kinzler
  • git #3821a2b5 - linkeddata: Fix broken check in PageDataRequestHandler by Daniel Kinzler
  • git #995f4b19 - Remove redundant parentheses from the "Historyempty" message (task T219714) by Jdlrobson
  • git #504f0fea - MediaResultWidget: Fix defaultThumbSzie config (task T219675) by Ed Sanders
  • git #b233e9d1 - Move MediaTransformOutput classes to own files by Umherirrender
  • git #ae3559f8 - Do not return invalid JSON in runJobs.php by Aaron Schulz
  • git #482c3a65 - resourceloader: Remove deprecated MessageBlobStore::getBlob by Timo Tijhof
  • git #e6818e6c - Fix unused vars/pointless assignments by Max Semenik
  • git #83933a43 - Make RefreshLinksJob run DataUpdates such that they have outer scope by Aaron Schulz
  • git #e37d1899 - Don't return a result of a void function by Max Semenik
  • git #4004d3d8 - Fix function/class case by Max Semenik
  • git #18dd14a0 - Avoid use of deprecated wikiId field in JobQueue by Aaron Schulz
  • git #d0dde424 - Avoid use of deprecated "wikiId" parameter for FileBackend by Aaron Schulz
  • git #a8447a33 - Replace several uses of wfWikiId() with WikiMap methods by Aaron Schulz
  • git #798d3d04 - Clean up some database domain ID related code and fix some comments by Aaron Schulz
  • git #642dbe15 - Fix flakey MCR test in RevisionDbTestBase by mocking the time by Aaron Schulz
  • git #ab66b66c - Fix partially blocked admin undelete permissions (task T219305) by Dmaza
  • git #9b4938c4 - jobqueue: simplify the signature of Job::factory() and Job::__construct() by Aaron Schulz
  • git #8ffdf646 - mediawiki.user: Improve test suite by Timo Tijhof
  • git #2a4f6865 - mediawiki.user: Use then() instead of done() by Timo Tijhof
  • git #6745cb57 - Move class SearchEngineDummy to own file by Umherirrender
  • git #e17e9ea5 - Unify code comments across special page stylesheets by Volker E
  • git #3b547150 - Fix invalid namespace restriction when js is disabled (task T216831) by Dmaza
  • git #7dbd37a7 - Make WikiMap::isCurrentWikiDbDomain() more rigorous by Aaron Schulz
  • git #a895ad13 - Convert EnqueueJob to using DB domains by Aaron Schulz
  • git #ef3b8bf0 - auth: Make 'LocalUserCreated' hook non-abortable by Timo Tijhof
  • git #1869ffb7 - Rename NameTableStore wiki ID field to a DB domain field by Aaron Schulz
  • git #c7c2637b - Use isset() to avoid an E_NOTICE about an undefined index by Jack Phoenix
  • git #dc180ca6 - Restore #mw-history-search id on history action fieldset by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #e3593feb - Fix flaky rollback browser test (task T219440) by tzhelyazkova
  • git #47498675 - HistoryAction: Fix double-escaping by Jdlrobson
  • git #06c1a597 - maintenance: Deprecate Maintenance::hasArg/getArg with no param by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #b814245d - filerepo: only trigger maybeUpgradeRow() on action=purge (task T179760) by Aaron Schulz
  • git #1f628f0d - Update DeferredUpdates::enqueueUpdates() to look for the DB domain by Aaron Schulz
  • git #7ff911ba - objectcache: Remove hacky testMerge_fork() method in BagOStuffTest by Aaron Schulz
  • git #3192278e - objectcache: remove messy inheritence from APCBagOStuff in APCUBagOStuff by Aaron Schulz
  • git #b5c0e927 - rdbms: add another null db/schema sanity check to DatabaseDomain by Aaron Schulz
  • git #895306b8 - Make Job::hasExecutionFlag() actually work by Aaron Schulz
  • git #8f69ff9a - resourceloader: Improve test cases for ClientHtml by Timo Tijhof
  • git #5c90f8d1 - resourceloader: Move registering of custom sources to ServiceWiring (task T32956) by Timo Tijhof
  • git #27f5535e - Avoid calling setTransactionTicket() on a non-DataUpdate for sanity by Aaron Schulz
  • git #9b0b3950 - RecentChanges style modules should be "skinnable" by jdlrobson
  • git #ea0a8e4e - DRY up rev link generation in History and Contributions (task T216420) by jdlrobson
  • git #7ff25118 - rdbms: move some files under rdbms/database to subfolders by Aaron Schulz
  • git #38db684d - DateInputWidget: Remove focus reflow by Volker E
  • git #a87e3dd1 - HISTORY: Add MediaWiki 1.1 post-release change notes (task T213714) by James D. Forrester
  • git #a318923b - HISTORY: Add MediaWiki 1.2 post-release change notes (task T213714) by James D. Forrester
  • git #749788ff - Enable mediawiki.checkboxtoggle on mobile by jdlrobson
  • git #8fb2ac1b - Compare selected revisions on history page is marked with a class by Jdlrobson
  • git #1b27cee8 - Make HistoryAction form use OOUI (task T107069) by jdlrobson
  • git #0fa69182 - Subtitle is wrapped in a DIV by jdlrobson
  • git #67f1424f - Change 'mediawiki.Title' to use 'packageFiles' by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #d3e65ed0 - Remove deprecated wfSplitWikiID() function by Aaron Schulz
  • git #a34808ef - HISTORY: Add pre-MediaWiki 1.1.0 post-release change notes (task T213714) by Nikita Rana
  • git #6c0c0314 - Remove jquery.ui.spinner (task T219403) by Ed Sanders
  • git #e205941a - Map WikiMap treat a schema of "dbo" similar to "mediawiki" to account for mssql" by Aaron Schulz
  • git #fe2cb4ef - Recalculate user default options for each test by Erik Bernhardson
  • git #d630dfb4 - rdbms: add IDatabase::UNION_* constants for readability by Aaron Schulz
  • git #41214303 - History styles marked as available on mobile (task T219349) by jdlrobson
  • git #908e387e - Separate content from presentation for user tools list by jdlrobson
  • git #a82cc431 - HISTORY: Add MediaWiki 1.3 post-release change notes (task T213714) by Jforrester
  • git #16847b40 - specials: Fix incomplete documentation of execute() param by Krinkle
  • git #e4dac81a - resources: Allow mediawiki.action.edit.editWarning on mobile target (task T219476) by Jforrester
  • git #2218f335 - languages: Replace loop with array_pad() by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  • git #5833dda6 - Replace strlen() calls with strict string comparisons by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #5fb382d1 - objectcache: rename SET_DELAY_HIGH_SEC => SET_DELAY_HIGH_MS and lower it by Aaron Schulz
  • git #35af086e - objectcache: make WANObjectCache prefer ADD over GET/CAS for misses (task T203786) by Aaron Schulz
  • git #d01bf6f7 - Revert "Provide direct deprecation message for jquery.ui.spinner" by Jforrester
  • git #62b8db6e - objectcache: remove some unneeded code from BagOStuff::mergeViaCas by Aaron Schulz
  • git #a8e088a4 - Make ApiStashEdit::pruneExcessStashedEntries use user name by Aaron Schulz
  • git #3f2b9385 - Annotate different parts of the contributions UI with classes by jdlrobson
  • git #dd3f360d - objectcache: fix changeTTL() in RedisBagOStuff for edge cases by Aaron Schulz
  • git #853a2919 - resourceloader: Improve test cases for MessageBlobStore by Timo Tijhof
  • git #cce24b40 - Deprecate Block::isValid method by Thalia
  • git #6d315fb7 - Make LinksDeletionUpdate a subclass of LinksUpdate (task T216249) by Marko Obrovac
  • git #255a58be - SpecialPreferences: Use real OOUI PHP layouts by Ed Sanders
  • git #799a4255 - Title: Add scripts for generating/updating phpCharToUpper.js (task T141723) by Ed Sanders
  • git #8944bb03 - HISTORY: Add MediaWiki 1.5 post-release change notes (task T213714) by James D. Forrester
  • git #5794d287 - mw.widgets.DateInputWidget: Deactivate after blurring if focus was on calendar (task T219189) by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #7a52d71e - Use DateInputWidget for date inputs which do not need time (task T107069) by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #e7bf3198 - objectcache: improve "version" documentation for WANObjectCache::getWithSetCallback() by Aaron Schulz

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No changes for 3D

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No changes for AntiSpoof

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No changes for ApiFeatureUsage

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No changes for ArticleCreationWorkflow

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No changes for Babel

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No changes for BetaFeatures

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No changes for BounceHandler

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No changes for Calendar

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No changes for Campaigns

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No changes for Capiunto

CategoryTree Edit

  • git #f9a591aa - Replace deprecated TitlePrefixSearch by Umherirrender

CentralAuth Edit

  • git #a139ecc8 - specials: Use $this->getRequest() lieu of RequestContext methods by Derick Alangi
  • git #2e5c02b5 - Add method scope visibility in /includes/ by Krinkle
  • git #15be8750 - Swap uses of READ_LATEST with new getKeyValueUponExistence() method (task T211721) by Aaron Schulz
  • git #ed348ebe - Make session store code more consistent and improve BagOStuff flag use by Aaron Schulz
  • git #d8d2e21e - maintenance: Avoid hardcoding namespace "User talk:" (task T50283) by Derick Alangi
  • git #b533176c - Fix phpstorm warnings from dynamic calls to WebRequest::detectProtocol by Aaron Schulz

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No changes for ConfirmEdit

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No changes for CongressLookup

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No changes for ContributionTracking

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No changes for CreditsSource

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No changes for Disambiguator

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No changes for EUCopyrightCampaign

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No changes for ElectronPdfService

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No changes for EventLogging

ExtensionDistributor Edit

  • git #a573d719 - Use correct function name and avoid case mismatch by Derick Alangi
  • git #a91a961e - Use addDescription() instead of accessing guts directly by Max Semenik

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No changes for FeaturedFeeds

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No changes for FileExporter

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No changes for FileImporter

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  • git #8137b38b - Use addDescription() instead of accessing guts directly by Max Semenik

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  • git #42ecc121 - Translate Topic namespace to Czech by Martin Urbanec
  • git #b279db4e - Add namespace translation for N'Ko by Amir Aharoni

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GlobalPreferences Edit

  • git #710ff146 - Use indeterminate state on "select all" checkboxes by Ed Sanders
  • git #00cf1857 - Follow-up Ia93e5631: Allow $modifiedPrefs to be set even if no UI control (task T219380) by Ed Sanders

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No changes for GlobalUserPage

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No changes for GoogleNewsSitemap

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  • git #9117e799 - Removes training whitespace at the end of parser tests by Tpt

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No changes for LandingCheck

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No changes for LdapAuthentication

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  • git #a6935d52 - Remove Column 'Nested wikilinks in external links that need to be fixed' by James D. Forrester

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  • git #27af6ebe - Follow-up Ibc1631191: Fix element name typo by James D. Forrester

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No changes for Listings

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No changes for LocalisationUpdate

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  • git #75773a92 - Clean up $params argument to Job subclasses to type hint an array by Aaron Schulz

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  • git #d626e6f0 - Annotate thanked confirmation with span and class by Jdlrobson

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No changes for TimedMediaHandler

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No changes for timeline

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  • git #928fd900 - Update: use READ_LATEST, not READ_LOCKING, on evaluate targets passed by Michael Holloway
  • git #432be20e - Fix: Pass database name to the NameTableStore constructor by Michael Holloway
  • git #b72c5377 - Update DB utils to handle counts and suggestion DBs in different locations by Michael Holloway
  • git #851e45c2 - Fix: Use READ_LOCKING when evaluating whether to update targets_passed (task T219084) by Michael Holloway

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  • git #7c6f0151 - Declare each class property on separate lines by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)

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314 Changes in 59 repos by 83 committers