MediaWiki 1.33/wmf.14

MediaWiki 1.33.0-wmf.13 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.33.0-wmf.14 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.33.0-wmf.16

The latest version (labeled "1.33.0-wmf.14") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Tuesday, 22 January 2019 (see the roadmap).

Core changes Edit

  • git #e86b499b - Update git submodules by Gerrit Code Review
  • git #27d342ef - rdbms: Remove references to pg_attrdef.adsrc in Postgres code by Krinkle
  • git #aed9f32e - tests: Remove use of $IP and MediaWikiTestCase in libs/composer tests by Nikerabbit
  • git #30e1e9ba - Hard-deprecate wfArrayFilter() and wfArrayFilterByKey() by Max Semenik
  • git #f735507b - Convert RandomImageGenerator to use the new execution framework by Max Semenik
  • git #870831d4 - htmlform: Move HTMLSelectLanguageField into includes/htmlform/fields by Krinkle
  • git #e3a736b4 - registration: Fix typo in schemas by Legoktm
  • git #a8bab5c8 - Remove unnecessary placeholders from RELEASE-NOTES by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #497c9850 - RELEASE-NOTES: Add note for jquery.async deprecation by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #d1c808c3 - Return to LESS multiple value escape mechanism to prevent invalid output by Bartosz Dziewoński
  • git #8d4b218e - build: Remove unused 'deepmerge' package by Timo Tijhof
  • git #a3bf4e67 - Document header case in MWHttpRequest by Lucas Werkmeister
  • git #627e2c9b - WebInstallerOutput: Add getLanguage() by Fomafix
  • git #887ca52c - TablePager: Unify `padding` with `.wikitable` (task T214208) by Volker E
  • git #dbb49fd4 - Reduce selector specificity of `.wikitable` (task T214218) by Volker E
  • git #f31e172f - registration: Add @codeCoverageIgnore for statement that can't be covered by Kunal Mehta
  • git #be7423c5 - filerepo: avoid dynamic calls to FileRepo::isVirtualUrl by Aaron Schulz
  • git #24938fe9 - Make sure page restrictions are handled as a string (task T214173) by Thalia
  • git #36263dd1 - TablePager: Reduce pagination button in visual strength (task T214128) by Volker E
  • git #792b23d7 - Fix exception language in MovePage by Gergő Tisza
  • git #41f9c59a - WikiTextStructure: Add an exclusion from WikibaseMediaInfo (task T213638) by James D. Forrester
  • git #55a08801 - WikiTextStructure: Explain the source of two non-Core exclusions by James D. Forrester
  • git #976e9e44 - Adding $digitTransformTable for Santali (sat) (task T212221) by MarcoAurelio
  • git #ebd1016e - Linker: Simplify return paths by Fomafix
  • git #ef3c0541 - DateTimeInputWidget: Set `max-width` equivalent to calendar popup (task T213785) by Volker E
  • git #f604b891 - Replace deprecated `setIconTitle` with `setTitle` (task T76638) by VolkerE
  • git #e1d2c92a - Fix error reporting in MovePage (task T210739) by Gergő Tisza
  • git #1a453971 - Try to avoid master queries for GET requests by Daimona Eaytoy
  • git #ebcac005 - ApiSetNotificationTimestamp: Make entirewatchlist more efficient (task T207941) by Roan Kattouw
  • git #54c70c35 - Deprecate Content::getNativeData, add TextContent::getText (task T155582) by James D. Forrester
  • git #3f69f0eb - Fix BlockList params for non-editing partial blocks (task T213952) by Dayllan Maza
  • git #38ba5534 - Correct namespace 'Template' for gom-deva (task T213717) by MarcoAurelio
  • git #7585985a - Fully extract services framework as a library (task T211608) by Lucas Werkmeister
  • git #c39fff42 - Simplify boolean logic for Special:Block widgets by Thalia
  • git #1b52ddd9 - Avoid session double-start in Setup.php (task T213489) by Reedy
  • git #324f03ed - dao: Add a type hint to getConnection() and some extra newlines by Derick Alangi
  • git #1805fd3b - resourceloader: Avoid unnecessary xmlns attributes in ResourceLoaderImage by VolkerE
  • git #d6043347 - resourceloader: Avoid toplevel `<title>` under `<g>` in ResourceLoaderImage (task T213507) by Krinkle
  • git #65bbe6c7 - Add missing "@return StatusValue" to all abstract do… methods by Umherirrender
  • git #a65cd027 - AllMessagesTablePager: Simplify language handling by Fomafix
  • git #c3dfa889 - Add missing empty lines between methods by Umherirrender
  • git #734a969d - Safe replacement of a lot of `!count()` with `=== []` by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #cb2dc22b - Setup: Avoid using count() function in any kind of loop(s) by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #c6a96b4b - Separate content parts of mw-usertoollinks from presentation (task T205581) by Jdlrobson
  • git #7316fe48 - Chinese Conversion Table Update 2018-4 by Chiefwei

Vendor Edit

Extensions Edit

3D Edit

No changes for 3D

AbuseFilter Edit

ActiveAbstract Edit

  • git #4fe27f9d - Remove & from GoogleCoopFilter::register by Umherirrender

AdvancedSearch Edit

No changes for AdvancedSearch

AntiSpoof Edit

No changes for AntiSpoof

ApiFeatureUsage Edit

  • git #f530e91b - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 by Volker E

ArticleCreationWorkflow Edit

  • git #27294e7c - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 by Volker E

ArticlePlaceholder Edit

Babel Edit

  • git #ed79de68 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E

BetaFeatures Edit

No changes for BetaFeatures

BounceHandler Edit

No changes for BounceHandler

Calendar Edit

No changes for Calendar

Campaigns Edit

No changes for Campaigns

Capiunto Edit

  • git #da2f03cd - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 by Volker E

CategoryTree Edit

CentralAuth Edit

No changes for CentralAuth

CharInsert Edit

  • git #bc1ee6ca - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 by Volker E

CheckUser Edit

No changes for CheckUser

CirrusSearch Edit

Cite Edit

No changes for Cite

CiteThisPage Edit

No changes for CiteThisPage

Citoid Edit

cldr Edit

No changes for cldr

Cognate Edit

No changes for Cognate

CodeEditor Edit

  • git #ef09440a - Fix PHPDoc comment @return for CodeEditorHooks methods by Derick Alangi

CodeMirror Edit

No changes for CodeMirror

CodeReview Edit

No changes for CodeReview

CollaborationKit Edit

No changes for CollaborationKit

Collection Edit

  • git #3076bea6 - Add strict, specific type hints were possible by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #3213aa4f - Make everything in SpecialCollection private by Umherirrender
  • git #787e5ae7 - Remove unused $user variable by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  • git #41573ba9 - Add a few newlines to structure the code a bit better by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #e33e713b - Add missing line breaks between methods by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #b2d5dbd9 - Fix inconsistent lowerCamelCase on (package private) method names by Umherirrender
  • git #f95e2ed8 - Make use of the PHP 5.6 ?: short-cut by Umherirrender
  • git #b0b73e96 - Use short array syntax in the README by Umherirrender
  • git #1dcb760e - Remove bad calls to QuickTemplate::msgWiki() to fix tests (task T209614) by Umherirrender

CommonsMetadata Edit

No changes for CommonsMetadata

ConfirmEdit Edit

CongressLookup Edit

No changes for CongressLookup

ContactPage Edit

No changes for ContactPage

ContentTranslation Edit

ContributionTracking Edit

No changes for ContributionTracking

CreditsSource Edit

No changes for CreditsSource

Dashiki Edit

No changes for Dashiki

Disambiguator Edit

No changes for Disambiguator

DismissableSiteNotice Edit

No changes for DismissableSiteNotice

DonationInterface Edit

DoubleWiki Edit

No changes for DoubleWiki

DynamicSidebar Edit

  • git #968aa8c1 - Add method type hints and fix "wg" declarations by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)

EUCopyrightCampaign Edit

No changes for EUCopyrightCampaign

Echo Edit

Elastica Edit

No changes for Elastica

ElectronPdfService Edit

No changes for ElectronPdfService

EventBus Edit

EventLogging Edit

  • git #6312f7cb - Update extension.json to version 2 format by Timo Tijhof

ExtensionDistributor Edit

No changes for ExtensionDistributor

FeaturedFeeds Edit

No changes for FeaturedFeeds

FileExporter Edit

FileImporter Edit

  • git #9102dd1a - Fixup incomplete test coverage in various places by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  • git #a23b4ea9 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 by Volker E
  • git #6fd2e98c - Consistently talke about "configuration pages", not "files" by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #6fb1e00f - Update package.json to current versions by WMDE-Fisch
  • git #3bcc9ca0 - Add Spanish translation for ImportFile by MarcoAurelio
  • git #c4eaefe6 - Test for upload log entries for imported file revisions (task T210755) by WMDE-Fisch
  • git #4a6735b3 - Better message for "section on config page missing" by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)

FlaggedRevs Edit

  • git #e954ac09 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E

Flow Edit

  • git #3d32dbcd - Remove all default return true from hook handler functions by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  • git #0eaf8469 - Fix documentation mistake in FlowHooks::onDeletedContributionsQuery by Umherirrender

FundraiserLandingPage Edit

No changes for FundraiserLandingPage

FundraisingTranslateWorkflow Edit

No changes for FundraisingTranslateWorkflow

Gadgets Edit

  • git #be4e6db5 - SpecialGadgetUsage: Add Infinity as sort-value for defaults by Krinkle

GeoCrumbs Edit

No changes for GeoCrumbs

GeoData Edit

GettingStarted Edit

No changes for GettingStarted

GlobalBlocking Edit

GlobalCssJs Edit

No changes for GlobalCssJs

GlobalPreferences Edit

  • git #fce7e9a3 - build: Update eslint-config-wikimedia to 0.10.0 by Ed Sanders

GlobalUsage Edit

No changes for GlobalUsage

GlobalUserPage Edit

No changes for GlobalUserPage

GoogleNewsSitemap Edit

No changes for GoogleNewsSitemap

Graph Edit

No changes for Graph

GrowthExperiments Edit

GuidedTour Edit

No changes for GuidedTour

GWToolset Edit

  • git #ea620a6e - More consistent $lowerCamelCase variable names by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #41146a01 - More consistent $camelCase naming for variables by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
  • git #82e8886d - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E
  • git #d015112a - Rework code using a ScopedCallback for clarity by Umherirrender
  • git #a2150af8 - Remove unused (internal) code snippets by Umherirrender
  • git #ab2d9c5e - Replace some `@return bool` with `@return false` by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #fef97f63 - Remove unused method parameters by Umherirrender
  • git #8088a252 - Fix incorrect parameter types in two method signatures by Umherirrender
  • git #8eb22e1a - Minor documentation fix-ups in various PHP and JS files by Umherirrender
  • git #67b3198c - Make use of the …::class feature where possible by Umherirrender
  • git #da0c5c4c - Fix capitalization of methods like ->isOk() vs. ->isOK() by Thiemo Kreuz

ImageMap Edit

No changes for ImageMap

InputBox Edit

No changes for InputBox

Insider Edit

No changes for Insider

intersection Edit

No changes for intersection

Interwiki Edit

No changes for Interwiki

InterwikiSorting Edit

No changes for InterwikiSorting


Josa Edit

No changes for Josa

JsonConfig Edit

  • git #6070bf15 - Revert "JCCache: Explicit load the main slot to avoid API warnings" (task T214179) by Legoktm
  • git #280bcc46 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E

Kartographer Edit

No changes for Kartographer

LabeledSectionTransclusion Edit

No changes for LabeledSectionTransclusion

LandingCheck Edit

No changes for LandingCheck

LdapAuthentication Edit

No changes for LdapAuthentication

Linter Edit

No changes for Linter

LiquidThreads Edit

No changes for LiquidThreads

Listings Edit

No changes for Listings

LocalisationUpdate Edit

No changes for LocalisationUpdate

LoginNotify Edit

No changes for LoginNotify

MapSources Edit

No changes for MapSources

MassMessage Edit

Math Edit

No changes for Math

MobileApp Edit

No changes for MobileApp

MobileFrontend Edit

MultimediaViewer Edit

No changes for MultimediaViewer

NavigationTiming Edit

No changes for NavigationTiming

Newsletter Edit

  • git #9c9a21e6 - Change alias to "Register" instead of "Create" at Newsletter.alias.php (task T154761) by Zoranzoki21
  • git #134f3861 - Let hook handler onEditFilterMergedContent always return by Umherirrender
  • git #a7fac36b - Declare class properties by Umherirrender

NewUserMessage Edit

No changes for NewUserMessage

Nuke Edit

No changes for Nuke

OATHAuth Edit

  • git #2d8a93be - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 by Volker E

OAuth Edit

  • git #528d27b0 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E
  • git #7336270f - createOauthConsumer, add --approve option to auto approve (task T211568) by Gergő Tisza
  • git #24f4d2ba - Use UserNotLoggedIn Error instead of custom msg on special pages by addshore

OpenStackManager Edit

  • git #e6c20aed - Notifications: Set canNotifyAgent per event type, rather than per event by Umherirrender


PageAssessments Edit

No changes for PageAssessments

PagedTiffHandler Edit

No changes for PagedTiffHandler

PageImages Edit

No changes for PageImages

PageTriage Edit

  • git #46f40817 - build: Update stylelint by Ed Sanders
  • git #6e1271d8 - build: Update eslint-config-wikimedia to 0.10.0 by Ed Sanders

PageViewInfo Edit

No changes for PageViewInfo

ParserFunctions Edit

ParsoidBatchAPI Edit

No changes for ParsoidBatchAPI

PdfHandler Edit

No changes for PdfHandler

PerformanceInspector Edit

  • git #0bbcc939 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E

Petition Edit

No changes for Petition

Poem Edit

No changes for Poem

PoolCounter Edit

No changes for PoolCounter

Popups Edit

ProofreadPage Edit

No changes for ProofreadPage

PropertySuggester Edit

No changes for PropertySuggester

QuickSurveys Edit

No changes for QuickSurveys

Quiz Edit

No changes for Quiz

ReadingLists Edit

No changes for ReadingLists

RelatedArticles Edit

  • git #9a5d59ca - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E

Renameuser Edit

No changes for Renameuser

RevisionSlider Edit

RSS Edit

No changes for RSS

SandboxLink Edit

No changes for SandboxLink

Score Edit

No changes for Score

Scribunto Edit

No changes for Scribunto

SearchExtraNS Edit

No changes for SearchExtraNS

SecurePoll Edit

No changes for SecurePoll

Sentry Edit

No changes for Sentry

ShortUrl Edit

No changes for ShortUrl

SiteMatrix Edit

No changes for SiteMatrix

SkinPerPage Edit

No changes for SkinPerPage

SpamBlacklist Edit

No changes for SpamBlacklist

SubPageList3 Edit

No changes for SubPageList3

SubpageSortkey Edit

No changes for SubpageSortkey

SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi Edit

No changes for SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi

TemplateData Edit

TemplateSandbox Edit

  • git #6e4c7409 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 by Volker E

TemplateStyles Edit

No changes for TemplateStyles

TemplateWizard Edit

  • git #f6fc71c8 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Krinkle

TextExtracts Edit

No changes for TextExtracts

Thanks Edit

No changes for Thanks

TimedMediaHandler Edit

  • git #e1ce8710 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E
  • git #d2c269d2 - Improve param docs by Umherirrender

timeline Edit

No changes for timeline

TitleBlacklist Edit

No changes for TitleBlacklist

TocTree Edit

  • git #acfa6a3a - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E

TorBlock Edit

No changes for TorBlock

Translate Edit

TranslationNotifications Edit

No changes for TranslationNotifications

TrustedXFF Edit

No changes for TrustedXFF

TwoColConflict Edit

No changes for TwoColConflict

UniversalLanguageSelector Edit

UploadsLink Edit

No changes for UploadsLink

UploadWizard Edit

UrlShortener Edit

No changes for UrlShortener

UserMerge Edit

No changes for UserMerge

VipsScaler Edit

No changes for VipsScaler

VisualEditor Edit

Wikibase Edit

WikibaseLexeme Edit

WikibaseMediaInfo Edit

  • git #98c14513 - CaptionsPanel.getCaptionLanguagesList: Drop unknown languages (task T213776) by Jforrester
  • git #18856a16 - Show 'depicts' data on File page (read-only) (task T204264) by Cormac Parle
  • git #d1738c87 - Clean up all CSS classnames, prefixing all of ours with "wbmi-" (task T213639) by James D. Forrester
  • git #9916ecef - Styles: Use LESS features to simplify by James D. Forrester
  • git #7d836dfe - Styles: Make CSS into LESS files so that we can simplify the code by James D. Forrester
  • git #2e80fc4a - CaptionsPanel: Don't break if excludeLanguages is undefined by James D. Forrester
  • git #c7a0e26a - Set out which entity keys should be ignored for AbuseFilter (task T209687) by addshore

WikibaseQuality Edit

No changes for WikibaseQuality

WikibaseQualityConstraints Edit Edit

No changes for

WikidataPageBanner Edit

No changes for WikidataPageBanner

WikiEditor Edit

No changes for WikiEditor

wikihiero Edit

No changes for wikihiero

WikiLove Edit

  • git #b4213e67 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E

WikimediaBadges Edit

No changes for WikimediaBadges

WikimediaEvents Edit

WikimediaIncubator Edit

  • git #739adf23 - build: Update 'stylelint-config-wikimedia' to v0.5.0 and make pass by Volker E

WikimediaMaintenance Edit

No changes for WikimediaMaintenance

WikimediaMessages Edit

No changes for WikimediaMessages

XAnalytics Edit

No changes for XAnalytics

ZeroBanner Edit

No changes for ZeroBanner

ZeroPortal Edit

No changes for ZeroPortal

Skins Edit

CologneBlue Edit

No changes for CologneBlue

EUCopyrightCampaignSkin Edit

No changes for EUCopyrightCampaignSkin

MinervaNeue Edit

MonoBook Edit

  • git #e9b62baf - Put background images back in single set of declarations in body by Bartosz Dziewoński

Modern Edit

No changes for Modern

Nostalgia Edit

No changes for Nostalgia

Timeless Edit

Vector Edit

No changes for Vector

Total Changes Edit

263 Changes in 66 repos by 69 committers