MediaWiki 1.25/wmf5/Changelog

Core changesEdit














  • git #0d6a15a3 - Worldpay cleanup: Antifraud filters firing too much
  • git #6565cec4 - fixups for unfork
  • git #6e61b204 - Composer packaging to make us available as a library
  • git #61a52c63 - Delete tests
  • git #bdfa7b46 - Fix WorldPay AVS settings to work with non-(US|UK|CA)
  • git #4eb048fa - Delete tests
  • git #6ef42a74 - function signature glitch
  • git #e0e83a3b - class-ify CurrencyRates
  • git #4e9e6cb7 - Remove JCB logo and add new Carte Bleue logo
  • git #6b7d3b28 - Add tests for Gateway_Form
  • git #28971bb7 - Re-add Australian states, card #1799
  • git #c5505956 - Update cc icons for WP forms card #1822
  • git #a53290e1 - Add country hidden field back to non-US WorldPay form
  • git #125c166c - Rename GatewayForm to GatewayPage to distinguish from Gateway_Form
  • git #9580f95b - one more extract to yank
  • git #cc8ff17a - Follow-up Ib0d0f6c: Fix qqq typos
  • git #fb8cce06 - kill remaining calls to extract()
  • git #76892e65 - Transliterate Worldpay post to ISO-8859-1
  • git #7f062e73 - Use public instead of var in classes
  • git #b394342d - Fix @returns >> @return phpdoc
  • git #0dcf10d2 - WorldPay: Put stripped email in MerchantReference2
  • git #a92d1bae - Add 'id' and 'for' attributes to WorldPay form labels
  • git #f8ed2289 - Remove usage of deprecated Xml::escapeJsString
  • git #c089741c - Simplify fundraising maintenance mode
  • git #2f361303 - Move gateway form logic from execute to handleRequest
  • git #2246b45b - Fix @covers code coverage annotation
  • git #5f3ba528 - Cleaning up the payments error logs
  • git #c473076e - Add a grunt linting checker for jshint, jscs, and banana and pass them
  • git #3d085f8a - Add zip field to Direct Debit Recurring form
  • git #26e5be7f - Add PayPal tests
  • git #df5356e0 - Stop sending realtime Direct Debit messages to civi.
  • git #d2b5ee80 - Cleaning up the payments error logs
  • git #e3231bf3 - Add a 'No valid form' RapidHtml form
  • git #1acf9383 - Consistent use of ellipsis
  • git #0aa71b13 - Whitespace
  • git #6e2ad2ac - GC: Check XML for CVV result, use blanks if missing
  • git #cfcfcec6 - Clear gateway adapter globals cache after tests
  • git #3e31454a - Cleaning up payments error logs, part 1
  • git #828a3614 - RTBT: Fixed some issues with the form template for iDeal.
  • git #6190e5c8 - Fix expiration date message translation
  • git #e574bf5d - Submit form when return is pressed
  • git #f1a6c34f - Fix quotes so converted currencies are logged
  • git #fa496bc5 - Add generic currency fallback with optional notification
  • git #8da8308a - DonationData: cleanup of basic data retrieval
  • git #367dab14 - Don't depend on mediawiki; every RL module implicitly does
  • git #ad97656f - Updating approximate currency conversion rates
  • git #e07ce538 - Show friendlier error message for zero donation amount (bug 56657)
  • git #c20f00d1 - Don't express depednency on jquery (same reason as 193f6a4f06)
  • git #86ad2cb6 - jquery.payment: don't express dependency on jQuery
  • git #fd210144 - DonationData::sanitizeValue: drop extra args
  • git #3ca26023 - reuse code to check for valid WMF transaction status
  • git #910d2250 - FR 1683: Do not submit form if there are errors
  • git #ca2fd4fa - Awful hack to make sure decimal order_ids that are leaking in from
  • git #2cf972a4 - WorldPay Multiple Accounts
  • git #536280c2 - Validate form fields using element ID
  • git #24614d6d - remove test hook from deployment branch
  • git #be9ce019 - Cleaning up the error spew from the orphan recitifier.
  • git #62097eb6 - More Info form block mods
  • git #055614d9 - Taking control of Amazon's payment_submethod.
  • git #132d7068 - Altering the fix_dropdowns function to use DomDocument parsing for
  • git #8cad7f02 - Change all noscript blocks to reference the code-generated block.
  • git #ef058f25 - Base WorldPay Order ID on CTID
  • git #17b5ee6f - Actually reset OrderID
  • git #a0148772 - Tickling Contribution Tracking
  • git #9e1a0a23 - Better WorldPay Status Code Handling
  • git #dc91f6f5 - Remove AmEx logo from form.
  • git #e79ca964 - Adding two new queues/messages.
  • git #b3bb2e3f - Fix noop typo
  • git #f448354a - Remove some cache control complexity
  • git #fb4faf26 - Empty values to not select the first item
  • git #0c78248c - Useful log output for the form select code
  • git #b81b9715 - Provide more descriptive cc error messages
  • git #8f0fc805 - AVS Forcing and Removal of Server Address Check
  • git #3d19e065 - Disable WorldPay form submit button once clicked.
  • git #01b2f548 - Add pattern to US zip code input, to trigger numeric keypad on iOS
  • git #89f1c86f - Make fix_dropdowns more intelligent
  • git #b7683f33 - Do not allow state to be selected
  • git #ff77ba90 - Update i18n shim
  • git #d9c0b961 - Add more credit card imgs to form.
  • git #6c66ef0b - Reorder city, state, zip.
  • git #f75e6513 - Expunge CVV from the data object after use
  • git #359bb2cd - WorldPay: Fixing a badly wounded antifraud check.
  • git #54e8216b - Remove placeholder quotes and de-italicize labels
  • git #5a949e12 - Check fraud results after transaction post process call
  • git #14f7533c - Fix margin on error page for worldpay.
  • git #f227d6b0 - Remove overriding narrative statement
  • git #4577d9ce - Fix paths to i18n files
  • git #5da2f39f - Updates based on feedback from iteration #1.
  • git #3967daa3 - Breaking out the WP css from the js, to correct some timing issues.
  • git #4bcb4215 - Recursively expand partials
  • git #2e594659 - Fix wonky WorldPay form loading
  • git #8a0a0f3a - Bandaged the RapidHTML dropdown sticky mechanism.
  • git #e6b17f04 - UI test for WorldPay, calls the GenerateToken API
  • git #6c78b6a2 - WorldPay: Updating supported currencies list
  • git #5f9c5ee0 - Make sure we always create UTF-8 XML
  • git #8e40f210 - Adding a mechanism through which we can clean and log outbound requests.
  • git #5f8d5213 - Fix form layout and switch position of expiration date and cvv.
  • git #4e5e6900 - Finishing form touches.
  • git #fecf61be - Do not fraud check authorize with full amount
  • git #09829a7e - cleaned up cc validation
  • git #28cc76a5 - More specific credit card validation. Not pretty but it works.
  • git #1f6c4507 - Do GenerateToken call after form validation
  • git #c8c81f08 - Dont continue if API token validation has failed
  • git #89244d52 - Allow anyone to use the WorldPay JS API
  • git #9567a7d8 - Start bug where email is prepopulated
  • git #830d1224 - Minfraud to v1.54
  • git #579e884e - WorldPay form fixup
  • git #f0a32f60 - WorldPay: Adding gateway_txn_id just prior to stomp message construction
  • git #62236ade - Year / Month zero padded
  • git #e96df3b7 - WorldPay Settlement Currencies (or default)
  • git #e1d32321 - Bugfix: we would fail if the xml was compact
  • git #f3f6df4e - Send STOMP messages after the big metatransaction
  • git #e01c603f - Clean up minfraud handling in tests
  • git #ca9e7bf1 - Finish move to Sale API and set payment_submethod
  • git #8df60ae5 - (FR #1533) fix error in unit tests
  • git #868ade4f - Make submethod validation actually work!
  • git #d1340bcc - Unit tests can assert things about form HTML output
  • git #5e1241f4 - Allow circumvention of fraud/authorization for
  • git #21271aee - Agghhhh; silly status codes
  • git #d7de8e18 - Getting rid of WP API warning
  • git #19c8cb61 - Adding result codes to log output
  • git #2d88fb84 - Add $wgMessagesDirs
  • git #a732d26a - Taking care of some HTMLEntities in the cc-vmad form.
  • git #3304b34d - WorldPay: Use the Sale API
  • git #02a1376a - delete glyphicons
  • git #000525fe - WIP worldpay forms sans validated errors
  • git #ae67feb7 - WorldPay: Donations now complete through Deposit!
  • git #43c3840e - WorldPay add error handling
  • git #ec5f03a4 - Some Transaction / Transaction Reponse Cleanup
  • git #447b3769 - Constraint validation
  • git #da189872 - Worldpay form validation
  • git #752e7b25 - Ditching the $opt parameter.
  • git #67a3ac91 - curl_getinfo actually defaults $opt to 0, not null.
  • git #10c6fefb - Removal of all test data from the DonationData object.
  • git #a9a8122c - Safer/more useful/++awesome phpunit tests
  • git #8e95b7c6 - Description for WP result codes
  • git #40efaa85 - WP result codes
  • git #5ddbd97c - Moving the post-transaction addData to a place that makes a little
  • git #25400361 - WorldPay Deposit Request
  • git #693dd83e - Added the cvv and avs antifraud tests to WorldPay.
  • git #b7867132 - Change email address inputs in GC forms to use type="email"
  • git #56a6e8cb - Migrate amazon_gateway.i18n.php to JSON i18n
  • git #08f7a81b - WIP: Added the (renamed) antifraud hook to the WorldPay workflow.
  • git #72eb3b7b - More worldpay; token & auth queries
  • git #584b81d8 - Migrate to JSON i18n
  • git #0a5fd71c - Fixing a problem with gateways finding valid forms.
  • git #85b85153 - Add newline at end of file to unbreak
  • git #442a8a27 - WIP: Bigger stub for worldpay
  • git #8ab22312 - Adding a component so we can bypass the visual stuff
  • git #a3544659 - Fixing a problem with ewallets, rtbt, and boletos
  • git #da98dcdb - branch_code is constrained to 4 digits for Direct Debit in Spain.
  • git #23cd565f - iDeal and Sofort forms - change amount options to match what we now use elsewhere
  • git #aaf17df9 - Add the default logline prefix to everything that has an instantiated gateway.
  • git #02e75ebd - Fixing up some weirdness we were seeing around language selection
  • git #46ebce58 - Adding constraints and zero-padding for ES Direct Debit
  • git #7bb69eaa - WIP: WorldPay
  • git #01a627eb - Introducting jQuery.Payment
  • git #b6067cad - Found and altered the one place in the code that might explain
  • git #35b9c5d1 - Quieting down the error logs
  • git #7b7ae94e - Big Order ID Refactor
  • git #043f08ec - Removing crufty fields that haven't been used in over 2 years
  • git #7fbaa972 - few more tweaks in an attempt to get Jenkins to run our tests
  • git #73ac2ea6 - Beating up our unit tests until they pass.
  • git #c7c3a5ab - FR #1404 Russian language supported by GlobalCollect
  • git #bc289bf8 - Get rid of form_name parameter.
  • git #e4dd1ddb - omg Czech also wrongly coded
  • git #0ea0e2a1 - correct iso code for Polish language
  • git #0c4228da - It helps to test the full path...
  • git #3aa80f07 - Add MinFraud Query Limit Alarm to DI
  • git #9febbc03 - FR #1311 Amazon Recurring Status Handling
  • git #b7cdc273 - Scary oversight? Trim linefeeds
  • git #56215de8 - Find .version-stamp from the root directory :(
  • git #a4e10719 - Rework version stamp code to align with the production method
  • git #2ffe359c - (FR #1281) Include source metadata in queue messages
  • git #d6f85928 - Remove "credit card" from BPay message, as requested by BPay
  • git #8071664d - Adding VEF currency to GC
  • git #cd84f4b5 - Send the ipnUrl override parameter.
  • git #2fb31af1 - Save current form to the form stack
  • git #254e71cb - More ffname cleanup.
  • git #ec910560 - More debug lines near the formchooser logic.
  • git #3193da55 - Adding a normalize function for payment method and submethod data.
  • git #8aa21b37 - Revert "Log an obnoxious amount of debug data via the form chooser."
  • git #84d5886d - Log an obnoxious amount of debug data via the form chooser.
  • git #a97bb0f6 - Unborking the payments form chooser
  • git #0be8eddf - Stop trying to pull forms that don't exist. Instead, if there is
  • git #49772ac6 - Revert "cleanup rapid js base form error handling"
  • git #379727bd - Disabling all form classes other than RapidHTML, and setting
  • git #e955a029 - i18n: fix double-space
  • git #51eab476 - cleanup rapid js base form error handling
  • git #19188fe2 - Fix to allow the RapidError form to work with amazon payments
  • git #300928e2 - (FR #1174) patch recurring=true hole
  • git #0dc5baac - Removing unsupported countries from the RapidHTML country dropdown.
  • git #5692eb78 - Switching javascript trims to jquery trims to help appease IE8.
  • git #a2f016b4 - Altering a check for field existance to make IE8 less angry.
  • git #f8aaa791 - Zero-padding branch code out to 4, as per GC instructions
  • git #f8f6c61b - (FR #1090) trim inputs before validation
  • git #da5f25a7 - Address warning in GatewayFormChooser
  • git #6fcf0c6c - Wire up the new RapidError form functionality so we can actually use it.
  • git #646dc0ec - Massive cleanup of session behavior.
  • git #030cf94f - Get rid of unused message donate_interface-submit-my-secure-donation (bug 48126)
  • git #63de6ad6 - Allow a GatewayFormChooser Selection Bias
  • git #f39474a8 - Dyanmic Error Pages, Part 1
  • git #b5db96b5 - Random GatewayFormChooser Pages
  • git #f43da2bf - Adding validation for country code
  • git #ebd9149e - Clean up Adyen JS
  • git #8590ca97 - Security tightening, part 2
  • git #ec3d42e2 - PaymentMethod utility class
  • git #f05bc101 - Security tightening, part 1
  • git #a88d3b89 - Check the ssl peer against our amazon cert file
  • git #4f51db11 - Affermative Logging for Adyen
  • git #93be4f1c - rename DonationData->gateway field to reflect new role
  • git #48b30e94 - (FR# 1084) Whitelist for Paypal Xclick
  • git #4e354e91 - Adding logic for no code returning from the CVV and AVS checks in GlobalCollect.
  • git #f6eb8826 - throw MWException
  • git #441a4b0f - Updating Brazil Form Layout
  • git #7702080f - Pass Email Address to Adyen
  • git #e3f8dd3a - Amazon recurring gateway
  • git #bdf2f25b - DataValidator can use boss's methods
  • git #56395c49 - log when in "cache" mode
  • git #78894784 - log if we cannot insert a contribution_tracking record
  • git #78a227d0 - Ok; Don't Sub Currencies...
  • git #e2a57cb2 - Coerce values to null and log banner
  • git #eb3a5293 - Log & Show an Error if There is No Form
  • git #bbd29806 - Allow the Form Chooser to know about Currencies :)
  • git #35193048 - Matt 'Cleaned up' GatewayFormChooser aka Went Crazy
  • git #93629f19 - (FR #987) Fix Luhn Check for Odd Numbered Cards
  • git #9acd9aaa - Starting the Great Form Purge of O-13
  • git #720894db - Removing half a file of css redefinitions for the adyen form
  • git #b43f27a6 - Making sure gateway is recorded in antimessages as well as regular messages, so it can make it into the message header.
  • git #6ed04d47 - Removing currencies that were supported with WorldPay, but are not with Wells Fargo
  • git #a22da4ac - Limiting the GC orphan rectifier such that it will only mess with GC messages in the cc-limbo queue.
  • git #fa9db242 - mv donationinterface.php DonationInterface.php
  • git #f253ec74 - Add some tests to cover do_transaction
  • git #49293e38 - Allowing the OrderID for Adyen to be Resurrected
  • git #eaad559e - Changes for SmashPig/Adyen!
  • git #c75843ea - Fixing minor issues with testing code
  • git #1c64cea6 - Fixing RTBT Methods that were two step
  • git #fc04f20d - Removing PGY as a valid currency
  • git #afde42a8 - Load the phpunit.xml we have sitting in tests/
  • git #fcbf92ba - Get the unit tests to run to completion (bug 48548)
  • git #f19e0f8c - Sandbox cURL, generally make it possible to test (bug 48270)
  • git #9542c28a - DonationInterface gitreview points to right branch
  • git #933be6fa - Lock out PayPal MYR and BRL
  • git #51389a6c - (FR #908) Brazil requires extra personal infos
  • git #1e46daa9 - Nuking recaptcha as cruft that hasn't been used in at least two years on payments.
  • git #6bad51b7 - (FR #901) Recurring Amazon
  • git #b529e384 - Adjustment to the iFrame liberator such that it hides all elements that other resourses might add (skin stuff, whatever) while we're waiting for the liberated iframe contents to load.
  • git #48a42485 - Temporarily removing VND from the list of supported GC currencies as per their instructions
  • git #86e134fb - Display fixes for Adyen
  • git #594c9281 - attempt PayPal localization (bug 46720)
  • git #25e7f3cf - (FR #856) remove last reference to gateway_forms/css/gateway.css
  • git #7638bfae - Change name of Skrill to Moneybookers
  • git #cf74d41d - Remove the ability for us to accept SGD
  • git #029161b2 - convert our active forms to use ResourceLoader
  • git #af895100 - Paypal recurring redirect was broken
  • git #0b700ceb - maintenance notice as gateway form
  • git #d38490ae - Adds the correct our-end success status code to boletos so we can get some logging out of it.
  • git #aebd9649 - Commenting out currency 'TRY' as paypal won't accept in it.
  • git #e7eba413 - pass 'recurring' param on to the gateway
  • git #ea4e24df - Revert "convert our active forms to use ResourceLoader"
  • git #628d4805 - lame dependency
  • git #7a852419 - Change PayPal adapter workflow
  • git #e32d406a - Fix grammar (comma before but)
  • git #62b7fe58 - convert our active forms to use ResourceLoader
  • git #4636da95 - Making the ES DD form readable
  • git #4de278a1 - Better checks for CC numbers in fields
  • git #1efff754 - Change PayPal adapter workflow
  • git #0c0f404f - Fix grammar (comma before but)
  • git #778f064f - Making the ES DD form readable
  • git #cbdd95f0 - Better checks for CC numbers in fields
  • git #29100e40 - CC Numbers are at least 12 digits long
  • git #ccfca98c - set final status after direct debit set_payment
  • git #7acc30cd - Adding logging about currency/amount to DI
  • git #33ae865f - Adding Nicaraguan Cordoba to list of active GC currencies
  • git #8ace1d0e - Check moar fields for CC numbers
  • git #d9c8f44d - Next Attempt at a Luhn Algorithm
  • git #fb2dcfac - un"fix": final status was being set twice after SET_PAYMENT
  • git #4642e376 - Adding the common JPY symbol template to the mix.
  • git #98cc8bc0 - Use double quotes consistently
  • git #cd9f1adf - paypal recurring is set explicitly
  • git #c881aaf5 - Flooring non-fractional currencies in the DonationData class. Apparently just not decimal-formatting them is insufficient for some forms.
  • git #a28a9024 - paypal form to make corrections before redirect
  • git #217dfe97 - Round 1 of Japan Localization feedback changes
  • git #3c89be6d - Fine print on Boletos and direct debit: beware the GC!
  • git #e2a6e184 - (FR #806) log message when STOMP send fails
  • git #ae10e9e2 - direct debit fixes
  • git #96cf53fd - rtl fix for leftmar and rightmar css
  • git #8c058024 - Quieting down some error logs and surfacing some other problems we're seeing with minfraud in production
  • git #6918c944 - Prevent Donors from Using the CC# as a Name
  • git #b39d85c3 - (FR #822) Direct Debit
  • git #b66fcfa5 - Use ' instead of curved one for consistency
  • git #1741b2cd - Making the payments logs less racey.
  • git #0e840a08 - Adding new payment types to the out-logger.
  • git #c1d6b02b - fix required, hidden city input
  • git #902b25a3 - Removing end comments marks from Sofort-GB form
  • git #68dcf0fb - Forms support for Boletos
  • git #818fded4 - Updating credits
  • git #3aee043f - (FR #823) remove address info unless using AVS
  • git #a38cee27 - Removing false alarms resulting from calling set_html_file_path from what should be non-fatal places
  • git #c14fa8db - Adding UTM source to the missing form error log lines so we can tell where they're all coming from
  • git #43ace521 - It would help if I had ever learned to read.
  • git #1c8ca578 - Card 824 - Add Name and Email to EW/RTBT Payment Methods
  • git #77064809 - Adding log error information to RapidHTML form selection process
  • git #d039a554 - Use email instead of e-mail (bug 45461)
  • git #19158bc3 - Card 793 - Adding a new i18n message for bank transfer
  • git #8f06b266 - Fix typo: Paypal -> PayPal
  • git #ee04e20c - (FR #508) New Paypal adapter
  • git #c64c8904 - feed getAllEnabledGateways
  • git #a393fbde - Removing remnants of the name-email test
  • git #b92cf282 - Setting default personal information request to name and email only.
  • git #03d48421 - Adding Special:SystemStatus
  • git #ebaa5bb1 - Adding an address template for HK, adding street2 and removing postal code
  • git #e3ce893b - Adding new iDEAL bank to the adapter as well
  • git #3814ca43 - Adding new iDEAL bank: Knab
  • git #e54c515d - Shunting the final status log line off to a gateway-indifferent syslog bucket of its very own, so we can tail everything at once.
  • git #afa74e35 - Logging Cleanup:
  • git #222aa2d7 - Let's make Amazon work with the form chooser
  • git #79691a4a - Abstract out redirect method
  • git #899e5783 - Making GatewayFormChooser work
  • git #a02b45c7 - (FR #595) Adyen payment gateway
  • git #4423bb87 - Readding Exception Details
  • git #06b1e81a - Removing last vestiges of hard-coded defaults in forms.
  • git #d4b81c6e - Two spaces in translation message (bug 43505)
  • git #2c7a1f2d - Adding back new webmoney things.
  • git #83713b8c - Updating Webmoney to the new template and adding an optional email field.
  • git #c879984e - Quick fix to account for the fact that we have no "down for maintainence" page, and a maintenance window in a minute.
  • git #ecef0b92 - Revalidates data for the orphan rectifier batch operation, and minor fix
  • git #d8d4aa3c - Bandaid for a glitch in the system: If this one line tries to use unstaged data, it blows up on SET_PAYMENT calls.
  • git #ad5b3807 - When we abort transactions to the gateway based on failed validation, write something to a log.
  • git #5a1244de - Adds flexibility to the process of enabling and disabling 3D Secure authentication for various currency/country combinations.
  • git #c8fdb937 - Argh, typo
  • git #d8938451 - Additional logging and a slight reorder of normalization in DonationData
  • git #f7b41e4a - Adds a forbidden country list, and checks the result of data validation before contacting any third party.
  • git #3e211c58 - Even More Amazon Logging
  • git #fc1c871e - Making the gateway function filters usable, with regex and removing abs().
  • git #c0804681 - Preventative and diagnostic measures for some double-fraud checking I'm seeing in the logs.
  • git #620b0172 - Allowing for very specific abuse of our internal fraud score system.
  • git #f905a04e - Both killing a notice that was always popping up on error, and displaying gateway errors to the user for yandex.
  • git #05c248b3 - Adding templates for optional email address and address information for Ireland.
  • git #deb2641b - Making the JS email validation a little better at catching common mistakes.
  • git #a6808b12 - Checking to see if $param is a string before attempting to make_safe()
  • git #bb05f642 - Updating the "more info links" to use a common template.
  • git #805175ee - Remove OrderID Check and Pass CTID to Amazon
  • git #9c98d113 - Grooming common mistakes in valid CA postal codes to make the AVS checks on GC's end happier, and cut down on false fraud detection.
  • git #e5f454f8 - Some CSS removal for RTL.
  • git #782e4a69 - Orphan rectifier changes to override the command-line settings in favor of globals, and additional logging
  • git #1147d106 - Logging out elapsed time in the orphan rectifier so we know how to adjust the cronjob for maximum rectification.
  • git #d0e98a42 - Adding CTID to Amazon Logging
  • git #aa926715 - Adding Monaco to the country lists
  • git #5d8a6578 - Changing the logging that happens when a specified form class can't be found. This should typically denote something pretty weird going on.
  • git #277c0e4d - City/Town seems to be what PayPal uses for GB as well
  • git #d85dbaa4 - Give GBP a £ sign as well
  • git #88a312a7 - Adding custom personal data format for GB
  • git #721d16e9 - TPYO
  • git #5392c622 - some session logging for the resultswitcher
  • git #1a8eeab1 - new iframe liberation, needed for Safari 6
  • git #175cc325 - Additional logging for the payments cluster: Trying to diagnose some particular GC gateway issues.
  • git #e644e147 - payments "emailAdd" field can be optional
  • git #6c25b3e4 - Fixes for DD
  • git #7b931f5f - Adding dd-ES for Direct Debit in Spain.
  • git #5bf76da4 - Tweaks to the orphan rectifier - Explicit cancel behavior, more logging, typo cleanup
  • git #cdc67030 - Adding remaining name and email only forms and adding country-specific instructions.
  • git #ae041c3b - Hacking in a new API call so status 200 Globalcollect CC payments will ever go through.
  • git #80b582b2 - Adding CTID to Session Velocity Filter output
  • git #880b8e0b - Making sure we add an antimessage on transactions we deliberately fail.
  • git #6b62b65c - Falseish when I was trying to look for a zero. So very annoyed.
  • git #c0df0243 - Fixing the stack trace currently being served up by bt and obt transactions
  • git #57e43e70 - Adding the AUTHENTICATIONINDICATOR node to all GC transactions, and defaulting to '0' as per their new instructions.
  • git #d3d884c2 - Readding statics in setNormalizedOrderIDs()
  • git #3e006636 - Changing our not-so-random random number generator to a different random, and a minor bug fix.
  • git #83fafc92 - Removing opt-opt hidden field from the rest of the forms.
  • git #2a779e49 - Cleaning up the new log line on end of transaction, and a lot of bugs I found looking at the output after the first pass.
  • git #c0e2a9a6 - Fixing a typo that was filling up my php error log.
  • git #b8bf3ecd - Adding a final donation status log line, and fixing a couple minor bugs that this surfaced
  • git #76e18f4c - Removing opt-out field. One form only for now.
  • git #9db4ad53 - Changing the setNormalizedAmount function to be less horrible.
  • git #0304acb5 - Unsetting alternate amount fields once we have normalized the amount
  • git #e6f30979 - Switching default city to None
  • git #b6e40395 - Modernize pfp_api_controller.js
  • git #9604ac1c - Remove test code in action=donate API and add setIndexedTagName()
  • git #3955bb08 - Fixes for Form.php, mostly escaping and $wgExtensionAssetsPath
  • git #64ce86b6 - (FR #566) multiple sets of account credentials
  • git #3f0d99e0 - Adding data to the new fields recently added to contribution_tracking.
  • git #d46cfe9f - Adjusting the default fraud point percentage we give for AVS code zero.
  • git #f7246bc3 - random bug, if FormChooser is disabled, Special:SpecialPages will break
  • git #d3af32c2 - Remove obsolete, deprecated and unused GeoIP code
  • git #ad65f598 - Prevention of double-staging requests inside the stageData function.
  • git #9a9d14bc - Warn people not to use jquery.donationInterface.js
  • git #2527d0ae - Fix call to nonexistent method and escape the language code
  • git #db03499b - order_id is pulled from the session when appropriate
  • git #74a58241 - (FR #609) floor all non-fractional currencies
  • git #c8a83fc8 - Maintenance for DonationInterface extension.
  • git #aea97916 - Adds email in a second place to GC's INSERT_ORDERWITHPAYMENT api call, and updates the data in contribution_tracking prior to the redirect to amazon.
  • git #d519c7ec - Removing Amazon check signature requirement.
  • git #53f34204 - Additional ability to customize STOMP queue names
  • git #0da1010e - Fixing Various Amazon Issues
  • git #bf0b9c23 - disable bloody gerrit autorebase
  • git #c71cca5c - Making Amazon payments much more error resistant. AND adding back
  • git #be302034 - Revert "Making amazon work better! :)"
  • git #c4200377 - (FR #592) reencode output from maxmind
  • git #d0c0967b - Making amazon work better! :)
  • git #82950995 - Adding additional logging to amazon payments adapter.
  • git #8b009b4e - (FR #543) quiet about missing optional fields
  • git #5ac89e28 - Bug fix where the API changed for another patch. And this now
  • git #640dcea5 - Removing monthly donation links from credit card forms
  • git #f3de527a - Amazon Simple Payment integration, FR #43
  • git #8cc16b6c - [FR2012 #565] Handle duplicate order IDs being sent to GC
  • git #0f11276d - Fixed a bug I introduced in RapidHTML during the form whitelist refactor.
  • git #ae7e0c16 - [FR2012 #71] Addition of Session Velocity logic
  • git #96c821cc - Boletos support
  • git #f9a2dede - Added a lookup table of national currencies. See bug #428
  • git #8e5536e8 - fix deprecation warnings
  • git #c29b6c40 - Adding 'problems donating' to the cc forms. Adding currency templates for MXP, ARS, CLP, and EUR
  • git #6c16f940 - The function in the form chooser responsible for picking one of the alternatives is approaching reasonable behavior. Still in testing.
  • git #c4b9df44 - Refactoring the way we reference RapidHTML forms in DonationInterface to allow for the possibility of a multidimensional form chooser.
  • git #e1cf0cc2 - Adds the ability to filter the list of all whitelisted forms, for ones that will work for the parameters provided to the GatewayFormChooser.
  • git #db4911e0 - FR #543 get rid of old opt-in fields
  • git #51bb833a - Fix for a logic problem suffered by what appears to be all major international banking institutions that issue credit cards with AVS data.
  • git #bda29179 - Remove double space
  • git #d3963ed8 - Addressing Katie's comments from I61aedf95.
  • git #d87214e1 - Adding forms that will only ask for the donor's name and email to test
  • git #e3b7af85 - Adding basic version of GatewayFormChooser as a gateway-agnostic entry point
  • git #9a20bbc6 - Stupid copy/paste mistake on the exception
  • git #2983c527 - Simplest possible implementation (that I'm still comfortable with) of IP velocity filtering, allowing for defined blocks in either list
  • git #4115ebbc - Switching to protocol relative URLs.
  • git #243bfb07 - (documentation-2012-05-18-1800) Updated documentation
  • git #259f5717 - Fix direct debit processing. FR card #35
  • git #29dbb1c5 - glitches
  • git #309064c4 - * returnTo is set only in globalcollect subclass
  • git #e426540c - Adding the new Argentina rules (and fixing a small things that's been bugging me)
  • git #29b6d90a - Adding better localization for the indication of Rubles. Also adding
  • git #10c4c109 - Additions to the orphan slayer to more strictly check for an antimessage in light traffic. Also acks more error states off the cc limbo queue.
  • git #b8a83d0b - When ffname specifies an invalid form, fall back to the 'default' form.




  • git #4d513594 - Add API list=extensions to get the list of known extensions
  • git #7af6a5b4 - Only include "top level" extension repositories






















  • git #228c12a1 - Wait for all slaves affected by any writes done in MergeUser batches
  • git #8116fa95 - Allow extensions to specify a different database object to use



  • Newly deployed extension





  • git #54cb7014 - sul: Add message overrides for CentralAuth messages