MediaWiki 1.25/wmf2/Changelog

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CentralAuth edit

  • git #2da4b99f - Credits for en.json
  • git #0d39456b - Grammar correction in en.json
  • git #b49a1ff4 - Change punctuation to avoid comma splice
  • git #b01c59a2 - Revert "Revert "Auto-migrate matching accounts where no global account exists""
  • git #58c2fc83 - Don't try to update a user's password if they don't exist
  • git #ea78b163 - MergeAccount: Gracefully degrade instead of throwing an exception

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CommonsMetadata edit

  • git #c94b516f - Only add tracking categories to "real" file pages
  • git #bef04379 - Add tracking categories for files with attribution problems

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GettingStarted edit

  • git #c06bcee7 - Remove unused code/messages
  • git #d5142919 - Allow suggestions to be opened in new tabs/windows
  • git #eae08142 - Make onPostLoginRedirect behave the same as onCentralAuthPostLoginRedirect

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MobileApp edit

  • git #27d4ade0 - Fix the ios and android apps and save the princess

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