MediaWiki 1.22/wmf7

MediaWiki 1.22/wmf6 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.22wmf7 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.22/wmf8

The latest version (labeled "1.22wmf7") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Thursday, 13 June 2013 (see the roadmap).

Core changes edit

Extensions edit

AbuseFilter edit

ConfirmEdit edit

CoreEvents edit

  • git #d291b642 - Log whether edit was made via API and/or mobile site

EducationProgram edit

  • git #029d8da2 - Fixed phantom log entries for "course updates" that havent happened
  • git #357d460f - Fix breakage due to changes in base class in core
  • git #ce68aacb - Hebrew translation for namespaces

EventLogging edit

GeoData edit

GettingStarted edit

GuidedTour edit

LdapAuthentication edit

LocalisationUpdate edit

OpenStackManager edit

Parsoid edit

ProofreadPage edit

SemanticForms edit

TemplateData edit

  • git #a70e046f - spec: Remove remnant mention of InterfaceText allowing null

TimedMediaHandler edit

Translate edit

UserMerge edit

  • git #2cb7f36e - added newline character after the delete message.

VisualEditor edit

WikimediaMessages edit

  • git #4b259b7e - Update Extension Distributor messaging for 1.21 stable release.