MediaWiki 1.22/wmf12

MediaWiki 1.22/wmf11 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.22wmf12 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.22/wmf13

The latest version (labeled "1.22wmf12") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Thursday, 25 July 2013 (see the roadmap).

Core changes edit

Extensions edit

AbuseFilter edit

ArticleFeedbackv5 edit

CentralAuth edit

CirrusSearch edit

  • ** Newly deployed extension

CodeReview edit

ConfirmEdit edit

  • git #2f605185 - Use PHP's built-in class_exists instead of MWInit::classExists

CoreEvents edit

DonationInterface edit

Echo edit

EventLogging edit

FlaggedRevs edit

GettingStarted edit

GlobalBlocking edit

  • git #0460a5f4 - Merge action-globalunblock message into action-globalblock.

GuidedTour edit

  • git #42564353 - Get jshint passing on migrated Guiders code, other style fixes
  • git #4b1d2737 - Move guiders submodule into this repository (GuidedTour)

LiquidThreads edit

MobileFrontend edit

OAuth edit

  • ** Newly deployed extension

Parsoid edit

Scribunto edit

TimedMediaHandler edit

  • git #a38666f6 - Use PHP's built-in class_exists instead of MWInit::classExists
  • git #9b3e2ad5 - use seperate memcache key per transcode state

Translate edit

TranslationNotifications edit

UniversalLanguageSelector edit

UploadWizard edit

VisualEditor edit

WikimediaMaintenance edit

  • git #c19389e1 - add script for adding wikidata and testwikidata to sites table

ZeroRatedMobileAccess edit

  • git #cda72b45 - WIP: PhantomJS automation tests for Wikipedia Zero.