MediaWiki 1.22/Roadmap/status

Last update on: 2013-10-monthly


The MediaWiki 1.22 deployment cycle began in April with 1.22wmf1 (deployed April 1-10) and 1.22wmf2 (deployed April 15-24), with 1.22wmf3 starting on April 29.


MediaWiki 1.22wmf3, wmf4, and wmf5 were deployed to Wikimedia sites during the month of May. This included one breaking change, Gerrit change 49364.


In June, the Platform Engineering group switched to a weekly deployment cycle for MediaWiki to the Wikimedia Foundation servers. This means that we have almost halved our previous cycle of 2 weeks. As such, we are progressing through wmfXX versions of MediaWiki at a faster rate now. In June, MediaWiki versions 1.22-wmf6 through wmf9 were branched and deployed.


In July 2013, MediaWiki 1.22wmf10 through 1.22wmf13 were successfully deployed to Wikimedia project sites. We skipped the week of July 4th as there was reduced capacity in both engineering and operations due to the US holiday. We also named Markus Glaser and Mark Hershberger as the new contractors maintaining the MediaWiki "tarball" for release to other system administrators and organizations.


In September, MediaWiki 1.22wmf16 through 1.22wmf19 were deployed to the production Wikimedia Foundation cluster.


The last deployment from the 1.22 MediaWiki release was on October 24. To see all the changes that occurred during the 1.22 development cycle, see the main 1.22 release page or the RELEASE NOTES file. Final release of MediaWiki 1.22 is expected to be November 29.