MediaWiki 1.21/wmf3

Deployment of MediaWiki 1.21wmf3 to Wikimedia sites edit

The latest version (labeled "1.21wmf3") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, will soon be deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages.

Deployment will start on Monday, October 29 and continue until Wednesday, November 7 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

The biggest changes edit

  1. ResourceLoader integration into MobileFrontend now enabled (discussion on wikitech-l).

Core changes edit

Extensions edit

AbuseFilter edit

ArticleFeedback edit

  • git #5f1d135 - Add plural for 'articlefeedback-report-ratings'
  • git #28289a1 - Like 24325, disable click tracking. Blame Ori for this change too ;)
  • git #77b5fd3 - Remove empty ext.articleFeedback.dashboard.js

Babel edit

Calendar edit

    • Newly deployed extension

CategoryTree edit

CentralAuth edit

CentralNotice edit

Cite edit

Collection edit

ConfirmEdit edit

CreditsSource edit

    • Newly deployed extension

CustomData edit

    • Newly deployed extension

DonationInterface edit

  • git #9dc4889 - Adding the AUTHENTICATIONINDICATOR node to all GC transactions, and defaulting to '0' as per their new instructions.
  • git #c9c8592 - Readding statics in setNormalizedOrderIDs()
  • git #cecbbd3 - Changing our not-so-random random number generator to a different random, and a minor bug fix.
  • git #6d6d672 - Absolute madness.
  • git #40ba592 - Changing the way we do order ID generation, and the ways we can do it in the future.
  • git #393823a - Cleaning up the new log line on end of transaction, and a lot of bugs I found looking at the output after the first pass.
  • git #fd2b9ed - Fixing a typo that was filling up my php error log.
  • git #479c901 - Adding a final donation status log line, and fixing a couple minor bugs that this surfaced
  • git #93af418 - Removing opt-opt hidden field from the rest of the forms.
  • git #515648f - Removing opt-out field. One form only for now.

DoubleWiki edit

E3Experiments edit

Echo edit

EditPageTracking edit

EducationProgram edit

EventLogging edit

FlaggedRevs edit

GeoCrumbs edit

    • Newly deployed extension

GoogleNewsSitemap edit

Insider edit

    • Newly deployed extension

LiquidThreads edit

Listings edit

    • Newly deployed extension

MapSources edit

    • Newly deployed extension

Math edit

MobileFrontend edit

Narayam edit

NewUserMessage edit

  • git #75fe70e - More maintenance for NewUserMessage extension.

Nuke edit

  • git #28a2e6b - Use strict, add semi-colon and reformat code
  • git #92f5365 - Add explicit GENDER support for all relevant messages.

ProofreadPage edit

RSS edit

ReaderFeedback edit

  • git #f7866d6 - Fix fatal: $skin is not a Skin, but a SkinTemplate
  • git #303b969 - Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to ReaderFeedbackHooks::ratingToolboxLink() must be an instance of Skin, instance of VectorTemplate given in /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.21wmf3/extensions/ReaderFeedback/ReaderFeedback.hooks.php on line 178
  • git #792f9dc - Normalize i18n file
  • git #d428b74 - Maintenance for ReaderFeedback extension.

RelatedArticles edit

    • Newly deployed extension

RelatedSites edit

    • Newly deployed extension

Renameuser edit

Score edit

    • Newly deployed extension

SiteMatrix edit

Solarium edit

    • Newly deployed extension

SwiftCloudFiles edit

TimedMediaHandler edit

TitleBlacklist edit

TocTree edit

    • Newly deployed extension

Translate edit

UniversalLanguageSelector edit

UploadWizard edit

UserMerge edit

    • Newly deployed extension

Vector edit

  • git #18969ce - Adjust right side alignment of insertChars container on editPage.
  • git #cf64000 - Alignment for editOptions and insertChars when WikiEditor enabled
  • git #3488509 - fix indenting in footerCleanup.js
  • git #d970c93 - Align edit options with text area

VisualEditor edit

  • git #3fa434a - Also increase the server-side timeout to 100s
  • git #9f4a4d9 - Disable Table Editing
  • git #42fb997 - (bug 41722) Remove use of the Feedback tool for December release
  • git #8a27813 - We'll want a 100s timeout, not 10s
  • git #4085c2f - Ignore hidden-ness of visualeditor-enable preference
  • git #4c7f3d2 - Temporary quick fix for BugId 41223. It is just for release purpose and I will keep working on solid solution.
  • git #50f94d5 - Rewrite ve-parsoid API module
  • git #2da5676 - Support for node HTML attributes
  • git #0d15980 - Display overlay phantoms for inline blocks (no need to use shields).
  • git #836f7de - Alien Phantoms
  • git #3acc6cb - Disable change marking by default
  • git #c8661c0 - <br> isn't a block element
  • git #72c564b - (bug 41072) Add support for adding outer length in ve.ce offset getters
  • git #e03cef0 - Nicely highlightable alien nodes
  • git #27ddb45 - Fix for ve.ce.BranchNode.setupSlugs - insert each slug only once
  • git #2952ff3 - Fix JS error in unlisting
  • git #d4ea93b - Add basic support for about groups
  • git #bd72ee6 - Added some more key bindings for IE and Mozilla support
  • git #614dd30 - Mapped tab key to indentation action
  • git #443c543 - Refactored commands into a registry
  • git #ab57bed - Replaced command factory with new command class
  • git #05c3e08 - Fixing native selection rendering for floats
  • git #66b3f53 - (bug 41865) Make the save button available immediately for oldid pages
  • git #273c6ac - Made commandFactory tests not break anymore
  • git #1f01100 - Flag pre nodes as having significant whitespace
  • git #6082953 - Made jquery.multiSuggest it's own RL module
  • git #cd58340 - Removed introduction of global variable
  • git #cab7f84 - Fixed line-height variations between sa and mw integrations
  • git #04a999f - Add change marking for Parsoid's benefit
  • git #901eea2 - Styling aliens with a yellow background; preventing absolute positioning
  • git #d2b839a - Fixed font-size issues for monobook integration
  • git #4e37748 - Improved the responsiveness of the context menu
  • git #4d7952d - Integration revamp for December release
  • git #289e762 - Removed ve.init's dependencies on ve.ui styles
  • git #857535b - Introduce meta-linmod
  • git #5d86bc4 - Base for inspectors & context menu to operate on 0 length selection.
  • git #a4e0e83 - Cleanup tool API
  • git #6ef9fa7 - Fix ve.batchSplice() to behave in line with docs
  • git #d30096e - Fix copyObject/copyArray behavior with null values
  • git #6df508c - Add InspectorFactory to tests
  • git #765f758 - Fix bug where link inspector / context overlay would no longer show.
  • git #f2a8396 - (bug #41434) Converting format across 2 lists with paragraphs in between fail
  • git #21ea11c - Really properly initialize static member before adding stuff to it
  • git #cd0b28d - Properly initialize static member before adding stuff to it
  • git #3142a4e - Add commands to ve.Surface
  • git #238feeb - Tools changes
  • git #9563f08 - UI context reorganization, inspector rewrite, iframe refactor, icon generalization
  • git #735ed96 - Add ve.Action, ve.ActionFactory, subclasses
  • git #ed7273d - Add{Past,Future}State, add docs
  • git #fcbe1d7 - Add
  • git #7994433 - Add
  • git #b056168 - (bug 37843) Trying to edit a blank page fails
  • git #7d74125 - Add
  • git #44a7812 - Whitespace and comment cleanup on ve.ce.SurfaceObserver
  • git #4cc2101 - Test: Enforce # of expected assertions.
  • git #84efb81 - Fix JS error in ve.setProp()
  • git #4e87a7a - Fix number of doc sync tests
  • git #2c1683e - DocumentSynchronizer fix and cleanup
  • git #f1dbdac - Actually use nodeOuterRange, selectNodes() has provided this forever
  • git #5d5335b - Reorganize text-only replacement detection
  • git #29cff8c - Guard transactions against double commit/rollback
  • git #43f1612 - No longer copy data in constructor
  • git #aa2836a - Remove 'internal' property from DM nodes
  • git #8c38023 - Fix annotation object creation in SurfaceFragment
  • git #f17fc65 - Documentation fixes
  • git #34cbc72 - ve.ui.CommandFactory: Initial implementation
  • git #37f3a28 - Standards: Fix global variables and pass JSHint.
  • git #5b8aa91 - Upstream: jQuery 1.8.2, QUnit 1.10.0.
  • git #88c22b3 - Rename property "timeout" to "timeoutId" - more descriptive.
  • git #8ea206c - Removed htmlTagName and htmlAttributes from hash
  • git #61b6c1c - Add parentOuterRange to selectNodes() output
  • git #4d351ff - Make the debug tool (Dump all data) compatible with ve.AnnotationsSet (instead of array)
  • git #ef51324 - Do reference comparison in selectNodes() tests and fix test data
  • git #cc9c530 - Add ve.setProp()
  • git #bfb7e6f - Add missing var statement
  • git #bab6ca6 - (bug 41055) Fixing large content copy and paste from external source for Firefox/Windows
  • git #6735a47 - Fix for native deletion - it was breaking document (model and view) when deleting really fast (holding the key for example). This solution completely fix the problem, however it is not optimal - stop and start is called more often than should be.
  • git #9376078 - Fix selectNodes() bug reported by Inez
  • git #4b1b63d - "Is there data?" a.k.a. Insert data only if there is a data to be inserted.
  • git #829b070 - Fix bug in ve.ce.BrancNode.setupSlugs. It was removing slugs from the DOM, but not from the internal (this.slugs) collection, so getSlugAtOffset was returning incorrect information.
  • git #84e5989 - Wrap inline elements properly
  • git #156e56b - Fixing location of ve.ce.CenterNode.js and adding comma between variable declarations
  • git #5c83742 - (bug 41120) Missing coma. Who knows how it happened...
  • git #5cd4222 - Whitespace and comment cleanup for dm annotation classes
  • git #874adec - (bug 41120) When getOffset is called for a slug offset there is no need to traverse DOM - we can simply just call getSlugAtOffset and use that information.
  • git #280b0a3 - (bug 41092) Fixing cut
  • git #edc5f38 - Fix path issues with missing files, inconsistent subset in demo, test & mediawiki.
  • git #40cc89e - Get annotations from first character of a range
  • git #0054cd2 - Fix exception when deleting all text (Ctrl+A Backspace)
  • git #91964a4 - Fix JS error in DocumentSynchronizer when adding to an empty document

WebFonts edit

WikiEditor edit

WikiLove edit

Wikibase edit

WikimediaIncubator edit

  • git #1b181b1 - Reword the message to tell the user about the multilingual projects.
  • git #eca7633 - Add Wikidata to the list of multilingual projects.
  • git #fc7f922 - Add support for Wikivoyage (cont'd)
  • git #72ccafb - Remove redundant logo messages
  • git #19470b5 - Adding support for Wikivoyage test projects on Incubator

WikimediaMaintenance edit

ZeroRatedMobileAccess edit

cldr edit

wikidiff2 edit

  • git #31ff6f3 - Fix potential use of uninitialised stack variable