MediaWiki 1.21/wmf2

Deployment of MediaWiki 1.21wmf2 to Wikimedia sites Edit

The latest version (labeled "1.21wmf2") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages.

Deployment started on Monday, October 15 and continues until Wednesday, October 24 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

The biggest changes Edit

  1. The new ContentHandler might affect diff rendering, handing of CSS and JavaScript pages, import/export (including PDF export), and API stuff, especially when rendering and editing. Also look out for issues in template rendering, images and media handling, localisation, and mobile device access. (merged on Oct 9)
  2. High-resolution image support. This work-in-progress will try to give higher-res images to high-density screens that can support it, like new Retina displays. More info at Gerrit change 24115. One of the bigger risks of the high res stuff is load-based, since we may see substantial new load on our image scalers. So *all* image scaling might be impacted. (Merged on Oct 11)
  3. The CologneBlue skin has been refactored.
  4. "Sites" is a new backend to represent and store information about sites and site-specific configuration. This code (Gerrit change 23528) is meant to replace the current interwiki code, but does not do so just yet. Still, keep an eye out for site-specific configuration or interwiki issues.

Core changes Edit

Extensions Edit

AbuseFilter Edit

ArticleFeedbackv5 Edit

  • git #d511fb4 - bug 41611 - AFT5 Metrics Study 6 Wrapup + New CTA4 and Bucketing
  • git #022abfe - Add ext.Experiments.lib as a dependency
  • git #e25a62d - fix event name
  • git #1b24e17 - Refactor clicktracking in AFT, making it suck less
  • git #8451336 - Revert "chrome sometimes caches too heavily, serving us a username of a previously logged in user, which - because of this check - hinders the user from posting feedback"
  • git #3979b73 - chrome sometimes caches too heavily, serving us a username of a previously logged in user, which - because of this check - hinders the user from posting feedback
  • git #78093f2 - double experiment name in CT
  • git #433feb2 - bug 40672 - Abuse filter: Increase 5% limit to allow filtering for very short posts
  • git #f3e6735 - Consistency tweak "email" -> "e-mail"
  • git #6eb821c - turn textarea into inputfield, enabling default browser autocomplete based on previous entries
  • git #5970848 - sync action names
  • git #bec5db8 - enable CTA4 for all anon users
  • git #c7eec47 - remove redundant script to fetch missing i18n messages

CentralAuth Edit

CentralNotice Edit

ClickTracking Edit

  • git #235a86b - Revert "I am receiving: {"warnings":{"main":{"*":"Unrecognized parameter: 'time'"}}} Caused by time-param added on jquery.clickTracking.js, L15"
  • git #abbe635 - I am receiving: {"warnings":{"main":{"*":"Unrecognized parameter: 'time'"}}} Caused by time-param added on jquery.clickTracking.js, L15

CodeReview Edit

CommunityHiring Edit

CommunityVoice Edit

ConfirmEdit Edit

ContactPageFundraiser Edit

  • git #bc5fa1a - Use OutputPage::addWikiMsg() instead addWikiText() for a single messages
  • git #d3cb12d - Maintenance for ContactPageFundraiser extension.

ContributionTracking Edit

  • git #cdd1f79 - Fixing bug with 'other' amount box to actually store the amount and not "Other"
  • git #3995782 - A bunch of little updates to ContributionTracking: - removing hard coded notify_url - removing some unused functions - refactored OWA out :-) - removing if-blocks around new features since they have been successfully deployed and all dependencies satisfied - updated a few default values - fixed an undefined variable
  • git #3f45074 - Maintenance for ContributionTracking extension.

Diff Edit

    • Newly deployed extension

DonationInterface Edit

  • git #3dd94ba - Changing the setNormalizedAmount function to be less horrible.
  • git #4dba112 - Unsetting alternate amount fields once we have normalized the amount
  • git #2b861e4 - Switching default city to None

DoubleWiki Edit

E3Experiments Edit

Echo Edit

EmailCapture Edit

EventLogging Edit

    • Newly deployed extension

ExpandTemplates Edit

  • git #7712bed - Break long lines, update whitespace and use __DIR__
  • git #671c52a - Fix for Ibfc5f681 (6ac3991): removed incorrect <nowiki>

ExtensionDistributor Edit

FlaggedRevs Edit

  • git #5c2f939 - Fixed review stats function for logged-in users (not used yet).
  • git #90fab1c - Use READ_LATEST for some Revision queries.

FundraiserLandingPage Edit

  • git #9f10730 - Allowing querystring params to be passed through to LandingCheck.
  • git #0dcab9d - Bumping the S:FLP cache time to 10 minutes from 5 minutes.

GeoData Edit

GlobalBlocking Edit

InputBox Edit

LandingCheck Edit

  • git #73221f9 - Adding landingpage/language as the final fallback for priority countries.

LiquidThreads Edit

MWSearch Edit

  • git #4131117 - Replace deprecated methods and remove unused local variables

Math Edit

MobileFrontend Edit

MoodBar Edit

MwEmbedSupport Edit

Narayam Edit

NewUserMessage Edit

  • git #d83b5f5 - Fix Id0c9b0b7: The logic was wrongly changed.

Nuke Edit

  • git #c76b38b - Added option to limit page selection by namespace

OggHandler Edit

Oversight Edit

PageTriage Edit

PagedTiffHandler Edit

  • git #ac5a301 - Make sure everything that should be int, is int
  • git #d97c8ec - Parameter documentation improvements
  • git #59a36a5 - Updates for readability, make sure size is integer.

ParserFunctions Edit

  • git #5dee345 - ParserFunctions extension maintenance.
  • git #d7668a3 - Use Parser::incrementExpensiveFunctionCount direct for ifexist

PdfHandler Edit

PostEdit Edit

ProofreadPage Edit

  • git #8c384bc - Actually, remove transactions, they're not rolling back on errors
  • git #05a9c20 - Fixup $dbw->commit() with no $dbw->begin() counterpart
  • git #ff94149 - Replace deprecated wfMsg* calls.
  • git #d4cfd11 - Delete translated text from qqq section.

Quiz Edit

RSS Edit

Scribunto Edit

ShortUrl Edit

SpamBlacklist Edit

  • git #99fd741 - Update User::addToDatabase() call for I1f6ef5e6319bfe692fb82a3fa50dc66c9fde8f15

StrategyWiki Edit

SubPageList3 Edit

SwiftCloudFiles Edit

  • git #1117d48 - Set CURLOPT_TIMEOUT for sanity in some places.
  • git #54ec0ca - Fixed Content-Length handling for 0-sized objects.
  • git #072e229 - Detect 411 HTTP errors and fixed boolean error check.
  • git #c8a6f96 - Reuse the curl_multi handle and fixed remove_handle() call order.

TimedMediaHandler Edit

Translate Edit

TranslationNotifications Edit

TrustedXFF Edit

UnicodeConverter Edit

UniversalLanguageSelector Edit

    • Newly deployed extension

UploadWizard Edit

  • git #74c0a1e - Restore change-Id: I004ca4dba2569a9e7bb1e87c1d4b3474b6e63b44

UserThrottle Edit

VipsScaler Edit

VisualEditor Edit

  • git #7a2faf7 - Ignore backspace keypress
  • git #1775578 - (bug 33064) Ignore non-content keypresses
  • git #7db62da - Fix bold and italic key commands in surfaceView.
  • git #dac224e - Added support for Ime in IE. In IE when starting IME sequence 'compositionStart' is called to late, but fortunatelty we can do all necessary job in handler for 'keyDown'.
  • git #a328a43 - Fix UI for annotation API changes
  • git #6c3878b - Added multiple name registration to ve.Factory
  • git #4fbf730 - Reversed the default value of autoSelect in surface fragments
  • git #ab7c39c - Fix context icon in surfaceView
  • git #df211b9 - Fix standalone demo.
  • git #54c51b6 - Add a missing reference to file inside index.php for standalone demo.
  • git #405581f - New annotation API: update tests
  • git #8d56cad - New annotation API: ve.ce.TextNode integration
  • git #735ee44 - New annotation API: integration
  • git #613dd14 - New annotation API: convert existing annotations
  • git #7fe7182 - New annotation API: Annotation and AnnotationFactory classes
  • git #0a6a2c7 - Revert "No longer create zero-length text nodes"
  • git #3c69871 - Refactored method ve.ce.Surface.handleInsertion. Now handling slug and insertion annotations is combined.
  • git #011069d - Native cursor movement
  • git #a78719d - Added missing call to surfaceObserver.clear();
  • git #9719589 - Support for pre-unannotating test
  • git #12e36ee - Added missing reference to SurfaceObserver in VisualEditor.php
  • git #4c08740 - Introduce new method in ve.ce.Surface called handleInsertion that is responsible for the magic around inserting content with new annotation, or in a slug, or with IME.
  • git #a7a64ab - Add ve.getProp()
  • git #b630b8a - Support custom hashes in ve.getHash()
  • git #22c7f16 - Add ve.getOpeningHtmlTag()
  • git #3f4c656 - Add setDOMAttributes()
  • git #f2d08f9 - Added reversed boolean for translateOffset
  • git #7702ec1 - No longer create zero-length text nodes
  • git #580ed72 - Created simple debug tool - that compares data between DOM and Model - very useful while working on SurfaceObserver and text insertion stuff.
  • git #07c86fc - inheritClass: Implement inherited 'static' property for classes.
  • git #4e585eb - Removing onKeyPress return statement
  • git #7385169 - ve.Factory: No need for a-b-c workaround, createObject and apply.
  • git #a15b2f7 - Fix constructor names; remove redundant hasOwnProperty.
  • git #ac4c259 - Add missing return in ve.getDOMAttributes()
  • git #1ed7b3f - Update ve.ce.Surface to call SurfaceObserver.stop/start/clear instead of stopPolling/startPolling/clearPollData.
  • git #da2d89e - Changed method name to setAutoSelect to avoid collision
  • git #2d752fe - Small clean-up in ve.ce.Surface constructor.
  • git #4ab9d11 - Created QUnit tests for ve.Document.selectNodes method (mode "branches")
  • git #b2295a2 - Fix minor bug with incorrect usage of hasSlugAtOffset.
  • git #72eb282 - Start using ve.ce.SurfaceObserver inside ve.ce.Surface. Moved methods getOffsetOfSlug, getOffsetFromElementNode, getOffsetFromTextNode and getOffset to ve.ce.js and made them static.
  • git #c4299fd - Retire ve.ce.Surface.render variable and instead of it use variable "locked" via methods lock(), unlock() and isLocked().
  • git #3b8a5ae - Initial import of ve.ce.SufaceObserver
  • git #15b151e - Setup variable ve.debug to true when ve.debug.js is loaded.
  • git #2c31422 - Got tests working again
  • git #0b135ed - Add 'branches' mode to ve.Document.selectNodes method. Tests TBD.
  • git #714e29d - Created method getSlugAtOffset in ve.ce.Document and ve.ce.BranchNode, refactored the way how slugs are added.
  • git #03c4281 - Alter the target of the Feedback link to be the right page.
  • git #3a48860 - Fix transaction bug with Roans help.
  • git #903acdf - Added surface model lock and unlock events
  • git #7cc8096 - Add utility function to get DOM attributes as a plain object
  • git #75c154e - Using getRelativeContentOffset for insertAnnotations
  • git #40b60eb - Make getDomText() return an empty string for slugs
  • git #7ec1b8d - Add exception to getAnnotationsFromOffset() for easier debugging
  • git #9488a38 - Throw an error for bad offsets in getNodeFromOffset()

WebFonts Edit

Wikibase Edit

    • Newly deployed extension

WikimediaMaintenance Edit

WikimediaMessages Edit

ZeroRatedMobileAccess Edit

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