MediaWiki 1.21/wmf12

MediaWiki 1.21/wmf11 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.21wmf12 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.22/wmf1

The latest version (labeled "1.21wmf12") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Monday, 18 March 2013 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

Most important changes edit

  • Security - bug 43518 - api.php?action=unblock returns the full user object
  • Security - bug 42621 - uselang=qqx can expose revision deleted data on log
  • bug 33186 - Provide an API to rotate an image
  • bug 38244 - Move the mediawiki.api.titleblacklist module to TitleBlacklist extension
  • bug 1495 - Enable on-wiki message language fallbacks
  • bug 24156 - Messages of log entries should support GENDER
  • bug 34040 - Add a link to Special:UserRights to Toolbox on user pages
  • bug 24782 - API uses non-unique value for paging for some modules

Breaking changes edit

Core changes edit

Extensions edit

AbuseFilter edit

  • git #75e3fa4b - Change right needed to see filter id in API to hidden from private.
  • git #b460fa79 - Adding trailing dot + comment for grep (24 messages)
  • git #e3d15fe9 - Overhaul of the AbuseFilter JS
  • git #0f0f2856 - Changing position of colon + American spelling of normalize
  • git #23b28577 - American spelling for "Unrecognized"

ApiSandbox edit

ArticleFeedback edit

ArticleFeedbackv5 edit

CentralNotice edit

CheckUser edit

CodeReview edit

Collection edit

ConfirmEdit edit

ContributionReporting edit

DataValues edit

Diff edit

DonationInterface edit

  • git #62060cf2 - un"fix": final status was being set twice after SET_PAYMENT
  • git #b7acea75 - Adding the common JPY symbol template to the mix.
  • git #96846813 - Use double quotes consistently
  • git #df087119 - paypal recurring is set explicitly
  • git #4d0e3559 - Flooring non-fractional currencies in the DonationData class. Apparently just not decimal-formatting them is insufficient for some forms.
  • git #2f0263a7 - paypal form to make corrections before redirect
  • git #375ed93d - Round 1 of Japan Localization feedback changes
  • git #19bcb78d - Fine print on Boletos and direct debit: beware the GC!
  • git #476ba966 - (FR #806) log message when STOMP send fails
  • git #2516a72a - direct debit fixes
  • git #14b332ce - Quieting down some error logs and surfacing some other problems we're seeing with minfraud in production
  • git #f2d76c08 - Prevent Donors from Using the CC# as a Name
  • git #216faac6 - (FR #822) Direct Debit
  • git #1645d2c2 - rtl fix for leftmar and rightmar css

Echo edit

FlaggedRevs edit

GettingStarted edit

GuidedTour edit

LiquidThreads edit

MWSearch edit

MobileFrontend edit

MoodBar edit

NavigationTiming edit

OAI edit

OATHAuth edit

OpenStackManager edit

ParserFunctions edit

  • git #d6013d7c - The hebrew translation for #ifexpr is borked on 1.21wmf12, breaking tons of templates
  • git #028ec46a - Adding comments for grep

PostEdit edit

ReaderFeedback edit

Renameuser edit

Score edit

  • git #569b4515 - Use TimedMediaHandler to render Ogg Vorbis Player

Scribunto edit

SecurePoll edit

  • git #2388443f - Adding comments for grep
  • git #ce3bb898 - Americal spelling - authorize/initialize/normalize/recognize (messages/comments) + removing whitespace

SemanticForms edit

  • ** Newly deployed extension

SemanticMediaWiki edit

  • ** Newly deployed extension

SemanticResultFormats edit

  • ** Newly deployed extension

SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi edit

TimedMediaHandler edit

TitleBlacklist edit

Translate edit

TranslationNotifications edit

UniversalLanguageSelector edit

UploadWizard edit

Validator edit

  • ** Newly deployed extension

Vector edit

VisualEditor edit

WikiEditor edit

WikiLove edit

  • git #823ef5ac - Fix wikilove-food-coffee-desc wording so it actually makes sense

Wikibase edit

WikimediaMessages edit

  • git #40b8ebff - Add temporary message for users using ancient skins

cldr edit