MediaWiki 1.21/wmf10

MediaWiki 1.21/wmf9 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.21wmf10 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.21/wmf11

The latest version (labeled "1.21wmf10") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Monday, 18 February 2013 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

Most important changes edit

  • git #bcd2060 - Temporarily reverting change Ifbeae7e9 for 2 weeks to allow time to fix issues with TimedMediaHandler and other extensions.
  • git #296e57f - Deprecate in_string()
  • git #1b71bc5 - (bug 29472) kill $wgUseDynamicDates
  • Extension - EventLogging

Breaking changes edit

Core changes edit

Extensions edit

AbuseFilter edit

AntiSpoof edit

ApiSandbox edit

CentralNotice edit

DataValues edit

  • git #8a980bc8 - Stopgap to avoid excessively long string values
  • git #42b0a6b8 - Add check for valid data type ID in JS dataTypes.DataType
  • git #24739577 - Gives names to all important constructors for improved debugging experience.
  • git #98e5045e - Add composer to make the project accessible from packagist/composer
  • git #e8e6396f - dv.util.inherit has new parameter for defining a constructor's name
  • git #49a144b3 - Fix for DataValue QUnit test using global assert
  • git #410a8e6f - fix of dv.util.inherit test which was using global assert
  • git #26d835d3 - Moved jquery.inputAutoExpand module from WikibaseLib extension
  • git #eaab8682 - string valueview will now also resize when setting text via value() etc.
  • git #c549b7f2 - string valueview is able to handle null as value now
  • git #d0088bec - use strpos instead of deprecated in_string
  • git #80505c01 - Added property datavalue
  • git #9bf6ce1c - Register time datatype
  • git #780f91a0 - Using location protocol in commonsMedia widget (bug 44666)
  • git #8ceaf3b8 - Throw exception rather then doing an assert as this is input data and we have a test expecting an exception

Diff edit

DonationInterface edit

E3Experiments edit

Echo edit

EducationProgram edit

EventLogging edit

GettingStarted edit

GuidedTour edit

  • git #fde776d8 - Update for new guiders cookie settings.
  • git #78ce5426 - Update documentation to fully use jsduck; related refactoring
  • git #61dffe7e - Don't test for next being required. It's not, since 4d643b69.
  • git #2a8e1579 - Document dependence on E3Experiments.

LiquidThreads edit

Math edit

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Narayam edit

NewUserMessage edit

ProofreadPage edit

TimedMediaHandler edit

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UniversalLanguageSelector edit

UploadWizard edit

Vector edit

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Wikibase edit

WikimediaMaintenance edit

  • git #78dc331c - Add the d IW link for wikidata to extra
  • git #3ccd947d - Bring back wikimedia/chapter even though it's a lie. Broke other wikimedia entries

WikimediaMessages edit

ZeroRatedMobileAccess edit