MediaWiki 1.19/Feature test charters

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Apropos of 1.19 and MediaWiki_1.19/Roadmap

This is subject to revision and expansion:

Mediawiki1.19 Acceptance test/regression test chartersEdit

  • Check skins that use common*.css files
  • Check skins in general
    • Available existing skins are selected under "My preferences/Appearance".
    • The documentation under http://<host>/wiki/Skins should be correct.
  • Check that default user signature contains working "talk" link and also "user" link.
    • Leave a signature by editing a page or Talk page while logged in using "~~~~". Resulting signature should have active link both to user page and user talk page.
      • OK in FF, Chrome, IE7
  • Check that time zones in user preferences are recognized correctly.
    • Time zones are available in "My preferences/Date and time".
      • Not sure what's supposed to happen here, seeing no changes from 1.18 to 1.19. I did check the code at line 587 in Preferences.php and it looks reasonable.
  • Check that page difference display is appropriate for colorblind people, not red and green.
    • is yellow+black on left, blue+black on right, seen in FF, Chrome, IE7
    • Available under "View history". Current diffs are yellow+red on left, green+red on right.

Check interwiki links in general, reading and creating.

* Examples of interwiki links are here:

International test chartersEdit

  • Check for Canadian English language selection.
    • Language selection is available under "My preferences/User profile", eh.
      • Canadian English exists and is selectable
  • Check that if page content is in one language, the wiki aspects of pages are also in that language.
    • Create a page in a language other than the default selected language and save the page.
    • What is this I don't even. Reedy 21:27, 14 February 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Check bi-directional language support. For details see Directionality support.
        • adding Hebrew characters on a non-Hebrew pages goes right-to-left as expected

Administrator testsEdit

Check UX for searching blocked usernames in block log.

        • Search for blocked usernames succeeds only with full match to full username. Searching with partial match (including first word) returns no results.

Developer testsEdit

  • Check that Mediawiki extensions can now participate in the extraction of titles from URL paths.
  • Check that API and Interwiki extension have access to the interwiki links table when interwiki cache is used.
    • Probably the easiest way to fix this, is to make a faux interwiki code, and only load it into the interwiki cache, not into the interwiki table also
        • Seems to be OK linking test2 to mediawiki

Tests for installs not deploymentEdit

  • MySQL version should be 5.0.2
  • Check command-line installer for supported RDBMSes

Specific to 1.19Edit

These were cherry-picked from the 1.19 Release Notes (see link above) as being particularly worth investigating. Subject to review and change.

Config checksEdit
  • registered users can move files
  • login cookie is now 180 days
        • Checked, UserId cookies is 180 days
  • large jpeg files subject to max area restriction $wgMaxImageArea
  • special pages (Whatlinkshere) display max 50 items $wgQueryPageDefaultLimit
New feature checksEdit
Bug fix checksEdit

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Install checksEdit

Wtf is a charter?Edit