Please read carefully

All files uploaded to must be available under a free license (no "fair use" or "noncommercial").
If you do not provide source and suitable license information, or if a file is in no way useful for this site (compare these hints), your file will have to be deleted without further notice.

You should upload free files unrelated to to Wikimedia Commons, our shared media repository which can be used by all Wikimedia projects in all languages, including this wiki.

To upload a file to

  1. Choose the source file. Using JPEG format for photographs, GIF for animations, SVG for images with a vector source, and PNG for other images is recommended.
  2. Edit the destination filename below. Use a descriptive and concise filename, e.g. Button_darkgrey.jpg instead of IMG_0086273.jpg. You will not be able to change the filename once you've uploaded the file.
  3. Provide detailed information on the subject of the image (what is shown) and the source of the file (author, date, source and permission) in the text box. If you made the image by yourself, state this explicitly. If you obtained the image from somewhere on the web, please include the URL where it can be obtained.
  4. Select the appropriate license from the dropdown box. Alternatively you can name or add another free license as text to the summary field.

After uploading the file, insert it in relevant pages using the syntax [[File:Filename.jpg|thumb|Caption]].